November 16, 2018

32% Of Marriages Start As Casual Hookups, Study Finds

Next time anybody tries to shame you for having too much no-strings-attached sex, throw this truth bomb their way: You’re just taking a unique path to the altar.

A study released today from the University of Virginia reports that a whopping 32% of married couples had no intention of having a relationship the first time they got physical. The study (which began in 2007) followed 1,300 participants, all of whom had started dating someone after a hookup. Five years later, almost a third of them had gotten hitched.

“People who started out as a hookup sometimes evolve to something more,” sociologist Kathleen Bogle told USA Today. “Sooner or later, they want to settle down and have a relationship.”

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This sounds like promising news for anyone who’s reading this while taking the walk of shame. (You just met your life partner! Your parents will be so proud!) But there’s one big caveat: Marriages that begin as hookups are apparently less happy.

Oh, and in case you do eventually decide to wed what’s-her-face from last weekend, remember to invite a s–t ton of people; the study also found that the more wedding guests a couple has, the higher their marital satisfaction. Not to mention, you’ll get loads of gifts. Score!

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