August 21, 2018

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Snooki And JWOWW Get Jealous Of Their Fiancés…For The Best Reason Ever

by 32 mins ago

Nicole Polizzi’s and Jenni Farley’s fiancés are both enjoying fatherhood to the hilt, but their doting ways are making the “Jersey” girls a tad envious.

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“Jionni and Roger are extremely hands-on when it comes to the kids,” Jenni reveals in the clip below. “And it gets annoying for me and Nicole.”

Snooki, meanwhile, is a bit more blunt about it. “We’re the mommies, back off!” the mother of two exclaims.

Sounds like Rog and Jionni aren’t afraid of diaper changing or a little spit-up, and who can blame them? Have you seen Giovanna, Lorenzo and Meilani?!

Despite their occasional envy, Jenni admits that she and her “Snooki & JWOWW” costar are extremely grateful for their fabulous partners, and it’s important for them to take into consideration that some women aren’t so fortunate.

To hear what else the mamas had to say about their men, watch the video. And be sure to tune in to the final season of “Snooki & JWOWW” on Wednesday, November 5 at 10/9c!


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Put On Your Best Black Cloak And Dial This Number For A Big ‘Scream’

by 33 mins ago

Halloween is just around the corner, and, in keeping with the theme of scary-a** s***, we chose today to share some BIG news about MTV’s upcoming “Scream” series. But there’s a trick before you get your treat: In order to hear the announcement, you must dial (carefully) 310-461-4299. Preferably while wearing a black cloak.

Or a really bad blonde wig:

As previously reported by MTV News, John Karna of “The Neighbors” and Carlson Young of “The Kroll Show” will have key roles in the TV adaptation of the memorable horror film franchise. The show will be directed by Jamie Travis, who’s previously worked on “Faking It,” and executive produced by Jill Blotevogel and Harvey and Bob Weinstein under the Dimension TV production umbrella.

If you haven’t already dialed, DO IT NOW. (C’mon, guys, why must we always repeat ourselves?) N-O-W.

GIF: giphy


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‘Are You The One?’ Poll: Did Science Fail Briana And Curtis?

by 1 min ago

Someone please blast “Love Hurts” ASAP, because we’re still feeling the pain from the heart-wrenching news that buddingAre You the One?” lovebirds Briana and Curtis are NOT a perfect match. Say WHAT????

That’s right, the handsome duo found out during last night’s shocking episode that an extensive bunch of matchmaking tests don’t deem them a compatible pair.


Curtana looked rather subdued at the jaw-dropping Match-Up ceremony but, before long, sensitive guy Curtis couldn’t hide his sadness that the brunette beauty wasn’t his one and only.

“Briana and I aren’t a match, and my heart sinks,” the green-eyed Californian admitted. “F**king broken right now.”

And C wasn’t the only one who was devastated, as fans flocked to Twitter to share their own sorrow:

Now we have to ask: Did science fail the lovebirds? B and C hit it off immediately, opening up about sensitive topics and forming a genuine bond. But they also didn’t give much romantic thought to anyone else in the house, leaving little chance for other connections to blossom. So were their first instincts right, or did they form a connection too fast and not have as much in common as they thought? And who do you think might be better companions for them?

Take our poll, give us your theories about who their actual matches are and be sure to catch a new episode of “Are You the One?” on Monday at 10/9c!

The Best Reactions To ‘Are You The One?”s Match-Up Ceremony Shocker

by 20 mins ago

The “Are You the One?” crew took a giant step forward on tonight’s episode, but quickly took a whole bunch backward: Just after they popped champagne to celebrate lovebirds Paris and Pratt being a perfect match, the group got ZERO beams of light at their Match-Up ceremony — and looked like they’d collectively been hit by a dump truck.


