September 20, 2018

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2 Chainz Tries Out The World’s Most Expensive Toothbrush

by 26 mins ago

Is a smile worth $5000? 2 Chainz is here to help you find out.

On his latest adventure with GQ where he tries out “Most Expensivest Sh–,” Tit checks out the Reinast luxury toothbrush.

“Five thousand motherf–kin’ dollars for a toothbrush,” he says in awe.

He meets with a dentist, who tells him some info about the toothbrush — it has a titanium design and patented antibacterial coating, and they send you new bristles every month — and later she shows him the right way to floss (in case you were wondering, you’re supposed to do it before you brush, and wrap the floss around your middle fingers).

Chainz has been getting used to expensive stuff of late, but it wasn’t always that way. He was recently with some friends, who reminded him of his humble beginnings.

“They said, ‘Yo, Tit, do you remember when you used to eat bread and Kool-Aid all the time?’” he told MTV News last week, when we asked about the “Most Brokest Sh–” he’s ever done. “It was one of them moments where I had to reflect on how I had the big glass of the sugar Kool-Aid, and I had the bread on top, and that would be my holder. And I’d take the bread off, dip it in the Kool-Aid, eat it. But it was almost because we wasn’t eating like that.

“That made me remember really where I came from.”

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Wiz Khalifa Shows Love To Amber Rose On Her Birthday

by 23 mins ago

Birthdays are occasions when people who love you get to tell you that they love you. It’s quite fun, really. And even though Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are headed for divorce, that doesn’t mean they don’t have love for each other still — that was clear on Tuesday, when Amber celebrated her 31st birthday.

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Wiz kicked it off by wishing her a HBD on Twitter.

Amber shot back a thank you, plus the hashtag “#StillLoveYouNoMatterWhat.”

It’s been just under a month since news first surfaced that the two were headed for a split. Amber accused Wiz of cheating on her.

“Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…,” she tweeted, shortly after the initial reports. “Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same…”

A few weeks later, she opened up about what she was going through.

The Blacc Hollywood rapper, though, has been trying to stay positive in his tweets.

No matter what happens from here, it’s nice to see the loving birthday exchange.

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No Platinum Albums In 2014? One Platinum-Selling Producer Weighs In

by 33 mins ago

We all know that record sales aren’t what they used to be, but what’s gone down in 2014 is staggering: Not one artist’s album has hit the million-selling mark this year, according to Forbes.

Not one.

If that trend continues, 2014 will be the first year since platinum-certification was introduced by the RIAA in 1976 that no musician has hit that mark, according to Death And Taxes. Only one album has gone platinum this year: the Frozen soundtrack. But with releases from industry heavyweights like Taylor Swift, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj planned for Q4, we might yet have a platinum-selling artist this year.

It’s certainly an indication of the state of the music industry, and Irv Gotti, the platinum-selling producer and co-founder of Mudrer Inc Records, doesn’t like it.

“The business of music is OVER,” he captioned a photo on Instagram of a screenshot of the Death And Taxes article.

“Not 1 Album that has come out in 2014 is gonna be certified Platinum. That’s f–king crazy. Now don’t get me wrong. An artist can still come out and make some money. Doing shows. But for me. A label owner. And a Producer. My money was largely based on record sales. Which there isn’t any. Anymore.”

As a producer behind hits like Ja Rule’s “Always On Time,” DMX’s “What’s My Name?” and Jay Z’s “Can I Get A…” among many more, the Queens native would cash in on production credits.

“I used to charge 250k for 1 beat,” ...

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Someone Called Nelly’s Daughter A ‘Thot’ On Instagram, And, Well, He Wasn’t Happy

by 6 mins ago

You may think that you can just post a comment on a rapper’s Instagram without them noticing, but as Nelly and Tyga have now shown us, there’s a chance they might catch what you said — especially if it’s negative.

Over the weekend, Tyga lashed out at someone who had commented on a picture of him and his son, calling him a “pedophile” because of his rumored relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.

