July 20, 2018

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‘Batman V Superman’: Ben Affleck Wants You To #SaveTheBats

by 13 mins ago

Batman doesn’t need saving. But the animals he takes his name from are another story.

The cast and crew of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” have joined together for National Save the Bats Week, aimed at spreading awareness about “White-Nose Syndrome,” a fungal disease leading to the deaths of millions of bats across North America. It sounds like the plot of a bad Batman story, but it’s a very real problem, and everyone from director Zack Snyder to star Ben Affleck want you to know about it.

“These bats are on the verge of completely dying out,” says Affleck. “Not only would we lose an extraordinary species, the death of our bats would be catastrophic to our ecosystem.”

“A lot of people are scared of bats and think bats are bad,” adds Snyder. “But bats are incredibly beneficial and are responsible for a lot of our ecosystem working.”

Watch the video and head to savebats.org to learn more about how you can help #SaveTheBats.

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Here’s The ‘Harry Potter’ Question That Made Daniel Radcliffe Say ‘WOW’

by 39 mins ago

It’s not easy to ask Daniel Radcliffe a “Harry Potter” question he’s never heard before. But one fan did exactly that during Radcliffe’s recent Reddit AMA, supporting his upcoming horror movie, “Horns.”

The question: “If you had a Horcrux, what would it be?”

A Horcrux, for the “Potter” unfamiliar, is a magical object that hides part of a wizard or witch’s soul. It’s the dark technique that Voldemort You-Know-Who uses to keep himself alive and thriving, splitting his soul into seven (er, eight) fragments to keep his power intact. It’s a question that Radcliffe has never been asked, and he was excited to engage with an original “Potter” topic.

WOW,” he responded. “Um… that’s a really good question. First of all, congratulations to you for asking me a Harry Potter question I have NEVER been asked before, that is not easily achieved!”

Radcliffe said he would turn his iPod into a Horcrux, but even more specifically, he “would put it inside an album on the iPod, so you’d have to open that album. So I somehow want it to be connected to a particular album that means something, like Ziggy Stardust. So that’s how I’d want to do that.”

That’s just a small slice of the “Potter” ground Radcliffe covered during his Reddit AMA. Here are some other highlights:


Radcliffe’s favorite “Potter” character: The prisoner of Azkaban himself, Sirius Black. “I always loved the character, and then Gary’s portrayal of him I thought was perfect.” He also loves ...

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‘The Walking Dead’: Is This Father Gabriel’s Big Secret?

by 43 mins ago

Sin is the name of the game on “The Walking Dead.” In order to survive the zombie apocalypse, men and women are forced to kill not just the flesh-rotting walkers, but sometimes each other. It’s a dark, desolate world that only has room for dark, desolate people.

But there’s no one on “Walking Dead” more fixated on the nature of sin than Father Gabriel, the new character introduced in last week’s episode. Played by “The Wire” alum Seth Gilliam, Gabriel preaches the word of God, refuses to kill any walkers or humans, carries no weapons except for his faith, and lives inside a church all by himself. He’s also on somebody’s most-hated list, considering graffiti etched outside of his church that says: “You will burn for this.”

Burn for what, exactly? What is Gabriel’s great sin? What’s his secret? We don’t know just yet on the show, but we do know how the “Walking Dead” comic book answered Gabriel’s great mysteries. Read on if you want to find out, too.

Consider this your obligatory spoiler warning.

Last week, Rick Grimes and friends first encountered Gabriel in the woods, where he was about to become zombie food.


In the comics, Gabriel actually approaches Rick’s group all on his own, in broad daylight, under no duress, seeking food. His first words: “Greetings, brothers and sisters. Can you spare a moment to talk about the lord?”

Image Comics

As on the show, Gabriel travels without weapons.

Image Comics

Unlike the ...

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‘John Wick’ Reviews: Should You See Keanu Reeves’ New Action Movie?

by 17 mins ago


That’s the reaction from the majority of critics who’ve seen “John Wick,” the new action movie hitting theaters this weekend starring “The Matrix” main man Keanu Reeves. On the surface, it looks like another mindless action movie; but “John Wick,” helmed by first-time director and longtime stunt man Chad Stahelski, stands at 90% on RottenTomatoes.com as of this writing, an incredibly impressive score.

