July 20, 2018

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Nat & Alex Wolff Wrote A Song About Hating Cats (But We Love Them Anyway)

by 33 mins ago

If you break Nat and/or Alex Wolff’s heart, you might end up in a song — especially if you speak ill of canines.

After the brothers premiered their new jams, “Where I’m Goin’” and “Rock Star,” on MTV News on Monday (October 6) — and executed an awesome @MTV Twitter takeover — the boys told us a little bit about the stories behind the songs. And one of those stories, like many we hold dear, involves furred beasts.

While Alex said that it’s not exactly clear what “Where I’m Goin’” is about, he did admit that it was about a specific girl — one who enjoyed felines and owned a sweater with shoulder pads and whiskey stains all over it.

“I’ve never really been a big fan of cats — I love dogs,” Alex told MTV News, when we brought up the subject of the Internet’s favorite animal. “But this girl that I basically wrote the song about loved cats and didn’t like dogs and then after she broke my heart I wrote the song… saying that I don’t like cats or her.”

Aw, don’t take it out on the purring ones, Alex! Just look at this majestic beast…



Take a peek at the video below to find out more about “Where I’m Goin’” and “Rock Star” — and then listen to those tracks (again) at Nat&AlexWolff.mtv.com.

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for ...

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Lorde Wears Overalls, Hugs This Majorly Lucky Girl

by 12 mins ago

Remember that little girl who thought she was going to the water park but, instead, was on her way to see Lorde? Yeah, we thought she had the best day ever at the time, but now that title has been usurped — by… her?

“How?” you might ask, your fists clenched at your sides and veins popping from your forehead. “What could possibly be better than taking in a performance by LORDE?! Oh! she of purple lips and dark, dark dreams?!”

Well, I would say meeting Lorde trumps just seeing Lorde any day — and that’s exactly what 12-year-old Alexis J. got to do. Did you pass out from jealousy yet? We’ll give you a second to procure smelling salts.

“So, they met last night and it was a beautiful thing,” Lorde’s rep posted to Instagram. “This is that little 12-year-old from Atlanta whose parents surprised her with Lorde tickets a few weeks back. What a smart little girl, 12 and already has a book published! ‘Bailey and the Bully’ by Alexis J. It’s moments like this that make it all worthwhile #GIRLPOWER.”

If you recall, Lorde tweeted a video last month in which Alexis learns that her parents bought her tickets to the 17-year-old “Royals” singer’s show. Alexis, hilariously, had believed herself to be on the way to some sort of theme park — and was only slightly disappointed when she learned the truth. Mostly, she was pretty stoked.

Well, it seems the stoke-a-bility factor was upped Monday night. Look at ...

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Charli XCX Goes All Ramones For Her New Single: Listen

by 3 mins ago

Ever wondered what The Ramones would sound like if they were (all) alive today and also female? Wonder no longer, as Charli XCX is out with a new single off of her upcoming LP Sucker, and it’s what she calls “future Ramones.”

“London Queen,” which premiered Monday (October 6) on Rolling Stone, definitely has shades of the Ramones’ “Beat On The Brat” — just listen to that driving beat and the cadence of the lyric in which Charli spits “with a baseball bat” (a line also found in the Ramones classic). And then there’s all those “oi!”s.

The old-school punk rock vibe comes as no surprise, as Charli has said that her upcoming album was influenced by that genre. Still, the “Boom Clap” singer asserts her role in the new wave of female alt-poppers in the chorus of the jam, produced by Sky Ferreira collaborator Justin Raisen: “I never thought I’d be living in the USA/ Doing things the American way/ I never thought I’d be living in the USA/ Living the dream like a London queen.”

Reign on, lady! Sucker drops December 16 — but you can get more Charli below via her performance of “Break The Rules” today on “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for MTV News as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN ...

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Nat & Alex Wolff Are All Cats, Beards, And Feelings On These Brand-New Songs: Listen Now!

by 10 mins ago

Nat and Alex Wolff are on emotional overdrive on their new singles, “Where I’m Goin’” and “Rock Star” — and we’ve got the exclusive preview of all the pathos right here on MTV News and at Nat&AlexWolff.mtv.com.

