August 21, 2018

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Get Out The Champagne, Drake Just Broke A Record Previously Held By The Beatles

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The Beatles are such an iconic force in pop culture that when current artists break records the Fab Four set, it always feels like an important landmark. So that’s why it feels extra important that thanks to his remix of ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday,” Drake just passed the Beatles for number of singles to be featured on Billboard Hot 100.

The “Tuesday” remix hit number 90 on that chart, so it comes in at number 72 for Drake, passing the Beatles’ 71 and putting him in eight place overall for all-time number of singles in that chart. His competition? “Glee” cast songs, Elvis, Lil Wayne, James Brown, Jay Z, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin. Not bad company to be in eh?

That list is in order, which means, yup “Glee” has the most entries in the Hot 100 of all time somehow with a whopping 207. Jay Z has 82, which doesn’t seem that out of reach for Drizzy at the rate he’s been going.

As for the song that helped him edge out the British quartet, we might have found out earlier this week why this song goes down soooo smooth. Plus, it’s Makonnen’s first-ever appearance on the chart, which seems like a fitting counterpoint to Drake’s record. Champagne, anyone?

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The ‘Super Troopers’ And Their ‘Staches Are Finally Getting A Sequel

by 12 mins ago

The cult classic 2001 film “Super Troopers” is about to get an update. Steve Lemme, one of the movie’s original stars and member of the the Broken Lizard comedy troupe confirmed to US Weekly that the loveable Vermont state troopers will return to their prankster ways in a sequel to the film.

“You know, it was a combination of having to settle some of the legal disputes about making a sequel, while also negotiating terms for it,” Lemme told Us Weekly. “The fans have been asking for it for a while, but we were finally able to package everything together. Fox is going to distribute the film, but we needed to raise the money for it, with a minimum budget of $27 million, which we’ve just about raised. There may be a Kickstarter launched to raise the last little bit.”

A Kickstarter campaign would probably work wonders in a situation like this—imagine what kind of goofy prizes the troopers could give away to their backers! Audience involvement in the filming perhaps? A chance to help play jokes on pulled over civilians? We’ll keep dreaming.

Back in 2006 when Lemme spoke to MTV News about the possibility of continuing the “Super Troopers” legacy, he said the group was pondering either some sort of prequel or a follow-up. But this new film is definitely a sequel.

“I think it’s one of the more unique and interesting stories I’ve seen in awhile,” Lemme said. “But the movie picks ...

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Beyonce’s New Flower Crown Pic Is Practically A Painting

by 14 mins ago

Beyonce‘s Instagram is a haven for all things girly, floral and trendy. Queen Bey manages to be one step ahead of every trend, whether it be flash tattoos, wearing a skirt over pants, or y’know, simultaneously making both marriage and feminism seem like super cool, desirable things.

So, yesterday (October 3) when she posted an Instagram of herself wearing a flower crown—a trend which has received mixed reviews in the past—we knew that they were about to become cool again.

The large, tasteful white roses are a far cry from the daisy chains that have populated music festivals and EDM concerts of late, but will probably have girls of all ages scrambling to re-create Bey’s floral tiara:

Is it just me or does Bey’s face also look flawlessly makeup free in the pic? Is there seriously ever a time when she does not look flawless?! Is she standing in front of a painting of even more flower crowns? Is this actually a flawless painting of Beyonce, not a photograph? Where does reality end and Beyonce’s divine presence begin? I realize that these aren’t answerable questions.

Related: Beyonce’s New Bikini Photos Scream ‘Photoshop? What’s Photoshop?’

Sure, New York Times, keep saying Beyonce isn’t a style icon. Just wait for the flower crown popularity spike to climb to even higher peaks, then get back to me about what triggered it. I’ll be waiting.

James Franco And Seth Rogen Are Completely Naked Together In The Jungle

by 12 mins ago

Deep breaths. We’ve seen a lot of naked and near-naked bodies this week haven’t we? Between the sweltering Nick Jonas photos, rumors that Nick will one day go full-frontal, and the confirmation that Ben Affleck will be baring more than his heart in “Gone Girl,” we’ve had nakedness on the brain. And apparently, so have James Franco and Seth Rogen.

These two are well-known for their comedic antics, but this one is really the full monty, y’know?

Franco captioned the picture: “Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals.”

And posted one other pic of the two sans clothing:

“See if me and seth can make it, NAKED and AFRAID!!!! Wtf?! You’ll see……..” he wrote on the second picture.

Friends that get naked in the jungle together… stay together? Clearly, there’s nothing these two won’t do for each other. They were recently pretty dang close to nude when they celebrated Jimmy Fallon’s birthday, but there was no jungle and no canvas sacks in that case.

Could this be related to their new movie “The Interview”? Guess we’ll have to wait and see—although we’ve definitely seen enough for tonight.

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The Reason This Banksy Mural Was Destroyed Will Break Your Heart

by 24 mins ago

Guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy is well-known for his unrelenting and sharp cultural critiques—it’s what led to his immense popularity. Unfortunately, his most recent piece was totally misinterpreted and was subsequently destroyed.

A mural that went up in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, was actually an anti-racist commentary, portraying several pigeons touting anti-immigration signs and encroaching on a solitary, exotic-looking bird. The signs have sayings like “Migrants Not Welcome,” “Go Back To Africa,” and “Keep Off Our Worms.” But the context is key—Banksy’s work was satirically mokcing these implicitly biased attitudes that many in England currently hold, not supporting them.

However, after the building owners received a sole complaint that the graffiti was racist, they had it scrubbed off the wall.


Tendring District Council, who ordered the mural removed, admitted on the BBC Radio 4′s Today that they only got one complaint about the work—by someone who clearly didn’t understand the satirical intentions of the piece.