So, why are critics so taken with “John Wick,” anyway? Read on for our round-up of reviews and find out:

The Story
“‘John Wick’ begins with a cool montage that almost apes the ‘sad Keanu’ meme. Our leading man, John Wick (who is almost always referred to by his full name – and why not, when it’s that cool?) is mourning the loss of his spouse in a modern suburban home that looks primed for a photo shoot in Dwell magazine. Before succumbing to disease, his wife organized the delivery of a puppy (cinema’s most adorable pet since almighty Uggie) to give him something to love as he tries to heal. When John Wick later runs afoul of some Russian gangsters who want to take his car, he tells them to buzz off in their native tongue. The thugs (led by ‘Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen) invade his home late at night, give him a beat down, steal his wheels and kill the pooch. One phone call later John Wick lets everyone know that the demon is out of the bottle.” — Jordan Hoffman, Read More →

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer: The 27 Biggest Moments

by 11 mins ago

It once had strings, but now, it’s free — the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer is upon us!

Although it was supposed to arrive next week, an early leak of the trailer forced Marvel’s hand, gifting fans worldwide their first look at Earth’s mightiest heroes’ second adventure a few days earlier than scheduled. And hey, that works for us, because there is an unbelievable amount of awesome packed into the two-minute teaser.

Here’s a closer look at all of the crazy, crazy things littered throughout the “Age of Ultron” trailer:

1. Let’s start with a hero shot.


2. Because it looks like they won’t be feeling heroic for too long.


3. Especially Banner.


4. Banner’s having a hard time.


5. That’s probably because of this guy.


6. Meet Ultron, appearing for the very first time, made out of Iron Man armor scrap heaps and other assorted collections of metallic… strings


7. Eventually, Ultron will do some self-remodeling…


8. …and come out looking like this:


9. And because Ultron is insane, he’s going to start building more Ultrons.


10. Like, lots more Ultrons.


11. And it appears he’ll have help…


12. …in the form of two siblings.


13. First up is Quicksilver, who runs very fast:


14. And then there’s Scarlet Witch, who… well, you’ll see for yourself:


15. It’s a lot for ...

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‘The Hobbit’: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Bring Smaug To Life

by 44 mins ago

Benedict Cumberbatch might look like an otter, but he looks even more like a dragon, at least where “The Hobbit” trilogy is concerned.

A new behind-the-scenes video from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” has arrived online, showing what exactly Cumberbatch went through in order to become the menacing dragon mentioned in the title. He appears only toward the end of “Desolation of Smaug,” but the scenes between Bilbo Baggins and the slumbering, snarling, scaly sky-serpent are among the most memorable not just in the film, but in all the Middle-Earth movies.

Watch Cumberbatch writhe and wiggle on the ground, contorting his face and saturating his voice in oozing, dripping menace, in the video below:

Cumberbatch returns as the deadly Smaug in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” hitting theaters on December 17.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’: Is [SPOILER] The Secret SAMCRO Rat?

by 2 mins ago

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Some big things happened on “Sons of Anarchy” this week: Juice went to jail, Gemma (kind of) confessed to killing Tara, Nero tried to leave town, and Bobby lost an eye. And that’s not even mentioning Greensleeves, quite possibly the worst “Sons of Anarchy” villain-of-the-week ever.

Here’s what we’re wondering about last night’s episode — including a pretty out-there theory about the traitor living in SAMCRO’s midst.

1. Is Bobby Going To Die?


It sure as hell doesn’t look good for the senior Son. He’s already lost an eye, and who knows what else August Marks plans to do to poor Bobby Elvis if Jax doesn’t bend the knee. It’s about time that Jax’s actions cost SAMCRO one of their own precious Sons (and no, we’re not counting Orlin West, who died defending the Stockton guns; he’s lucky we remember his name!), but does it have to be Bobby? Is there anyway to save Charming’s favorite Elvis impersonator?

