July 20, 2018

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Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Tour Ended In The Sweetest Way Possible

by 13 mins ago

The king and queen are no longer on the run.

Ever since June, power couple extraordinaire Beyoncé and Jay Z have been slaying crowds all over the world with their hyped-up “On the Run” stadium shows. But the tour officially wrapped last night in Paris, and it was one big, emotional love-fest.

Beyoncé got teary-eyed as she sweetly told her husband, “I’m your biggest fan. I love you so much. Give it up for Mr. Carter!”

*Pause for the emotions to sink in and the feels to be felt.*

Then Jay replied, “I wanna say it’s been an honor and a pleasure sharing the stage with you. I couldn’t dream for anything else to be in a stadium with the woman I love, who I believe is the greatest entertainer of our time. Make some noise for Beyoncé!”

Ugh, okay. We’ve officially lost it over these two — they’re too cute for words. Their sweet exchange totally gives us flashbacks of last month’s VMAs, where Beyoncé emotionally accepted the Video Vanguard Award from Jay and their 2-year-old princess, Blue Ivy.

And speaking of the heir to their throne, Jay revealed last night that Paris was the ideal spot to end their tour because the City of Love definitely lives up to its name. “We love Paris. It’s special to us because we got engaged here and this is where baby Blue was conceived,” he told the crowd, according to the AP.

Hmm… was he trying to hint ...

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OMG, Selena Gomez Got A New Haircut And It’s Fringe-tastic

by 28 mins ago

Selena Gomez has brought back one of her hottest looks — a fringe-tastic ‘do, complete with soft, thick bangs — and it looks ahh-mazing!

The 22-year-old songstress debuted her new haircut on Instagram last night with this sultry selfie, simply captioned “Bangs.”

This isn’t the first time Sel has rocked bangs — she experimented with them back in 2012 — but the added fringe on this look is much sexier and edgier.

So why did Sel abandon her silky, straight locks in favor of her new ‘do? We have three plausible theories:

1) New York Fashion Week inspired her.

Selena stepped out in New York City last week for the Adidas NEO fashion show looking as gorgeous as ever. But we’re sure that being around all those edgy, high-brow fashion folk made Sel want to step up her style game and experiment with a makeover. The girl’s only human.

2) Autumn inspired her.

Selena’s new look is totally autumn-appropriate. We can definitely picture her cuddling up with a pumpkin spice latte and a huge knit scarf, tousling her tresses while she plots a new album. Hey, wishful thinking, right? (But seriously, Sel, we’re in withdrawal over here).

3) Justin inspired her.

Even though the “Slow Down” singer is branching out style-wise, she’s been spotted hanging out with her old crew. Sel and on-again beau Justin Bieber reportedly attended the Floyd Mayweather fight together in Las Vegas last night. It’s possible Biebs could’ve inspired Selena’s new ‘do, because he recently got a ...

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Grandmas On Facebook Are Accidentally Tagging Themselves As Grandmaster Flash

by 30 mins ago

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess this is not your grandmother…


And yet, aside from all-caps comments and interrogations about “that person in your picture” and if/when you’re marrying them, grandparents have found a new way to embarrass themselves on Facebook. Thanks to the auto-suggestion tool, grandmas all over the world are mistakenly tagging themselves as the one, the only Grandmaster Flash. As soon as granny starts typing “grandm,” Facebook types in the rest.

It’s become so common that there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to it, filled with hilarious examples like these:




You can say that again! Consider this a public service announcement: Tell your grandmas that, although it’s admirable that they want to flaunt their “hipness” by being on the ‘Book, they should check twice before signing their name. Or don’t tell them, if you just want to keep the hilarity going. No judgment here.

And yes, Grandmaster Flash himself has seen the hilarious trend — and acknowledged it in the best way possible:


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Hardcore Robert Pattinson Fan Marries His Cardboard Cutout In Vegas

by 21 mins ago

This just in: Robert Pattinson is married! Or at least…his cardboard cutout is.

Lauren Adkins, a 25-year-old Las Vegas native, has wed a six-foot Pattinson cardboard cutout. OK, maybe the union isn’t technically legally recognized, but she had a dress and a ceremony and everything.

Adkins originally bought the stand-in boyfriend for $20 at a record shop after becoming obsessed with Pattinson’s “Twilight” character, Edward Cullen. She took it out with her and doted on it so much that one of her friends finally suggested she go ahead and get hitched to it.

So that’s exactly what she did.