The brothers (formerly of “The Naked Brothers Band”) have been releasing a cadre of folksy, borderline story-songs for the last few months now, previously dropping a duo of tracks on MTV News around the same time as “The Fault In Our Stars” came out — a movie that just happens to star Nat.

“We’ve gotten older since then,” Nat told MTV News, reflecting on their three years of growth since 2011′s Black Sheep. “Alex’s voice has changed… and our songwriting has gotten better. Alex has a beard which changes our sound, I don’t know why.”

There is a certain world-weariness to the brothers’ newest songs. “Where I’m Goin’” hints at a kind of bittersweet relationship replete with “shoulder pads and whiskey stains” and “the cats you love that I despise,” but the chorus is rallying, a nostalgia-inducing assertion: “Where I’m goin/ Where I’m goin/ Well, I don’t know yet/ I just know that I’m going home/ All I know is I’m going home.”

Related: Watch a deleted scene from ‘The Fault In Our Stars.’

And “Rock Star” — which appears in James Franco’s “Palo Alto,” in which Nat stars as a manic bad boy — speaks to a certain bone-deep dissatisfaction. “She turns to me and she whispers, ‘Hey man ...

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Lady Gaga Hates Pants: Here Are 21 Photos That Prove It

by 32 mins ago

Lady Gaga likes a lot of things in this slowly dying world of ours: jazz, Tony Bennett, her puppy, applause — the list goes on. One thing that she does not like, however, is pants. The lady hates the very concept of sheathing her legs in two tubes of fabric, you know?

We’ve compiled an extensive — although far from comprehensive — list of 21 times Gaga has been sans trousers of late. Bask in her pantsless glory below.

1.) Who needs pants when you have an awesome biker jacket?

2.) Just chilling with some kids — sans trousers (but definitely not sans rad boots).

Lady Gaga Arrives In Perth

3.) Who needs pants when you’re sporting this much metal? Not Gaga!

Lady Gaga Night Out In Tokyo

4.) Does this netted thing count as pants? We’re going to say no.

Lady Gaga Arrives In Tokyo

5.) Rad tail! No pants, though.

6.) Gaga is basically ‘cheek to cheek’ with this piano…

7.) It’s cool, Aphrodite didn’t wear slacks, either.

8.) I mean, she came from the oceans and whatnot.

9.) Dance-off, pants off!

10.) ‘Where did my pants go?’

11.) ‘I shall distract them from my lack of trou with this glorious keyboard.’

Verizon & Lady Gaga Live At Roseland Ballroom

12.) The ice bucket challenge is a lot chillier if you’re not ...

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The Word ‘Redskins’ Could Be Banned From Radio And TV

by 16 mins ago

Finally, we’re making some progress here: The FCC is considering banning the word “redskins” from TV and radio, following a petition they received from legal activist John Banzhaf III.

“We’ll be looking at that petition, we will be dealing with that issue on the merits and we’ll be responding accordingly,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, according to Jezebel. The petition penned by Banzhaf sought to shirk a D.C. radio station of its broadcasting license for its use of the word when referring to the Washington sports team.

“There are a lot of names and descriptions that were used over time that are inappropriate today,” Wheeler added. “And I think the name that is attributed to the Washington football club is one of those.”

If the ban goes through, it could spell fines and other penalties for stations that continue to use the word.

Chatter surrounding the use of the word “redskin” reached a tipping point this summer, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademark registrations for the Washington Redskins because the team name is “disparaging to Native Americans.” The definition of the word is even being tweaked in the dictionary to highlight its offensiveness as well.

Despite such moves, however, many still refuse to throw out the word — and the team name. “The Daily Show” recently featured a controversial segment in which a group of native people and a cadre of Redskins fans came face-to-face to discuss the team name, and team owner ...

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Here’s How To Fix Your New iPhone

by 6 mins ago

Those of you diligently planning for the weekend ahead: Rest easy, your iPhone will no longer be incapacitated by its new iOS. Apple has released yet another fix to iOS 8 that should have everything purring along in working order.

