July 20, 2018

Adam Sandler: Five Things We Never Knew

Before reuniting with the gang from 2010's hit comedy "Grown Ups," Adam Sandler sat down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to premiere a clip from the sequel on MTV, and he stuck around for a 30-minute interview on MTV.com.

Over the course of their chat, Sandler covered a broad range of topics, including Shaq's tongue, Justin Bieber's abs and the location of his extra set of nipples, but for your convenience, these are the five things we learned during "MTV First: Grown Ups 2."

Taylor Lautner Plays Basketball On Sandler's Court
MTV News was lucky enough to sit down with Sandler on his production company's basketball court, which he calls "Happy Madison Square Garden." The court has seen some famous faces stop by to shoot hoops, including, recently, Sandler's "Grown Ups 2" co-star Taylor Lautner. "I couldn't believe it," Sandler said. "He was so nice, such a great kid, smart. I love him."

Shaq Licked The Entire Cast Clean
At least that's what Sandler claims happened on set while the former NBA superstar was filming his cameo. Shaq plays an old friend of the gang who became a police officer. He was kind enough to film a video question for "MTV First," and Sandler couldn't say enough nice things about him. "Shaq, by far, was our favorite guy," Sandler said. "Unanimously, every comedian in the movie said Shaq was funnier than them."

The Jump From The Trailer Was Based On Real Life
In the previews for "Grown Ups 2," a frat bro played by Lautner forces Sandler and the gang to jump off a cliff naked and into the water below. That jump (excluding the "naked" part) is actually based on a place from Sandler's childhood, where he and his friends would go a few times a year. "This is a place where the kids who were smoking cigarettes when they were 11 would go and hang out all day, and then me and my goofy friends would show up there," Sandler said. "Those other kids would want to beat the hell out of us, but we'd say, 'Just let us jump once or twice and we'll get out of here.' "

We Know What A 'Burp Snart' Is Now
The burp snart is a very particular series of bodily functions that is sure to gross out anyone in the general vicinity. "A burp snart is the combination or in a close proximity, you rip a burp. Is it the sneeze next? And then you fart," Sandler explained. If you check out "Grown Ups 2," you'll see Kevin James perform one.

Comedies Are Sandler's Thing
One of the Twitter questions during the interview asked whether Sandler would work with Paul Thomas Anderson again. While the two remain close — the "Master" director was on the "Grown Ups 2" set — Sandler likes writing and acting in comedies most of all. "I love him. I don't care as much about shooting as [I do] hanging out with him," Sandler said. "He's a good skinny bastard. I love getting to do stuff like ['Punch-Drunk Love'], but it's not my first love. I'm my happiest when I'm making my movies that I work on and write and edit."

"Grown Ups 2" opens in theaters on July 12.

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