August 21, 2018

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Here’s What It’s Like To Have Shia LaBeouf Grab Your Butt

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Months after Shia LaBeouf’s bizarre arrest at a Broadway show, we’re finally hearing more of the details of the night.

LaBeouf is accused to causing quite a scene at a late June performance of Broadway’s “Cabaret” at Studio 54, starring Allen Cumming and Michelle Williams. He reportedly drunkenly smoked a cigarette in the audience of the theater and then was escorted from the show and placed under arrest after grabbing Cumming’s rear mid-performance.

Which, if it wasn’t already clear, is not part of the price of admission to the show.

Cumming himself explained the incident to Conan O’Brien last night (October 20) on “Conan.” Apparently, when there’s a super drunk dude in your theater, you can feel it, even if you’re busy doing a song and dance number channeling a German club emcee.

“He was really messed up, obviously,” Cumming said. “He was just wasted, and he was wasted from the second he walked into the thing.”

“We’ve all done things where we’ve been out of it and messed up,” Cumming conceded.

Find out more in the clip above.


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Sorry, Taylor Swift And ‘Welcome To New York,’ But These NYC Songs Got Here First

by 4 mins ago

Sometimes, it seems like all songs can be sorted into one of four buckets: songs about love and heartbreak, songs about going out dancing with your girls, songs about booties, and songs about New York City.

The Big Apple has long held the attention of musicians, from Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” to the so-new-we-haven’t-had-a-chance-to-learn-the-words-yet “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift. Swift’s new song, off of her upcoming 1989 album, makes us wish that we had a binder to scratch lyrics into, and will doubtlessly inspire cryptic Facebook statuses and artsy, Pinterest-bait tattoos.

Every New Yorker has their own favorite song about the city. In honor of Swift’s contribution to the genre and the recent anniversary of “Empire State of Mind,” MTV News staffers shared the tracks nearest and dearest to their hearts.

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“Fantasy (Remix)” Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Mariah Carey

“This used to play at Bushwick bars every night when I first moved to New York. Also there’s yelling about Brooklyn at the beginning and I live there.” –Brenna Ehrlich

“NY City Cops,” The Strokes

“The great lost Strokes song ‘New York City Cops’ was the B-side to the band’s debut single, ‘Hard to Explain,’ released just four months before the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The amped-up rocker ended up on the American vinyl version of their debut single, ‘Is ...

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You Won’t Believe Why Elsa Isn’t Evil In ‘Frozen’

by 22 mins ago

By now, you’ve seen and loved Disney’s Best Animated Feature winner “Frozen,” you’ve watched all the parodies of “Let It Go,” and you’ve decided pretty definitively which of your friends are Annas and which are Elsas.

What you don’t know, however, is the touching real-life reason that Princess Elsa is how she is.

We know that Elsa (perfectly voices in the film by Idina Menzel) was originally meant to be a villain, shooting ice every which way in a frostily malicious manner. In a new Wired feature, it’s revealed exactly what inspired Elsa’s transformation from villain to the misunderstood, scared and defensive character who comes into her own during the film’s runtime.

John Lasseter, the head of Disney and Pixar, emphasized the need for extraordinary characters with ordinary struggles and problems in the studio’s films.

“The connection you make with your audience is an emotional connection,” Lasseter said. “The audience can’t be told to feel a certain way. They have to discover it themselves.”

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Indeed, the emotional connection that Lasseter felt during the notes sessions while developing the story of “Frozen” came from inside his own family. The sweeping ice princess in the movie was in part inspired by Lasseter’s son, Sam. When he was 10 years old, Sam was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and was sad, feeling that he’d been singled out and chosen for this lifelong fate that he had no choice in.

Likewise, Elsa struggles with the ...

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These People Loved Starbucks So Much They Got It Tattooed Onto Their Bodies

by 29 mins ago

There’s an old maxim that says if you enjoy what you do for a living, then it’s not really work at all. It’s a nice thought, until you realize that the most die-hard Starbucks fans — those who have emblazoned their loyalty into their skin in permanent ink — are excluded from getting a job at their mecca.