That’s right, NONE. Among the pairings who were ruled out as each other’s one and only: Anthony and Jenni, John and Christina and the perhaps the biggest blow of all, strong couple Briana and Curtis. That $1 million is looking tougher and tougher to win…

The surprising development was difficult to take (we were shocked, too), so let’s look at some of the most memorable reactions to it:

Christina and John


The 11th girl gasped so loudly she needed to cover her trap, while the law school student had to duck his head and hide from the whole ordeal.



Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. Think the Cali girl could have caught some flies?



The sweet Texas native may have sat the formal evening out, but her reaction from the sidelines was loud and clear.

Paris, Pratt and Brandon


The two hunks looked like they’d just seen Casper pop out of the closet, while the brunette beauty could only muster a simple hair flip to cope with the ...

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Snooki’s Got A Costume Idea That Could Very Well Win Halloween

by 13 mins ago

Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley have always embraced the Halloween spirit — who can forget their pickle and schoolgirl ensembles? — but this year’s festivities will be extra-special for the “Jersey” gals: Snooki’s mini-me Giovanna and JWOWW’s daughter Meilani will be a part of the fun-filled day.

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So what costume ideas do the girls have for their little ones?

“Nicole just got Meilani a pumpkin suit,” Jenni lovingly dishes in the video below. (We’re betting she’ll be the cutest gourd in all the land.)

Meanwhile, two-year-old Lorenzo’s costume is TBD. “I don’t know what Lorenzo’s gonna be,” Snooki divulges. Well, we know he won’t dress as a monkey, because that was so last year.

The DIY master then says she and her brood’s costumes may follow a theme, yet she isn’t sure of which one juuuuust yet. But when Jenni suggests that both her family and Snooki’s dress up in coordinated outfits, Nicole has a brilliant idea. Hint: It’s colorful!

To find out what the girls and their fams might don this Friday, watch the video below. And be sure to tune in to the final season of “Snooki & JWOWW” on Wednesday, November 5 at 10/9c!


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‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion: Jenelle’s Confession About Kieffer Deserves A Head Shake

by 14 mins ago

Whoa is us.

Just when it seemed as if Jenelle had cut ties with her troubled ex, Kieffer, once and for all, the young mother made a shocking confession on Part 2 of tonight’s “Teen Mom 2” reunion: She had communicated with her former boyfriend while her current beau, Nathan, was behind bars.


“I was looking more for a friend to talk to,” Jenelle confessed to a surprised Dr. Drew. “And I just talked to him as a friend.”

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She eventually came clean to Nathan about the conversation with her erstwhile flame — and even let him look at their text messages after his release from prison. “I was honest with him,” the mom of two explained. “I don’t know who else to talk to because every other person — every other one of my friends that I’ve talked to — they turned their back on me.”

But how did Nathan feel about the exchange?


“I was pissed, but I knew yelling and screaming at her wouldn’t work,” he said with a refreshing level head. “I think she wanted comfort, but she was finding it in…the wrong place.”

Jenelle and Kieffer certainly have a history together — and he may know her better than most people — but she has a brand-new, happy life with Nathan and the kids. So why would she risk damaging her current relationship by revisiting the past, ...

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The Internet Is Blind To Heidi Montag’s Genius New Fish Fillet Commercial

by 1 min ago

Heidi Montag has followed quite an impressive career path over the years, but her latest gig reminds us why we can’t get enough of the former MTV star.

The blond beauty has been a publicity associate at Bolthouse, a pop star, a contestant on various reality shows (classics such as “Celebrity Big Brother UK” and “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” plus the upcomingMarriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars“) and oh, part of “The Hills,” along with hubby Spencer Pratt.

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But now she’s starring in a FISH commercial for the New Zealand-based company Sealord, and in the short but sweet 30-second spot, she confidently walks into a party and tries to get people talking about — and tasting — its product.

“When Sealord wanted real descriptions of their real fish fillets, I thought, ‘Who better than me? A reality TV star,’” she confidently declares before coining a brand-new word — “chunkalicious.” And if you’re wondering, her pronunciation of “fillet” is how the locals say it Down Under, so please allow the Colorado native’s inner-Kiwi to shine through.

