August 21, 2018

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This ‘Merciless’ Rumor Is The Best (Unofficial) Hollywood Book Gossip Ever

by 22 mins ago

Is “The Merciless” on your YA radar? It should be! Ever since the news came down that Danielle Vega’s novel was headed to Hollywood, we’ve been keeping our ears to the ground for any whispers about what’s bound to be an awesome adaptation.

The original story is chilling — think “Mean Girls” meets “The Exorcist” — and with “Pretty Little Liars” showrunner Marlene King in charge of taking it to the movies, “The Merciless” should be a high-stakes, high-drama scarefest with no shortage of either twisty intrigue or sexy distractions. But since the pipeline between page and premiere is so agonizingly slow, MTV News caught up with Vega herself to find out what’s new with the adaptation, where she gets her inspiration, and what we can read to give ourselves the creeps while we wait for her book to hit the big screen. Here are the highlights from our e-chat.

Picture this: pretty little demonically possessed liars.
MTV News: We haven’t heard much about the movie since the initial announcement back in May. What can you tell us about its status?
Danielle Vega: Everything movie related is pretty hush hush right now, but I can tell you that Marlene King, the genius behind Pretty Little Liars, is hard at work on the script.
MTV: How about casting news?
DV: Nothing official, but Marlene mentioned that she had two Liars in mind while reading the book.
MTV: [silent screaming because how awesome would that be?!!]

Why she writes about good girls gone crazy
MTV: What drew you to ...

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4 Reasons It’s Great That Tom Hiddleston Will Play Loki In ‘Thor 3′

by 31 mins ago

Asgardians, gird your loins! As it turns out, both thunder and trickery are officially on the menu for “Thor: Ragnarok,” the third film in Marvel’s “Thor” franchise which is slated for a 2017 release.

Not only will Chris Hemsworth be back as the beefy, hammer-wielding superhero, but a report from Screenrant confirms the return of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Which means, among other things, that “Thor: Ragnarok” will have no shortage of delicious mischievous smirking.


But that’s just one reason to be delighted that Hiddleston is back; here are four more.

1. He’s the most loveable, hateable villain ever.


Never has there been a movie antagonist who inspired such complicated feelings in his fanbase. You can’t help rooting for Loki to rise up, kick ass, and seize his destiny… that is, except for the times when you’re actively wishing that someone would punch him in his nasty, conniving little teeth.

2. He’s the perfect foil for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.


Hemsworth and Hiddleston, together onscreen: it’s like a microcosm for the perfect balance of the universe. They are truly the yin to each other’s yang.

3. He looks really good in this hat.


Thanks exclusively to Tom Hiddleston, “sexy rhinoceros beetle” is now a lewk that exists.

4. But seriously, the smirk.


Yes, we’re counting this one twice. Because the more Loki grins delightedly over his own shenanigans, the better the movie gets. It’s science.

‘The Walking Dead’: All The Awesome Moments Of Vengeance On ‘Four Walls And A Roof’

by 27 mins ago

After a cliffhanger ending last week, “The Walking Dead” returned with a vengeance Sunday night — in every sense of the word. With a herd of hungry Hunters on their tail, and with one of their party having already lost a drumstick in the worst possible way, there was no question that a showdown was coming between Rick Grimes and the scheming, man-eating Gareth.

Here’s everything that went down on “Four Walls and a Roof.”

He who tastes best laughs last
Poor, poor Bob Stookey: After waking up to discover that he’d been turned into human barbecue, he has to suffer the added agony of listening to Gareth monologuing, super-villain style, about the finer points of cannibal gourmandise. (If you’re wondering, women taste better than men, and attractive people taste better than ugly ones.) But Bob has a special surprise up his sleeve for his slavering kidnappers: a nice, festering zombie bite courtesy of last episode’s underwater walker.

Yep, that’s right, Hunters: Bob, by his own delighted description, is tainted meat. Tainted meeeeeeat!

The Hunters, who have been frantically eating Bob kebabs for the entirety of the show’s cold open, react to this news by theatrically screaming and blowing chunks all over the place, and it’s fantastic. Sasha’s face when she realizes that her sweetheart is about to die, on the other hand, is not so fantastic.