That is, until now.

Starbucks’ recently updated dress code for employees, called “partners” in ‘Bucks-speak, now allows for workers to display their polite non-facial tattoos. (They can also wear skirts and untuck their shirts and wear black jeans and rock tiny nose studs now.) Huge news for these TK caffeine devotees!

Here are several things that could happen in this brave new tattoo-showing world:

1. This guy can make your no-water soy chai now.



2. You might catch someone wearing this art all like, “did you want that hot or cold?”



3. This lady can intentionally spell your name wrong!



4. This person can give you side-eye for silently accepting Pike Place.


5. You can ask the human sporting this ink whether they’re sure they used non-dairy milk in your latte.



6. This arm may soon be the one handing you your cookies and cream frappuccimocha delight.



7. This is like, hey, do you want whipped cream even though you asked for it skinny?

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Marcel The Shell Gets Stressed Out And Sings You A Song In A New Short

by 2 mins ago

Are you ready to have your day made? You’d best prepare yourself if you’re not, because you won’t have much of a choice in the matter after watching the latest short to come from our favorite one-eyed anthropomorphic seashell and his tiny clay sneakers, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

In this, the third video adventure of Marcel, he gets locked out of the house, confesses all of his secrets (shrimp-related and otherwise), expresses marvel at those who can eat an entire grape at once, sneezes, sings a song and more. It’s…it’s everything.

Marcel is, of course, the creation of comedian Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, a stop-motion wonder that stole our hearts with the first short that the duo made four years ago. Since then, Marcel has starred in two books (the second, “The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been,” hits shelves this week) and two more shorts, including the latest.

Slate told MTV News that a feature film starring Marcel — with songs! A Marcel musical! — is in the works. Call us shell-fish, but we just can’t wait. Today’s short, featuring Marcel singing “Perfect Day” because his best friend living far away makes him so dang blue, is the perfect preview.


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Selenators, Rejoice: Selena Gomez Will keep Acting, But There’s A ‘New Chapter’ Coming In Music

by 12 mins ago

Additional reporting by Nicole Pajer

Selenators, get ready to see your girl on the big screen. Selena co-stars in “Rudderless” alongside Felicty Huffman, Billy Crudup and Anton Yelchin. She plays the grieving girlfriend of a boy killed in a school shooting in the film, which was a Sundance favorite.

If you’re a fan of her music, don’t worry: she’s working on maintaining a great balance between her acting and music careers. (She even sings the theme song for “Rudderless.”) After her “Stars Dance” tour was canceled in early 2014, fans have been waiting for Gomez’s next musical step.

As she told MTV News at a press day for “Rudderless,” the wait may not be much longer. When asked about juggling her film and music careers, she said she was “still figuring out all the kinks and whatnot.” But. But!

“In music, for me, there’s a whole new chapter coming that I can’t wait to share with people,” she said. “But as of now, I think I’m still just kind of figuring everything out, but I enjoy both [acting and music] too much to pick one.”

Any hints on what that next chapter might be?

“Nope, it’s a surprise,” she said, laughing. “You’ll see. Soon.”

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“Rudderless” is in theaters and on demand now.


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The Cast Of ‘The T Word’ Shares The Big ‘T’ In Their Lives

by 19 mins ago

Tonight (October 17) marks the premiere of “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word” on MTV and Logo TV. The documentary follows seven young transgender people, revealing their trials and their triumphs. There’s the first openly transgender Division I athlete, a 12-year-old who had to transfer schools after administrators refused to recognize her as a female, and more compelling stories.

In the documentary, which Cox hosted and produced, the actress says that the “T” in LGBT traditionally stands for “transgender,” but can take on a more personal and specific meaning. With that in mind, we asked Cox and some of the cast members of the documentary what the big “T” in their lives was. Check out their answers below, and be sure to tune in tonight to “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word,” immediately followed by an aftershow on


“Beyond truth and trans, one of the big Ts for me would probably be trying. Because at the end of the day we can think whatever, but it’s like, what are we going to do? Because as long as we’re trying, I think that goes a long way. Trying, for me, is more about process than it is about result. I love the word trying. I’m trying. Because it’s an emphasis on process and practice and not the result.” — Laverne Cox


“The big T in my life would absolutely be Truth. Being trans is a part of my truth, but it is more ...

