November 20, 2018

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The ‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Has Addressed Water Bottle-Gate In An Awesome Way

by 32 mins ago

The cast of “Downton Abbey” is coming clean. After an accidental water bottle was featured on the mantle behind press portraits of The Earl and Lady Edith, the internet—this News source included—was up in arms over the obvious oopsie. We may not be historians, but we do know that no waters may they be Fiji, Smart, or any other liquid beverage would be bottled in plastic in 1920′s England. (Thank you endless lecturer in HIST 112.)


The Brits had a jovial sense of humor about the whole bit, posting a picture of the “Downton Abbey” cast on their Facebook page embracing “water bottle-gate,” admitting the un-cropped version of the image that featured the water bottle “sparked a global press frenzy” once found by the Internet. The cast is using the media attention to promote the work of international charity WaterAid, which aims to provide clean water and toilets to poor communities.

Downtown Abbey Facebook

Barbara Frost, Chief Executive of WaterAid, said “It brought a really big smile to my face when the cast of Downton Abbey said that they wanted to support WaterAid’s work. How fantastic that the attention created over one water bottle ends up benefiting some of the world’s poorest communities through access to safe, clean water today. Every pound and penny WaterAid receives will be matched by the UK Government, which means we can reach twice as many people with desperately needed clean water and sanitation.”

You can donate online ...

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Mo’ne Davis Just Pitched Two Shutout Games In The Little League World Series

by 16 mins ago

Mo’ne Davis doesn’t just beat the boys in Little League, she shuts them down. She’s throwing strikes and taking names, leading her Philadelphia Little League team past Nashville in the Little League World Series. Did I mention she pitched a shutout? For the second game IN A ROW?!

The 13-year-old pitcher is already a powerhouse, shutting down players at bat with 70 mile-per-hour fastballs. Davis is only the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series, and she’s the first American girl since 2004. Davis leads the Taney Dragons, who are the first team from Philly to make it to the Series.

Go get ‘em girl. Watch her talk about the back to back shutouts below via ESPN.


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WNBA Star Brittney Griner Proposed To Her Girlfriend Last Night

by 52 mins ago

Brittney Griner is engaged to the woman of her dreams! The WNBA superstar proposed to girlfriend and fellow WNBA member Glory Johnson, and captured the moment for the rest of us in a series of adorable Instagram post.

The primary concern, of course, was the proposal. She captioned this picture: “Last Night was a Night to Remember. I became the happiest person on this earth! (almost pass out but when that one word came out I came back to life) Me and my baby @missvol25 are in it for Life!”

Johnson returned the favor, posting a morning after pic with her new fiancé. “What I get to wake up to . #LoveMakesYouDoTheCraziestThings”

The 6’8″ Griner was selected as the Number 1 pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft by the Phoenix Mercury, the team she still plays for. Griner officially came out in April, 2013, telling Sports Illustrated “If I can show that I’m out and I’m fine and everything’s OK, then hopefully the younger generation will definitely feel the same way.”

The annoucement was a landmark for gay athletes from both genders, as Griner was later followed by NBA player Jason Collins and NFL player Michael Sam, who both publicly came out.

Congratulations Brittney and Glory! We couldn’t be happier for this beautiful couple.


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Watch Aubrey Plaza Explain Her Penis-Filled Summer

by 5 mins ago

Aubrey Plaza has a good reason for being surrounded by penises this summer. She was bestowed with the title of Maid Of Honor in a wedding, she spilled to Conan last night.

She began her stint on the talk show with a sentence that almost left Conan speechless: “So. Many. Penises.” Let her explain. This summer, she was doing her due diligence as MOH by making sure the bachelorette party in Delaware—for which the hashtag #JUSTDEWEYIT was also created—had plenty, nay, even endless penis props and party favors all around.

The “Life After Beth” star prepped for the event by shipping the penis paraphernalia to her mom’s house, who was a tad surprised to find dick-shaped lollipops, hats and necklaces in place of her other daughter’s Catholic school uniforms. But the real fun ramped up once the girls hit the beach.

And the cake they acquired was so, uh, realistic, that Conan wouldn’t even show it on TV! Luckily, it’s on Twitter:

And finally, Penis relaxes.

But the action didn’t stop there. Aubrey filled Conan in on all the details of the debaucherous bachelorette party, noting that her fellow bridesmaids filled the “male stripper” quota with two local dudes from the beach.

The volunteers were very down to take it all off, and although the presentation was a little amateur, they were complete professionals about being compensated.

“They got what was coming for them,” Plaza said. And apparently, so did Aubrey.

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Five New Marvel Movies Are Coming Your Way

by 16 mins ago

There’s been a lot of exciting things going on in the Marvel world. Just within the last week we’ve learned that Thor is a woman, and that Iron Man is getting an upgrade.

And now Disney has announced the release of five as-yet untitled films to be released through 2019. While little is known about what the projects are, here are the dates to mark in your calendar: July 28, 2017; November 3, 2017; July 6, 2018; November 2, 2018; May 3, 2019.

