August 17, 2018

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Ladies Code Release Beautiful, Tear-Stained Tribute Video To Fallen Members

by 27 mins ago

Just weeks after members EunB and Rise were killed in a tragic car crash, Korean pop group Ladies Code have released a tribute video to their late band mates.

EunBPolaris Entertainment

The four-minute clip cued to the emotional acoustic ballad “I’m Fine Thank You” focuses on behind-the-scenes clips of the group in the studio, meeting fans, performing, goofing off together, doing interviews and hanging out backstage. The tribute ends with EunB addressing fans while speaking to the camera as tears roll down her face.

The accident took place on September 2 on the way back from a gig when a wheel came off of the car they were traveling in and the vehicle spun out. EunB, 22, was killed in the crash, and Rise, 23, passed several days later of complications during surgery after suffering a head injury in the crash.

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Fellow member So Jung was severely injured as well in the crash, but the other two remaining members of the group, Ashley and Zuny, did not suffer serious injuries.

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An Iggy Azalea Sex Tape May Have Been Filmed When She Was Underage

by 12 mins ago

Less than 24 hours after denying the existence of a sex tape with a former boyfriend, lawyers for Iggy Azalea have done a 180 and confirmed that there may, indeed, be an explicit recording out there.

TMZ reported on Friday that Iggy’s lawyers are saying that the tape might exist, but that it’s possible Iggy was under 18 when it was recorded. Azalea’s reps reportedly told TMZ that the sex tape could be an attempt by a “spurned business suitor” (in other words, the unnamed ex-boyfriend) who is just trying to “damage her image and career out of revenge.”

It is also possible that the footage was recorded without “her knowledge or consent,” the attorneys said.

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Azalea’s former business partner was reportedly trying to shop the tape to Vivid adult entertainment boss Steven Hirsch, who told he was interested in pursuing the matter.

On Thursday afternoon, Azalea took to Twitter to deny the existence of the tape, with one of the tweets suggesting that she may not be 18 in any recording that might exist.

The denial came after TMZ reported that Hirsch had offered millions to the “Black Widow” rapper for an alleged tape featuring her and the ex-boyfriend.

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Chris Pratt Reveals The Secret Origins Of ‘Douchemaster McChest’

by 30 mins ago

Who cares how “Guardians Of The Galaxy” hero Peter Quill became Star-Lord? The real burning question about Chris Pratt is: “who the hell is Douchmaster McChest?”

The previously secret (and let’s be honest, kind of porn-y sounding) alter ego for the “Parks And Recreation” star-turned-box-office-behemoth surfaced on Thursday when Pratt posted a previously unseen snap from very early in his career.

Yes, the former high school wrestler, van sleeper and upcoming “SNL” host wasn’t always the dashingly handsome, chiseled chin galaxy saver that he is now. Frankly, back in 2000, he looked more like a boy band wannabe, or daytime soap opera star. And so, we give you, Mr. McChest, in all his glory.

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Fifth Harmony Mustache You A Question

by Gil Kaufman 22 mins ago Friday, Punday. Is that not a thing? Okay, well now thanks to Fifth Harmony it is. The girls posted a pic featuring an array of fake mustaches, unibrows and neckbeards in order to ask their fans a very important questio... ...

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New Michael Brown Shooting Eyewitnesses Could Have Huge Impact On Investigation

by 6 mins ago

A month after Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, two new eyewitnesses have emerged to tell their stories about what they saw that day.

What’s different about the construction workers who happen to be outside the Canfield Green apartment complex where the shooting occurred, though, is that unlike almost all of the other witnesses to the shooting, these men were not from the area and did not know Brown.

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One of the men spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and reiterated the account he gave to the FBI and St. Louis County police. The construction worker, who asked that his name and that of his employer not be revealed, told the paper he didn’t see the alleged struggle that occurred at officer Wilson’s cruiser, during which a shot was fired from Wilson’s gun.

Like many of the other witnesses, the man – who was around 50 feet Wilson when the officer opened fire – said Wilson chased Brown away from the car and fired at least one more shot in the direction of the teen as Brown was fleeing. He also reported seeing Brown stop, turn around and put his hands up, after which Wilson killed Brown in a hail of gunfire. His account, however, didn’t clear up one of the most crucial debates about the shooting: was Brown moving toward Wilson before the final, fatal shots were fired?