2. Is August Marks Going To Die?


Probably, if we ever see him again. He’s been conspicuously absent from the show lately, replaced this week by head-of-security Moses Cartwright. Not that we’re complaining about “Six Feet Under” veteran Mathew St. Patrick popping up on the show; that was great. But if this season ends without Marks in a body bag — preferably by way of Bobby sucking out his eyeballs — then we’re going to be monumentally disappointed.

3. Does Abel Understand Gemma’s Confession?

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Here’s Your First Look At Nicholas D’Agosto As Two-Face On ‘Gotham’

by 2 mins ago

Think of a Batman villain. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Got it? Cool. That villain is already on or will be appearing some day on “Gotham.” How do we know? Because all of the villains are on “Gotham” — if not now, then eventually.

Case in point: Harvey Dent, the dapper district attorney who suffers a psychotic break and physical disfigurement to become the treacherous Two-Face, coming to “Gotham” later this season. But you wouldn’t recognize Dent as the snarling, coin-flipping killer based on your first look at actor Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays the character on “Gotham,” on the latest episode of DC Entertainment’s All Access series:

It’s basically just D’Agosto in a fine-pressed suit, being his usual optimistic, bubbly self. (If you’re unfamiliar with his work, seek him out on “Masters of Sex,” “Final Destination 5,” or even as high-flying superhero West Rosen on season two of “Heroes.”) And that’s basically Dent, as far as who he is when he first appears on “Gotham.”

“I instantly come in and get to walk in as the Harvey Dent who is the white knight,” says D’Agosto. “The guy who is trying to do the right thing. What’s exciting about it is they’re pulling in from a lot of different story lines from different Batman iterations. How they want to use me exactly is up in the air.”

To that point, D’Agosto says he doesn’t even need to look at other “Batman” stories to figure out how he’s going to play Harvey Dent’s dark side.

“For better ...

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Get Ready To Assemble: The New ‘Avengers’ Trailer Arrives Next Week

by 6 mins ago

Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and the rest of their mighty pals are uniting on the big-screen once again next summer — and you’ll get your first look at the reunion next week.

Marvel has announced that the first official trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will premiere next Tuesday, October 28. But there’s a catch (of course there’s a catch): it’s premiering right after an episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on ABC.

It goes without saying that the “Avengers” trailer will be online at some point in the future, but if you want in on the ground floor if the first look at “Age of Ultron,” you’ll have to see what Agent Phil Coulson and his allies are up to first.

(And, not for nothing, you should totally be watching “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” anyway. It took a while to get going in season one, but ever since the big “Winter Soldier” tie-in episode, it’s been consistently awesome. If you’re interested in getting back into it, start with “Turn, Turn, Turn” and keep going from there.)

Writer and director Joss Whedon‘s “Age of Ultron,” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, among others, hits theaters on May 1, 2015, putting an end to Marvel Phase Two.

The “Age of Ultron” trailer premieres right after “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on October 28.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Eyeballs A Big Bloody Twist

by 15 mins ago

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Jax Teller began the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” pulling teeth out of a man’s skull. Now, his violent acts have cost one of his closest allies an eye, and quite possibly his life. Somewhere in the great beyond, Hammurabi is laughing at the irony. (And yes, Hammurabi is a “Sons of Anarchy” fan. Who knew?)

No more time to waste. We’re in full-on SPOILER mode to talk about “Greensleeves,” one of the biggest episodes of this very bloody season.

A New Shot of Juice


Somehow, Juice’s continued survival isn’t the biggest story of the night — even if it is a big deal. Against all conventional wisdom, SAMCRO elects to keep Juice alive, and in active play. In order to earn his way back into the club’s good graces, Juice is sent on what could very well be a suicide mission to get himself locked up in prison, so that he can kill Henry Lin on Jax’s behalf.

“I know it’s a big risk,” Jax says, in what’s easily one of the biggest understatements in the show’s seven-season history. Chibs insists that all Juice wants is to return to the fold of the club. Is he right?

Juice does as he’s told, shooting at cops and getting locked up as a result. But the plan doesn’t fully work. Instead of landing in gen-pop alongside Lin, Juice is locked away in a cell for two. He gains a roommate who claims ...

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