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The Reviews Are In: Does ‘Birdman’ Soar Or Sink?

by 10 mins ago

The movie may be called “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” but it won’t do you any good to be ignorant of this new release, already gathering awards buzz for its A-list cast, bizarre script and brilliant cinematography. Almost the entire movie, through tricks of the camera and editing, appears to be one continuous tracking shot.

Starring Michael Keaton as a washed-up former action movie star now setting his sights to the stage, while dealing with a mercurial lead actor (Edward Norton), a worried business partner (Zach Galifianakis) and a freshly rehabbed daughter (Emma Stone), among others, “Birdman” is decidedly offbeat. The man is literally haunted by the specter of his most famous character muttering nasty nothings about what he thinks of the actor’s life.

Now that the Alejandro Iñárritu-directed movie is flying into theaters, the critics have spoken. Here’s what they have to say about “Birdman.”

The More You Know, The Better
“The more you know, the more fun it’ll be — all real-life connections fodder for other connections as the film shreds time, fame, family and the difference between movie acting and stage acting. That one-continuous-tracking shot conceit is designed to split the difference, forcing the actors to play through long stretches — no cuts to protect them — as the camera zips after them down hallways, into theaters empty and full, and, at one deliriously funny point, out into a Times Square mobbed with celebrity-chasers. But it’s also a stupendously choreographed bit of camerawork, demanding ...

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Channing Tatum: My Baby Is ‘Immersed’ In The World Of ‘Magic Mike XXL’

by 8 mins ago

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Actors often strive to build up diverse bodies of work, and Channing Tatum is among them. After all, he’s played strippers and college students, street dancers and macho little cartoon soldiers (like in the new “The Book of Life,” out today).

There’s just one little hitch in the plan: now he has a kid, and that kid will someday have both the dexterity and the access to watch all of those movies on whatever replaces Blu-ray players in the future.

“The PSA just goes like this: Everly, I’m sorry,” Tatum said, when asked what he’d like to tell his daughter when she’s old enough to see his movies.

Tatum, who said that he’d show his infant daughter his latest family-friendly movie now — not that she’d remember it — ran through highlights of his filmography and guessed how old Everly would have to be to see them. For the “Jump Street” movies, for example, “there’s a lot of bad words in that, and some vulgarness, so I’d say 14, 15.”

You may be surprised, however, at when he’ll let her see “Magic Mike” and the upcoming “Magic Mike XXL.” That would appear to be… now.

“Look, she’s on the set of number two,” Tatum told MTV News. “We’ve just decided alright, we’re gonna immerse her in it from day one of that world so I don’t ever have to sit her down and say, ‘we need to have a talk.’”

“The Book Of Life” is in theaters ...

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Is J.K. Rowling Building Her Own Personal Hogwarts?

by 30 mins ago

If you can’t actually be a wizard (it would appear that science is still working on that one), the next best thing is slowly building up a wizarding empire all around yourself.

That appears to be what “Harry Potter” scribe J.K. Rowling is doing, considering paperwork filed stating her intentions to build an undeniably Hagrid-like hut on the edge of the Edinburgh property on which her castle sits. Oh, oh, oh yeah, didn’t we mention? Rowling lives in a mansion that’s basically a castle. She bought it in 2001. We repeat: she lives in a castle and is famous for writing books that take place in a magical castle. Just. Saying. (Also, if we’d written “Harry Potter” we’d totally buy ourselves a castle and declare ourselves queens of everything, so no shade.)

And now she’s using that “Fantastic Beasts” paper to build her very own Hagrid hut, it would appear.

Yes, the Telegraph nabbed a request to build on Rowling’s property, describing a “circular structure, open to the front, with a stone bench and slate roof.”

Hagger? Is that you? Rock cakes for everyone!


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