Sealord certainly achieved its goal of getting people talking, but the messages weren’t all positive. Ultimately, the company pulled the plug on Heidi’s ad and shared this Facebook message explaining its decision:

Well, the priceless clip may not be airing anymore, but Heidi certainly got the last laugh for her latest marketing endeavor.

What do you think of the ...

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‘Are You The One?’ Poll: Will Science Say Briana And Curtis Are Meant For Each Other?

by 49 mins ago

When contestants enter the “Are You the One?” dating fray, they often gravitate toward someone quickly — look no further than instantaneous lovebirds Paris and Pratt, as well as Brandon and 11th girl Christina. But on tonight’s episode, Briana and Curtis, who seemingly flew under the radar for the first few days, made a connection all their own.

Sure, the chemistry was evident — just look at the passion during their first smooch at a rowdy house party. Heck, C even deemed it as “fantastic and awesome.”


But physical attraction aside, it was how the handsome duo bonded on an emotional level that gave us serious flashbacks to “AYTO” Season 1 newlyweds, and parents-to-be, Amber and Ethan. During Briana and Curtis’ first getaway date, they spoke about their childhoods, as well as their hopes for a family of their own. But their relationship was elevated to another level when the brunette beauty trusted the sensitive nice guy enough to open up about a deeply personal experience: her painful miscarriage.


“I was supposed to be a mom,” Briana admitted. “It was [like] the most traumatizing experience of my life. I felt like when I started dating someone else, I just didn’t want them to feel like I was used already.”

Curtis, who was appreciative of Bri’s honesty, assured her that she shouldn’t feel that way.

“I can’t presume to imagine the feelings that she carries,” he explained in ...

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion: Kickass Kids Edition!

by 30 mins ago

It’s been tradition for the “Teen Mom 2” kiddos to join their mothers (Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and Kailyn) at the conclusion of each reunion special, but this year, we got an added bonus: In the sneak peek below, the children show off some of their many talents.

For starters, Aubree talks about playing T-ball, and can’t help but gush when asked what’s her favorite part of the game.

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“Hitting the ball,” the bubbly five-year-old confidently responds. It sure is an exhilarating feeling reaching the bases, right, Aubs?

Meanwhile, an exuberant Jace really likes being a big brother and is looking forward to the day he can take to the basketball court with Baby Kaiser.

Lastly, twins Ali and Aleah as well as Isaac adorably show off their sweet skills — even if they resist a tiny bit at first. Stage fright has never looked this cute!

Watch the clip, and be sure to tune in to Part 2 of the “Teen Mom 2″ reunion on Wednesday at 10/9c.


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Lauren Conrad And William Tell Step Out As Husband And Wife

by 26 mins ago

For Lauren Conrad and William Tell, attending one annual sporting match — the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, to be exact — holds some very sweet significance.

The glowing newlyweds, who recently returned to SoCal after their romantic Mediterranean honeymoon, made their first public appearance as husband and wife at the event this past Saturday. While the former “Hills” star opted to walk the red carpet solo, the color-coordinated duo eventually cozied up to one another as they observed the horseback action from the sidelines.

Fifth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Los Angeles - InsideGetty Images

But if the Tells’ trip to the rodeo is giving you a case of déjà vu, there’s a reason: The lovebirds attended the same star-studded event, held at the Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, two years ago — and it was their first public outing as a couple.

Lauren Conrad William TellGetty Images

Look at these kids, madly in love — and making sure that their polka-dot ensembles matched for the glitzy game, even back in their dating days!

But back to the present. The fashion designer gushed to US Weekly about her new relationship status — and what it’s really like to be a Mrs.

Fifth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Los Angeles - ArrivalsGetty Images

“It doesn’t feel too different,” Lauren admitted to the magazine. “We felt married ...

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