Nelly, it seems, is having similar issues with online antagonizers.

He recently posted a picture of his daughter, along with a Proud Poppa-style caption: “Awwwwwwww look at my babe..!!!! Wow STINK I am soo proud of the women you are becoming … But u will always be my lilgirl.. @love_mylife,” he wrote.

Among the hundreds of comments, a user named @fittedcapberto called the St. Louis native’s daughter a “thot” — and Nelly Mo was not pleased.


Spoiler alert: The rapper didn’t like that.

“I ain’t gone lie lil buddy I was Alil pissed when I first saw ya comment about my child Cuzz on real will slap the SH– out of you for talking about my babes,” he wrote. “But after I saw ya pics and saw how soft u look I decided to chill Cuzz I not wit the domestic violence…!! #NODAT.”



If you don’t know, now you know.


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Chance The Rapper Announces Two New Projects

by 9 mins ago

It’s been a year and a half since Chance the Rapper dropped his most recent mixtape, Acid Rap. In the time since, he’s gained fans, toured the world, dropped guest verses — and left listeners itching for more.

Now, finally, we know a little bit about when we’ll get it: Before the end of the year. The project, Surf, is not a solo Chance project, though; it’ll be an album from him and his band, The Social Experiment.

“We’re working really closely with Francis Starlite from Francis and the Lights. He’s been a really been a big help on Surf,” Chano told Billboard. “Damn, I’m saying these things like people know it. Surf is the first project, which is coming out before the end of 2014. It’s the first Social Experiment project. It’s a big step for all of us all putting our heads together and letting Nico [Segal, a.k.a Donnie Trumpet] hold the reigns and carry it. There’s a lot of great instrumentation. A lot of input from cool writers. I’m already saying too much.”

He and the band have been in the studio heavy of late, and not just with each other. They’ve been collaborating with some notable musicians, as well.

“We worked with Migos,” he added. “We worked with J. Cole. We did some work with Emily King just last week. Somebody who helped us out a lot with just getting into the project was Rick Rubin. And Frank Ocean. There’s been a lot of just ...

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Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Stayin Out All Night’ Video Is A Choose Your Own Adventure

by 30 mins ago

Wiz Khalifa has released some party-themed videos before, but none like “Stayin Out All Night.”

That’s because it isn’t a video as much as it’s an adventure — a choose your own adventure, actually. And in this case, choose your own adventure means choose how you want to watch Wiz and actress Tia Carrere (of “Wayne’s World” fame) spend their night filled with debauchery. All visualized by Director X.

Which do you prefer: Wedding crashing, or getting wasted? What about getting tatted or trespassing? Stealing a cop car, or a rescue mission? And those aren’t the only options.

There are more than a few ways to experience the new visual for the Pittsburgh rapper’s Blacc Hollywood single, and they’re all equally fun and ridiculous.

Also, he takes a selfie with a gorilla, because no wild night is complete without one of those.


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Lil Boosie Is Changing His Name

by 35 mins ago

Since Lil Boosie’s release from prison earlier this year, fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from him. But anyone waiting on a new Lil Boosie album is out of luck.

That’s not because the album, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, isn’t coming (though it has been delayed a few times already). It’s because the Louisiana native is changing his name from Lil Boosie to Boosie Badazz.

The 31-year-old has had that nickname for a while now (his 2006 album was called Bad Azz, and his 2009 disc was Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz), but it turns out he’s actually decided to make it his official moniker, a rep for the rapper told XXL.

In the past, the rapper has referred to himself as such on the official release of his song “Crazy” back in August. And on recent spots, like Jeezy’s “Beez Like” and T.I.’s “Jet Fuel,” he was also credited as Boosie Badazz.

No matter what his name is, we’re ready for that Touchdown 2 Cause Hell.


