November 16, 2018

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‘Branson Famous’ Is A Musical Reality Show, And We Can’t Effing Wait To Watch It

by 8 mins ago

Well, this is something new.

Branson Famous,” the first musical reality TV show that we know of, will come to TruTV this December.




“Branson Famous” is about a struggling family-run revue show in the tourist town of Branson, Missouri. There are familial dramas galore in this tale of a small business just trying to break even. There’s the little sister who wants to be a star but is relegated to the gift shop! The aging dancer who just wants him to put a ring on it! The man who just wants to modernize the darned thing already!

There’s so much big hair, sequined outfits and high hopes that we can hardly stand it. The anticipation! The decorative fringe!

As if that wasn’t enough, the show promises improvised musical talking head confessions. This. Sounds. Amazing.

it’s almost too much to handle, which means we’re already setting our DVRs. Countdown to someone scream-singing “I’m not here to make friends” starts…now.


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New ‘Big Hero 6′ Trailer Is Huggable, Non-Threatening, Awesome

by 21 mins ago

We’re just gonna pre-order that full-size Baymax stuffed toy right now, OK? OK.

A new trailer for Disney’s “Big Hero 6″ zoomed onto the web today, and boy is it huggable. The movie’s previous trailer was also straight-up adorable, but now we have adorable with a healthy portion of backstory and plot as well.

See, Hiro’s big brother, Tadashi, died. Before his death, however, he invented Baymax — a big cuddly robot to help those who need helping — who is also great at waddling around being adorable, and making us love him. The whole “Avengers” vibe and Iron Man suit — while upping the cuteness factor by several thousand — comes along later.

For now, just check out the trailer above and get (more) psyched.

“Big hero 6″ comes to theaters November 7, 2014.


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The ‘Broad City’ Ladies Think Rihanna Is ‘Dripping Perfection,’ Bieber Is ‘Not’

by 16 mins ago

Now that we know (somewhat) who Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” would choose in a game of Eff, Marry, Kill, it’s time to get their take on a few other things.

MTV News challenged the comedy duo to share their snap reactions to pop-cultural figures such as Rihanna (“delicious, dripping perfection”), Drake (“I like him!”) and Justin Bieber (“guilty pleasure,” according to Glazer, while Jacobson left it at “I’m not”).

It wasn’t Adam Levine, however, that they dubbed sexiest man alive. No, that honor went to President Barack Obama.

“Honestly, talk about sexiest man alive,” Glazer said. “We shouldn’t put that stuff on him, but he’s the full package.”

Abbi Jacobson, the other half of the duo, agreed: “Full package.”

There are also some unexpectedly strong opinions about Will Smith thrown into the mix, and a Blue Ivy impression to boot.

Check out the clip below.

“Broad City” returns to Comedy Central in January 2015.

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How Much Would The Batmobile Cost?

by 2 mins ago

Step aside, vintage convertibles, and feel free to just reverse yourself out of the picture, souped-up SUVs: We all know what the real dream car is. That would be the Batmobile.

Yes, the Dark Knight’s tricked-out ride is enviable, as our look at the latest iteration for 2016′s “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” confirmed. Who wouldn’t want to roll down the streets of Gotham — or any city — in that bad boy?

Well, according to a report from CNBC, everyone except those with very deep pockets should keep dreaming. We’re talking millions of dollars deep.

Ryan Friedlinghaus, host of “West Coast Customs,” gave a prediction in the range of $3 million for the Zack Snyder Batmobile, based on the pictures. However, he added, that doesn’t count the practical upgrades that a Batmobile would need on the streets.

“If a defense company was to make a vehicle like that, you’ve got to make it bulletproof, there are so many other pieces to it, then to make it look pretty and move around and drive,” he said. “I mean, this thing has to go into war, I would say triple that.”

Hear that? If you’ve got $9 million and the determination to get the darn thing built, you could be rolling Caped Crusader style.


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Great Gift Alert: Now You Can Buy The Rug From ‘The Shining’

by 16 mins ago

That special cinephile in your life will be very happy come this holiday season, should you deign to drop a few bucks on their gift.

Middle of Beyond, purveyor of geeky gifts and goods, is offering a custom made rug mimicking the now-infamous pattern of the hotel rug in “The Shining.”

Come playyyyy with us, rug.

Your rug will cost $300, plus whatever psychological toll it takes when you have nightmares that your house is, in fact, being inhabited by a scenery-chewing Jack Nicholson.

But, all in all, worth it for a well-decorated home, right?



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Netflix Just Spoiled Every Movie Ever

by 6 mins ago

Do you hate surprises? Do you also hate seeing movies within 10 years of their release? Boy, have we got a website for you.

If you love surprises, then, sorry, today’s just not your day.

Netflix launched a new spoiler-centric site today,, and its goal is to ruin everything.*

Visitors can spend time watching video clips of the endings of classic movies, taking a quiz to find out what kind of spoiler they are, and a discussion of which spoilers are so old that they can now be considered “public domain,” and no longer really a spoiler. Apologies to those who haven’t yet seen “The Graduate” or “Cool Runnings,” but come on. Get it together.

After all, as the site’s tagline says, some secrets are just too good to keep.