After Apple’s big product launch the other week — Apple Watches! New iPhones! — the company released an update to the new iOS in order to rectify a few bugs. That update, iOS 8.0.1, caused more problems than it solved, however, according to Mashable. For some users, the fix killed cell signals and disabled the Touch ID feature. Sure, no one really calls anyone anymore (under the age of 30), but the glitch was definitely an egregious one.

Thursday evening, however, Apple released another update, iOS 8.0.2, that seems to have fixed these problems. I, myself, had only downloaded iOS 8, but when I installed the update my phone began working more smoothly immediately — most notably, notifications had been rather erratic with the new iOS, but now they appear to be in working order.

This isn’t the only hurdle Apple has to overcome, however. There’s also “Bendgate,” which basically constitutes some iPhone 6 Plus owners discovering that their phones will bend if kept in their pockets — you know, when said users sit down. Directly on the phone. Still, 10 million people purchased the new devices during the first weekend alone, according to Forbes, so the impact of this latest hiccup probably won’t carry too ...

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Sorry, Ladies, There Are No Men Left For You

by 9 mins ago

So, apparently your tendency to date borderline-unemployed artistic types who keep their money hidden in a shoebox under their beds is not your fault — as your parents like to claim.

You’re merely one of the growing number of unmarried women who are failing to find a good, employed man in today’s rough ‘n’ tumble world because, simply, there’s not enough of that to go around. Don’t you feel better now?


According to A Pew Research Center census analysis quoted by New York magazine, 78% of women “place a great deal of importance on finding someone who has a steady job” — because, you know, it’s nice to have someone around who can help pay rent/afford groceries/not steal from you.

Unfortunately for that 78%, though, the pool of dudes with jobs is apparently draining. We’re splatting on the concrete off the high dive here, kids. The number of men with gigs aged 25 to 34 per 100 women “dropped from 139 in 1960 to 91 in 2012,” according to Pew. So, basically, there are fewer employed men now than there were in the black and white days, thereby confirming my dad’s hypothesis that “men today are just so lost — maybe you should join a club of some sort” (minus that last part).

Pew then proceeds to attempt to make us all feel better by informing us that marriage isn’t really in fashion, anyway. In 2012, one in five people over 25 had never been married — as ...

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What’s On Ariana Grande’s List Of Things To Tell Frankie?

by 6 mins ago

Ariana Grande missed her bro Frankie so much while he was busy living in a rat-infested dystopian society — I mean, appearing on “Big Brother.” She missed him so much, it seems, that she penned a whole list of things to tell him upon his return to the outside world.

See, we told you! A whole list! Of ridiculous and funny things! All for Frankie! We were curious as to what Ari had to tell her sib, so we went rifling through her cupcake-scented diary and dug up the goods. Check ‘em out below…

(Note: This is a joke. These are not Ari’s real secrets. Or maybe they are. We really cannot say.)





Artwork by Julia Panek

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for MTV News as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN and co-authored the blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." She likes trying not to die in moshpits and listening to songs on repeat. Follow her on Twitter @BrennaEhrlich for news on cats and punk bands.

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Ferguson Police Chief Issues Formal Apology To Michael Brown’s Family

by 21 mins ago

Matters are far from resolved in Ferguson, Missouri, more than one month after police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The most recent occurrence, however, was a more positive one. Police chief Thomas Jackson has come forward and issued a formal apology to the Brown family.

In a video posted to the web Thursday (September 25), Chief Jackson spoke directly to the family of the teen. “I want to say this to the Brown family. No one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you’re feeling,” he said. “I am truly sorry for the loss of your son. I’m also sorry that it took so long to remove Michael from the street. The time that it took involved very important work on the part of investigators who were trying to collect evidence and gain a true picture of what happened that day. But it was just too long, and I’m truly sorry for that.”

Brown, who was unarmed, was shot and killed on August 9, while taking a walk to visit his grandmother. It’s still unclear what happened during the incident — accounts are still surfacing of the day — but Brown’s body was left on the scene for hours following the shooting.

The people of Ferguson reacted immediately, protesting Brown’s death and police treatment of the situation, with rioting following close on the heels of more peaceful demonstrations. The National Guard was soon called in.

Chief Jackson also spoke about ...

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