So that’s Gabriel’s big secret
People are watching from the woods, Daryl and Carol are still missing, and the survivors have just discovered the newly be-stumped Bob left ...

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You’ll Never Touch Your Hair Again After Seeing These 9 Horrifying Scenes

by 36 mins ago

Over the years, the horror genre has roundly proved that literally anything can be frightening, if you try really hard and believe in yourself and watch a lot of scary movies. But when it comes to imbuing ordinary everyday stuff with a sense of dread and doom, one of horror’s finest accomplishments has to be making us afraid of our own hair.

Below, we round up the best onscreen material ever to feature terrifying tresses.

1. In “The Grudge,” a nice, normal shampooing scene suddenly took a turn for the horrific.


2. Long flowing hair became a lot less sexy after Samara dragged it across the floor in “The Ring.”


3. Not to mention this ghastly homage to those awful moments when you get a hair stuck in your throat.


4. In this scene from “Teen Wolf,” a potential drain clog was the least of Lydia’s problems.


5. In “Grave Encounters,” one of the ghost-hunting team members was teased by a ghost, grade-school style. (Ooooh, this means he likes her, right?)

grave encounters

6. In “The Walking Dead,” we were treated to this charming scene in which the Governor lovingly brushed his undead daughter’s… scalp off. He brushed her scalp off. THAT IS HER SCALP.


7. In “The Haunting,” a guest at the creep-tastic Hill House mansion discovered that her room was haunted by a ghostly hairdresser, which would be incredibly convenient if it weren’t also freakin’ terrifying.

8. Proof ...

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The Queen Of England’s First Tweet Is Peak England

by 27 mins ago

Although the British monarchy has had its own Twitter account since 2009, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had never personally composed her own 140-character contribution. But now, all that has changed! In honor of the opening of a new gallery at London’s Science Museum, the head of the royal family welcomed herself to Twitter with this welcoming message for museum-goers.

A detailed report from the Guardian describes the lead-up, execution, and aftermath of the royal tweet, including this part, which might actually be the most fantastically British sentence ever written:

“The Queen removed a glove to send the tweet in front of around 600 guests including communications entrepreneurs and experts Lady Lane-Fox, Hermann Hauser, Mo Ibrahim, Professor Steve Furber and Sir Nigel Shadbolt.”

That is downright refined.

It remains to be seen whether the Queen will ever return to tweet again, but kudos for a very capable inaugural tweet! It’s a little dry and formal, maybe — it would’ve been much more exciting to see her weigh in on #gamergate or start a flame war with President Obama — but let’s give it 9 out of 10. One point docked for not using the royal “we,” which seems like a missed opportunity.


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The ‘Jem And The Holograms’ Movie Is Already Awesome, Says Scooter Braun

by 8 mins ago

For megafans of Jem and the Holograms who met the news of a movie adaptation with a raised eyebrow and muttered threats that they’d better not screw this up, here’s a hint from producer Scooter Braun that we can perhaps all unclench a little. For he has seen the movie, and it is good.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, who caught up with Braun at a fundraiser this week, the producer has already seen a screening of Jem’s big-screen story — and while there will be a few changes before the film is final, it’s already basically awesome.

“It has so much heart; it’s such a good story; the music’s so good,” Braun said. “I thought the actresses just did a really good job, and when the movie ends you’re just like all right, all right, we got something here.”

Not only that, but Braun also didn’t hesitate to share his enthusiasm for the “Jem” soundtrack, saying, “I literally went back to Universal, who we have the soundtrack with, and I said, ‘You guys, we have a serious sleeper with this movie coming.’”

Or in other words: Jem! The music’s contagious!

Of course, there are some critical answers still missing from Braun’s report — i.e. he should just admit that Juliette Lewis is the leader of the Misfits already, because c’mon, she has to be — but with months to go before audiences have a chance to see “Jem and the Holograms,” this is all very encouraging, and ...

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Your Favorite Superheroes Look Especially Lonely Surrounded By Nature

by 8 mins ago

We always knew that the lives of superheroes were inherently kind of lonely — yes, Batman, we see you standing alone on that parapet, again, silhouetted tragically against the setting sun, again — but there’s something especially vulnerable about this portrait series by French photographer Benoit Lapray, in which our favorite heroes stand not just alone, but dwarfed by the magnificence of the majestic French Alps.