“The site was inspected by staff who agreed that it could be seen as offensive and it was removed this morning in line with our policy to remove this type of material within 48 hours,” a spokesman told the BBC. “We would obviously welcome an appropriate Banksy original on any of our seafronts and would be delighted if he returned in the future.”

Did the council realize that the artwork was valued at over $600,000? Nope, they had no clue, but insisted even if they knew, they still would’ve had the piece removed.

Esteemed art critic ...

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Why Is Justin Bieber Hanging Out With Mick Jagger And Lenny Kravitz?

by 21 mins ago

It seems like Justin Bieber has decided to embrace the exact opposite of Drake’s “No New Friends” rule.

We recently found out that he’s working with Karl Lagerfeld, in Ibiza this summer he hung out with Kim and Kanye, he was rekindling things with Selena Gomez, and it seems like he’s also been getting closer with the Jenners.

So, after all that, maybe it’s not that surprising that today (October 3), Justin posted an Instagram of himself posing with not only Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones… but also Lenny Kravitz.

He captioned the photo “Legends” when he posted it to his Twitter account.

Not totally sure what brought this holy trifecta together, but if there is a musical collaboration in the trio’s future count us IN.

Supposedly, the picture was taken at L’Arc in Paris, which makes sense because we already knew Bieber was there for Fashion Week. Related question: does this mean Mick Jagger has listened to some Justin Bieber songs? That’s a pretty funny image.

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This Girl’s Year-Long Selfie Project Takes ‘I Woke Up Like This’ To A New Level

by 8 mins ago

Taking selfies has progressed beyond a cute little habit that only some people participate in — it has become a national past time. From cameras that easily facilitate the process to the little bump of affirmation that a Facebook “like” or an Instagram heart on these miniature self-portraits provides, selfies are here to stay.

Which means that people are taking the concept and expanding it into social and political realms, op-eds and other projects, like Chicago comedian Bente Engelsoft, who decided to take a selfie every morning when she first woke up — no matter what.

On the Instagram account ijustwokeup — which Bente created before Beyonce dropped her album, believe it or not — she has posted a selfie with #nomakeup and #nofilter every single day for a year. Engelsoft told The Daily Dot that her goal was to emulate performance artists like Tracey Emin and Tehching Hsieh, both of whom both had similar projects that involved cataloging the passage of time.

She began the project with this selfie on October 2, 2013:

And as of today, October 3, 2014, she has officially completed her goal. Surprisingly, Bente came up with the project six years ago (!), but when Instagram became popular she realized it would be the perfect vehicle for her idea.

Over the course of the year, she posted photos with her boyfriend:

With her mom—which was her most-liked photo:

And even with friends:

Although Bente said she didn’t originally ...

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This Video Will Teach You The Dance From Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Video

by 21 mins ago

When Sia’s “Chandelier” video came out earlier this year, the world put everything else on pause to watch 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler bring the emotion-ridden track to life.

Ever since then, the “Dance Moms” star’s moves have sparked parodies and remained a point of fascination for Sia fans. Hey, this video even arguably helped Sia score her first No. 1 album.

So when the choreographer for the dance, Ryan Heffington, released this video narrating how he came up with the concepts for Maddie’s performance, we were immediately hooked. Every move has a name! From the “Charlie Chaplin” to the “robot bird” and even “clean your mustache.”

Watch the clip below. Maybe with his careful tutorial, we can all recreate the dance routine — in the privacy of our own homes, of course. BRB, practicing the robot bird.

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Watch A$AP Rocky ‘Multiply’ In New Woozy, Technicolor Video

by 6 mins ago

Earlier today (October 2), A$AP Rocky promised that he’d be dropping something new at midnight, and obviously we hoped and assumed it’d be new music.

Like clockwork, the video for his new song “Multiply” dropped via his website and it does not disappoint.

Rocky and the rest of the A$AP mob dance through dark streets, fireworks and technicolor screens flashing surreal images. Juicy J also has a brief cameo during the clip’s intro.

Earlier in 2014, Rocky collaborated with more indie-leaning stars like Sam Smith and Lykke Li, but this video is back firmly in the realm of hip-hop.

Close listeners will remember that Rocky first performed this song at Coachella earlier this year—and that some of the lyrics seem to take shots at clothing brand BEEN TRILL.

Watch the official video below.

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Bath-Selfies Are Now A Thing Thanks To Miley Cyrus

by 40 mins ago

If you’re only going to follow one pop star on Instagram, the obvious choice is Miley Cyrus. Her Instagram is a veritable haven of art projects that turn into art installations, new tour costumes and installations, childhood pictures of herself photoshopped into memes, and so so so much more.

So what’s her latest Instagram project?


Seriously! She is probably about to spawn a whole copy cat movement with these gifs and darkly-lit bubble bath photographs that began on Tuesday (September 30). What will they be called? Bathelfies? Belfies? (Oh wait, never mind, that one is taken).

Whatever we call ‘em, here’s a brief recap of Miley’s new movement.

It all started with this face mask “romantic” selfie.

Miley apparently discovered her new-found love for bubble baths in an attempt to give herself some TLC, captioning this one as “getting romantic with myself.”

Then came this borderline-risque selfie.

Miley carefully arranged a few disco balls to make sure she stayed well within Instagram’s harshly enforced no-nipple policy. Little did we know this was just the beginning…

Miley learns to GIF!

Now we get Miley bein’ Miley, blowing bubbles and appearing in bath-time-GIF-form. Who took this photo? We may never know.

Another gif, even more bubbles.

This was where Miley let us know the approximate number of baths she takes on average: “I take a vagillion baths a day,” she captioned this one.

Bath time = photo shoot.

Quick question, how is she keeping her phone dry throughout these selfie sessions?? That takes true ...

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