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Cam’ron Emojis Are Coming To A Phone Near You

by 8 mins ago

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been using Lil B’s emoji app, BasedMoji, since it dropped last month. It’s a good bet to liven up any text convo, and there’s an option for — well, not quite every occasion, but some.

Now, more MCs are getting in the game.

You’ll be able to add to your rapper emoji collection next month, when Cam’ron releases his own set of emojis. He posted a few previews on his Instagram, including the classic “U Mad” meme from his appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” a decade ago.

“#Umad CamEmojis nx month,” he wrote.

On another, he shouted out user @coleshneider for “makin’ it happen.” On her page, she posted another image, and explained that it seems Killa won’t be getting his own app, but instead, they’ll be available through Hi-Art.

“I know y’all been waiting on it. @mr_camron emojis available early November on the @hiartapp. #KillaCamEmojis,” she posted.

Cam actually first dropped some info about his emojis over the summer, with a post that suggested — thankfully — that there might be one of him wearing pink fur.

“Just finish meeting with @coleshneider .. She executed a emoji deal for me.. Now we are going over ideas.. KeepCalm #IKnowEmojisArentThisBig #JustBrainStorming #SheDontEvenNeedDaMoney #SheSaidICanHaveHerPercentage Thx #myCaucasian ..Coming this fall..”

We’re just weeks away from your text game improving exponentially. Brace yourself.


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You’ve Seen 2 Chainz Try The Most Expensive Sh–, Now Here’s The Brokest

by 25 mins ago

With reporting by Rob Markman

2 Chainz has lavish taste, but recently, he’s taken things to a whole different level.

With GQ, he’s been trying the “Most Expensive Sh–” around — including a burger with gold on it, a $2 million car and $30,000 headphones.

But what’s the “Most Brokest Sh–” he’s ever done? MTV News decided we had to ask — and it turned out he had thought about that very question recently.

“I pulled out the whip and dropped the top, I’m just feeling myself,” the rapper said during last week’s Def Jam 30th anniversary concert in New York (this wasn’t the broke part). “I go over to my homie’s house — his mom’s house — they don’t even know I’m coming. So, I go in the crib, they’re like, ‘Oh, let me get my hair together! Let’s take pictures.’ The offered me dinner, I said yes.”

They all ate together and enjoyed what sounded like a wonderful, hearty home-cooked meal. Which made them think back to when that wasn’t always the case.

“They said, ‘Yo, Tit, do you remember when you used to eat bread and Kool-Aid all the time?’” he continued. “It was one of them moments where I had to reflect on how I had the big glass of the sugar Kool-Aid, and I had the bread on top, and that would be my holder. And I’d take the bread off, dip it in the Kool-Aid, eat it. But it was almost because we wasn’t eating ...

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T.I. Again Shows His Two Sides On Paperwork

by 1 min ago

It feels like it wasn’t all that long ago when a skinny Atlanta kid with attitude started to burn up the airwaves with early-career favorites like “Rubberband Man” and “Let’s Get Away.” But that was over a decade ago, and now T.I. is a seasoned vet who has entered a rare class of consistency and longevity, with his ninth album, Paperwork, out on Tuesday.

Over that span, he’s grown to become one of rap’s most well-rounded artists — mature without losing his sense of where he’s from, honest to his own experiences without sacrificing being relatable — which he proves again on Paperwork.

The release is not his most cohesive — the subjects and sounds of the songs can at times feel disjointed when placed next to each other in the way that they are in the album’s sequencing. But taken alone and then compared side-by-side, the tracks demonstrate the ways in which Tip has bucked the easy route of creating a musical caricature to instead paint the fullness of a man.

Really, though, he has no other choice. We’ve seen T.I.’s life play out in public in a way unrivaled by maybe any other rapper during this era. And not in the This Is What Kanye West Was Wearing At LAX paparazzi kind of way. Instead, we’ve seen him open up about his family life on his VH1 reality show, “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.” On the other side, we’ve seen his trials and tribulations — arrests, court ...

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