The announcement comes right before Comic-Con next week, so there’s a possibility fans will get more info soon.

Maybe Marvel saw this and felt inspired? We can only hope.


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Selena Gomez Clarifies Her Stance On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

by 31 mins ago

After Selena Gomez‘s Instagram feed became rife with comments debating about the humanity of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the singer posted a follow-up photo to let her fans know what she’s really thinking.

“And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!” she captioned a photo of a serene seaside sunset.

Gomez’s original Instagram post with “Pray For Gaza” polarized some of her fans, who threatened to unfollow her for seemingly supporting Gaza’s side.

Gomez spoke out about the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu ordered land, air and sea attacks on Gaza to attempt to destroy tunnels built by the Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, used to attack Israel. The order has caused Palestinian deaths, including children.

Other celebs like Rihanna and NBA star Dwight Howard have also come under fire for speaking out on the issue.


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Here Are The First Photos From ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off ‘Better Call Saul’

by 32 mins ago

Still in withdrawal from “Breaking Bad” going off the air? These photos from the spin-off, “Better Call Saul” might do the trick. AMC released the photos along with the series regular cast, giving fans a closer look at what to expect from the prequel.

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico the show takes place in 2002, six years before sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk) meets Walter White. The show will focus on the character as he was first known as Jimmy McGill, a man hustling to make ends meet and searching for his destiny, who later evolves into the Goodman “Breaking Bad” fans are familiar with.


Cast members include “Breaking Bad” hitman Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks), and Michael McKean as Saul’s brother Chuck, along with other characters who toe the wrong and right side of the law.

“Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan directed the first episode, with the first 10-episode season making its debut in early 2015. A 13-episode second season already approved. Do you think “Better Call Saul” will become the cult classic that “Breaking Bad” was? Let us know in the comments!


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Kate Upton Weighs In On LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

by 3 mins ago

It seems like everyone had an opinion about LeBron James packing up his Miami Heat championship rings and heading back to Cleveland. Lil Wayne saw it coming, and Usher made it known that he’d be more than happy to have King James participate in part of his Cavaliers franchise.

And now Kate Upton is getting into the game. Instead of posting selfies, she took to Twitter to remind fans about the tumultuous time in which they may have turned their back on LeBron. Ouch.

Maybe she’ll do her next Sports Illustrated shoot in a Cavs jersey to smooth things over? Hey, if LeBron can win Cavavaliers fans back, he can definitely win over Kate Upton.


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Could Iggy Azalea And Katy Perry Star In The ‘Clueless’ Musical?

by 2 mins ago

This is one possibility we totally don’t want to say “As If!” to. The 1995 cult classic film “Clueless” is being developed for the Broadway stage by its original director, Amy Heckerling. Heckerling has already written the script and song lyrics, so all that’s left to do is to start filling in the cast. Which, of course, has fans pointing to their favorite pop stars.

There’s only a few special ladies who could fill Cher’s red strappy shoes—and slip into that Calvin Klein dress—but New York Mag’s Vulture is reporting that a certain “Teenage Dream” singer has already thrown her hat in the ring. “Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death,” Hecerkling told Vulture.

But just in case the singer can’t commit to the grueling show schedule, Heckerling also has her eye on Iggy Azalea, who recreated classic “Clueless” scenes for her “Fancy” video, down to the yellow plaid skirt and knee socks.

“Maybe Iggy wants to do it,” Heckerling said. “It looked like they had more money for the video than I had for the movie. But I was extremely flattered and I thought she was amazing. And whoever did the costumes, I don’t know how they did that.”

After all, all Iggy would have to do is don the same knee high socks and take the Aussie accent into Beverly Hills high school mode to shut down the likes of Amber.

Who would you want to see as the Broadway styled Cher? Let us know ...

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Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart For Auto Accident

by 10 mins ago

Tracy Morgan is suing Wal-Mart after a late night car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike left him in critical condition last month. The comedian is currently rehabbing his injuries of a broken leg and ribs.

The accident occurred June 7 when Morgan’s limo bus was struck by Wal-Mart driver Kevin Roper, leaving four people injured and taking the life of fellow comedian Kevin McNair.

The complaint was filed in New Jersey on Thursday, July 10, and The Hollywood Reporter has obtained a copy. An excerpt claims that Morgan’s injuries were a direct result of Wal-Mart’s negligence.

“Wal-Mart was careless and negligent in the ownership and operation of its motor vehicle, which caused Mr. Morgan to suffer severe personal injuries,” the report reads. “As a direct and proximate result of said collision, Mr. Morgan was caused to sustain severe painful bodily injuries, including but not limited to multiple fractures which required multiple surgeries, extensive medical treatment and will require significant physical rehabilitation.”

The lawsuit also states that Wal-Mart should have known their driver was awake for more than 24 hours (a violation of New Jersey law) and that the 700-mile commute from Georgia to Delaware was unreasonable, alleging that he fell asleep at the wheel.

Roper has pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide and assault by auto. The lawsuit seeks a jury trial as well as punitive and compensatory damages.


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