The series, titled “Quest for the Absolute,” includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and a critical mass of Avengers, among others. Some look like they could easily be stills from an upcoming movie; others are kind of funny. (Spiderman looks awfully incongruous sitting on the side of a country road without a single skyscraper from which to swing.) The full series can be viewed on Lapray’s website, but we’ve rounded up a few favorites below.

361_1superheroe_portrait_batman_applatiphoto by Benoit Lapray

495_1la_quete_panoramic_captain_america_hautes_alpes_livebooksphoto by Benoit Lapray

503_1hulk_foret_applatilivebooksphoto by Benoit Lapray

206_1wonderwoman_la_quete_11photo by Benoit Lapray

469_1thor_riviere_livebooksphoto by Benoit Lapray


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Elves, Orcs And Hobbits Are The Stars Of This Amazing Air New Zealand Safety Video

by 6 mins ago

Well, that’s one way to make sure that people pay attention during the airline safety speech.

Air New Zealand, which flies in and out of the wonderful country where “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and all three “The Hobbit” movies were filmed, put together this star-studded Middle Earth-themed video in honor of the upcoming release of “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies,” which they’ve humbly titled “The Most Epic Airline Safety Video Ever Made.”

The video features elves, orcs, dwarves, and even cameo appearances by Frodo Baggins and Radagast the Brown (although Sebastian the hedgehog is, alas, not present.) Also, the orc army has learned an impressive new “airplane” formation that could put your average college marching band to shame. Obviously there’s a gauntlet being thrown down here, so hopefully it won’t be long before Aer Lingus responds with its own “Outlander” themed presentation featuring a nude Sam Heughan.


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The 11 Best Celeb Cameos On Sesame Street

by 27 mins ago

Anyone in Hollywood can tell you how to get to “Sesame Street,” because so many celebs have stopped off there on their way to megastardom. But even though Sesame Street is a popular destination for tons of actors and musicians, some of our favorites have made especially memorable appearances alongside Muppets over the years. Check ‘em out and count ‘em down in our list below.

11. Just last week, Claire Danes cruelly taunted Cookie Monster with an inedible diagram of a cookie.

10. Lupita Nyong’o’s epidermis is showing!

9. One Direction team up with Bert to sing the alphabet (and engaged in some unspoken competition to see who has the best hair.)

8. Aziz Ansari demonstrates the true meaning of the word “ridiculous.”

7.Peter Dinklage sings about the mysterious “Simon,” and why we all do whatever he says.

6.Jonah Hill wears a mustache made of lies.

5.Jon Hamm teaches us about how to talk about feels.

4.Anna Kendrick teaches the word “absorb” by submerging muppets in water.

3.Neil Patrick Harris is the singing, dancing shoe fairy in a double-breasted suit.

2. Tom Hiddleston teaches Cookie Monster about the value of delayed gratification. (Although this video isn’t technically from “Sesame Street,” it’s too damn charming not to include.)

1. And finally, there’s Katy Perry’s lesson in opposites from 2010, which was, alas, never aired on television after her cleavage caused a nationwide moral panic.


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Jennifer Lawrence Honored Bestie Elizabeth Banks With An Adorable Speech

by 7 mins ago

If you’re ever receiving an award, Jennifer Lawrence is the friend you want onstage beforehand to introduce you. The “Hunger Games” star was at Elle’s Women in Hollywood party Tuesday, where she paid homage to friend and colleague Elizabeth Banks with a cheeky, hilarious speech.

As reported by E! Online, Lawrence gave Banks a warm welcome to the stage with a supremely witty intro.

“I have had the pleasure of working with this gifted actress for the past few years on the unfortunate box office flop, The Hunger Games,” she joked. “I constantly marvel at the versatility of Elizabeth. She’s a chameleon escaping into every role she plays. Whatever the movie, her performances are always honest and heartfelt. As audience members, we know the women she plays are very real and that’s why directors want to constantly work with her.”

For her part, Banks didn’t change the tone of the ceremony when she took the stage to accept her honors. Before paying lip service to the problems of being a woman in Hollywood, she made it clear that she was speaking completely off the cuff.

“I didn’t write a speech, there’s nothing in this teleprompter, my publicist is s–ting her pants,” she said. “Here we go, bitches!”


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