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Kanye West Rushed To Hospital Before Australian Gig

by 20 mins ago

Nothing stops the Yeezus. Kanye West was reportedly transported to a Melbourne, Australia, hospital on Wednesday after falling ill earlier in the day. A source told E! News that the rapper was fine and “didn’t have a major health scare or seizure. He just suffered a migraine and went to the hospital simply as a precaution.”

So fine, in fact, that he performed his Yeezus tour date in Melbourne as scheduled just a few hours after leaving the hospital, where he got an MRI as a precaution. A woman who was in the emergency room at the same time as West told Australian magazine Woman’s Day that West was whisked into Epworth Hospital around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, where part of the ER was cleared to ensure his privacy.

“My daughter was having an MRI. Shortly after it began, security burst in and cleared the area,” Loraine Terry told the magazine. “Everyone was moved out of the waiting and consulting rooms. We were the only ones left apart from doctors and nurses – we couldn’t leave as the MRI wasn’t finished.” She said West was rushed in on a stretcher, surrounded by security, with one side of his face covered by a white cloth.

While Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian West have not commented, a Live Nation spokesperson said in a statement, “Kanye went on stage last night in Melbourne as scheduled. The tour continues at Sydney’s Allphones Arena tomorrow and Saturday, before concluding in Brisbane on ...

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Maroon 5’s V Gets Them Back To #1

by 11 mins ago

It’s been a while, but it must feel nice to be in the #1 spot again. Maroon 5‘s V will get the Adam Levine-led group back to the Billboard promised land this week when it debuts in the top spot of the album charts, something M5 hasn’t done since 2007 with their second album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

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The View From The Top
After coming in at #2 with their last two efforts, Maroon 5 are Billboard 200 chart kings again after selling 164,000 unit according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan. Propelled by the singles “Maps” and “It Was Always You,” M5 easily bested the #2 debut from Jeezy‘s Seen It All: The Autobiography, which sold 121,000 copies.

It was a major comedown for Ariana Grande, though, whose My Everything lost 75 percent of its debut week business as it tumbled down to #4 on sales of just under 42,000.

After selling 11 million copies in the U.S. in the past three decades and spending more than 300 weeks in the Billboard 200, Bob Marley‘s greatest hits collection, Legend, will make its top 10 debut this week thanks to a Google Play 99-cent sale. Already one of the best-selling albums of all time and a mandatory purchase for every college freshman, Legend moved up 95 spots to #5 as sales ballooned by 1,166 percent to 41,000.

Bass (Back) ...

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Now That Britney Spears Is Single, Check Out Her Tinder Account

by 26 mins ago

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, no thanks, no, nope. Oh wait, what? Britney Spears? No way, she’s on Tinder? Well, she did just break up with her boyfriend, David Lucado, after he allegedly cheated on her.

As it turns out, Britney didn’t set up the account, but had one created for her by Jimmy Fallon, who had her on the “Tonight Show” on Tuesday night to play a game he called “The Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears.”

Britney Spears fake Tinder accountThe Tonight Show

Let’s see some of the pros: she loves to snuggle in bed and watch TV and she’s got her own lingerie line, so that’s promising. What else can you expect from Brit? Check it out:

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Ariana Grande And Sam Smith Are Having A Moment

by 11 mins ago

No, I love you more! While some pop stars are busy taking shots at each other and writing songs about fellow singers who’ve done them wrong, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande are all about the love.

We already knew Sam was a huge Beyoncé fan, but apparently he’s seriously digging Ariana’s My Everything. So much that the two exchanged gushing compliments on Tuesday (September 9) morning and we think a collabo needs to happen now.


And then Ariana returned the compliment.

Ariana Grande

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This Lesbian Couple Had To Wait 72 Years To Get Married

by 7 mins ago

We’ve heard that true love waits. But, c’mon now, seven decades? Well, I guess it makes sense if that’s how long it takes your state to come around and pass same-sex marriage legislation.

Rolling up to the altar in their wheelchairs, 90-year-old Alice “Nonie” Dubes and 91-year-old Vivian Doyack were married at the First Christian Church in Davenport, Iowa, this weekend after living together for 72 years.

“This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago,” the Reverend Linda Hunsaker told the intimate group of close friends and family who attended the ceremony to celebrate the couple, who have spent their time together visiting all 50 states and every province in Canada.

“We’ve had a good time,” Dubes said.

According to the Quad City Times, the couple met in the town they grew up in, Yale, Iowa, and moved to Davenport in 1947, where Boyack was a long-time elementary school teacher and Boyes worked at the local paper and a scrap metal company. Iowa started allowing gay marriage in 2009.

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