*The endings of certain classic movies.


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7 Jennifer Lawrence Roles You Totally Forgot Happened

by 5 mins ago

Sure, we all know Jennifer Lawrence: She’s the girl on fire, Katniss, our dream BFF. She’s the one who, when she murmured “thank God for me” in “American Hustle,” we were like yes, totally, thank God for you! She’s mystical as Mystique in the “X-Men” franchise, and strikes a bullseye in “The Hunger Games” movies. Who could forget her in anything?

Um, us, as it turns out. See, before she was Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence, she was a young actress trying to make a name for herself through TV guest spots, commercials and indies. Even after “Winter’s Bone,” Lawrence still had a few less-seen flicks.

Ahead, seven Jennifer Lawrence roles in TV and movies we totally forgot about.

1. “My Super Sweet 16″ (2007)

JLaw turned heads as a spoiled rich kid in a promo for MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16,” the role that earned her her SAG card.

2. “Monk”

Don’t bother looking for her on the court — gf is inside the mascot suit. Yeah, keep watching. Oh, there she is. Future Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, everyone!

3. “Cold Case”

Lawrence has the schoolgirl thing down pat in this guest spot on “Cold Case.” Check out her dramatic interview as the daughter of a murder victim in the clip above.

4. “The Poker House”

In this 2008 film, years before she’d pick up Katniss’ bow, Lawrence played Agnes, a teen with her mind on justice.

5. “Medium”

There she is, all covered in blood. To be real, JLaw sometimes pops up in our dreams ...

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We Challenged Gunther From ‘Friends’ To Spell These Tough Names Right

by 27 mins ago

By now, we all know from experience that whatever name you give at the coffee shop, chances are, it’s not going to match what comes back on your cup. While a steaming hot latte is a great consolation prize, there’s no feeling like seeing your name, your actual name, on the cup.

Of course, Gunther, the infamously surly barista from “Friends,” which celebrates the 20th anniversary of its premiere this week, would probably spell your name wrong on purpose.

We put James Michael Tyler, the actor who played the Central Perk manager for a decade and served many a latte concoction to the likes of Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Ross, knows this better than anyone. We put Tyler to the test behind the bar of the Central Perk pop-up shop in New York City. Could he put his Sharpie where his mouth was when it came time to mark drinks for the likes of Ursula Buffay and Quvenzhane Wallis?

Find out in the clip below.


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The 19 Stages Of Catching Up On ‘Scandal’

by 4 mins ago

With the return of political thriller “Scandal” upon us on September 25, there are no doubt some among us who have taken it upon themselves to stream past episodes and catch up on the show’s history. Yes, Virginia, there are people out there who haven’t been avidly watching the ups and downs of Olivia Pope and Co. for the past three years. I know.

Much like any major life event (marriages, graduations, accepting that the “Dance Moms” girl really is in that Sia video), marathoning “Scandal” for the first time comes with its own set of complex emotional stages. There’s the thrill of first love, the contentment of getting comfortable with something, disbelief when you’re surprised, and the inevitable grief that there’s just no more. And grief, as we learned from “The Fault In Our Stars,” demands to be felt. Feel it, man.

Ahead, the 19 stages of catching up with “Scandal.”


1. What’s this “Scandal” I’ve been hearing about? How scandalous could it possibly be?

2. There are only three seasons? Easy peasy.

3. OK, so that’s Olivia. Sure. I’ve gotta start getting my ish tailored.

4. Oh, he’s the president? Dayum. Oh, this is gonna be stressful.

5. Your gut is always wrong, Olivia.

6. Voting…machines?

7. “President Langston”?!

8. Well, guess everyone’s a murderer. Literally everyone.

9. Get on the plane, Olivia. That’s not a plane, Olivia.

10. Why are you in the president’s bunker, Olivia?
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7 Real-Life Mazes We’d Love To Go All ‘Maze Runner’ On

by 35 mins ago

In “The Maze Runner,” making your way through a maze can be a life or death scenario. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his fellow Glader gang must navigate their way through the hedges, dodging deadly Grievers and obstacles along the way. That’s not even to mention the mystery they have to solve to try and escape their confinement.

Lucky for you, most real-life a-maze-ing mazes don’t come with mysteries or monsters. Just awesomeness.

Ahead, check out 7 of the coolest real-life mazes around the world.

1. Hampton Court Maze, U.K.

hampton_court_mazeHampton Court

Just outside of London, the Hampton Court maze is the oldest surviving hedgemaze in the U.K. Its history spans back to its commission in the early 1700s. People have been getting lost in this shrubbery for actual centuries!

2. Richardson Farm Corn Maze, Spring Grove, Ill.


Every year, Richardson Farm in Illinois designs their corn maze — the world’s largest, they claim — to a different theme. This year, the maze pays tribute to the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” on its 200th anniversary. Thirty-three acres of corn make up this a-maize-ing labyrinth.

3. The Tangled Maze, Australia

tangledmazeTangled Maze

This is the loveliest way to be lost: the Tangled Maze in Victoria, Australia is a floral wonderland that took four years of development before it was ready for the public. Different seasonal blooms bring back visitors again and again. You might not even want to find your way out, because then ...

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