Adkins bought a ring and wore a white dress for her ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on the Vegas strip. She and her 50 guests even partied with champagne and a five-tier cake at her reception, which cost her a cool $3,200.

“People might think I’m crazy but my flat-pack R-Patz is the closest I’ll get to the real thing and he’s the one for me,” she told the Mirror.

Then the newlyweds honeymooned in Los Angeles, where they hiked to the Hollywood sign…but they had to do it at night because Cullen can’t be in the sun. Remember, guys, he’s a vampire.

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Before you brand Adkins a straight-up crazy person, there’s one thing you should know: The extravagant wedding is actually part of her thesis project at UNLV. She started planning the project two years ago, and raised over $1,200 ...

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This Jetpack For Running Has Us Psyched For The Future

by 14 mins ago

When you think about it, it’s frankly insulting that the year is 2014 and we’re STILL not able to fly around on fiery jetpacks, like the Spy Kids…


But a team of researchers from Arizona State University has brought us one step closer to that feat by coming up with the raddest invention ever: A jet pack for running. The contraption is called the “4MM,” because it’s designed with the goal of having the wearer run a four-minute mile. It weighs a fairly hefty 11 pounds, and looks like a bionic backpack — check out the official video:

So does it actually work? Researchers are still making it lighter and more efficient, but they did a test in which a subject trimmed about 20 seconds off his running time. All in all, it sounds pretty promising, especially when you consider its ultimate objective: The 4MM is being designed with soldiers in mind, potentially to save their lives when they’re put in dangerous situations and need to escape quickly.

That’s all well and good, except we’d still secretly like to see Usain Bolt sprint with one of these things. Just try to imagine what that kind of mind-boggling speed would be like.



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Watch Jeremy Lin Terrify People While Pretending To Be A Wax Figure

by 1 min ago

Fact: Wax sculptures are some of the scariest things our society finds socially acceptable. They’re super creepy and definitely look like they belong in morgues, but for some reason, people flock to museums to gawk at them every single day.

Fact: Anyone who’s truly famous has gotten a wax statue made of themselves: Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction…and now Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin is one of the most recent honorees. His statue was recently unveiled at San Francisco’s Madame Tussauds wax museum, and shows him flying toward the basket in his new Lakers getup:

To prove how weirdly lifelike these statues really are, Lin pulled off an amazing stunt where he pretended to be his own statue. It was so convincing that he even fooled his mom and his uncle.


Check out the video below to see Lin’s awesome prank unfold…


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This Spoof Of Girls’ Morning Routine Videos Is Proof That Guys Have It Easy

by 25 mins ago

Girls’ beauty routine videos are to YouTube as pumpkin-flavored things are to fall: They’re effin’ everywhere.

For some reason, many girls of the internet film themselves explaining how to achieve their particular look by using an array of scary-looking tools and devices. Filled with unnecessary text boxes, subtle brags, weird sound effects and the most “DUH”-worthy over-explanations of every little thing, these vids are usually just excuses to shop for new makeup.

So what happens when the tables are turned and a dude films his own morning routine, hitting on all the YouTube stereotypes? BuzzFeed tested it out, and let’s just say, you can actually learn some stuff.

For example, if you take some water…


…and you mix it with some soap…


…you can clean your face! Wow, thanks, JoshyPartyAnimal186!

Check out the whole hilarious spoof here:


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Florida Teens Allegedly Break Into House Just To Have Sex

by 28 mins ago

Sometimes couples want to spice up their sex lives by trying a new spot at home — the kitchen, the shower, the roof — but they should probably keep it limited to a home that’s actually, y’know, theirs.

Last Saturday night, the Smoking Gun reports, police in Bradenton, Florida, arrested two 18-year-olds, Allison Riddle and Evan Jones, for allegedly breaking into a house by entering the security code, which a (probably now jobless) friend who mows the owner’s lawn gave them. A neighbor reportedly saw them and called police, knowing the owner was elsewhere.

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A cop showed up, searched the house and (“my firearm drawn”) found the bedroom door closed. He ordered the teens “to come out with their hands up,” and the “male offender” allegedly yelled, “All right, we are coming out!” Police say the couple admitted “they were not supposed to be inside of the residence,” but insisted they weren’t thieves looking to steal anything — they just wanted to have sex in the homeowner’s bedroom, for whatever reason.

According to the police report, the teens’ story appears to hold up — no possessions were missing. They have been released from custody, and face burglary charges. Next time get a room, you two…your own room!


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Samuel L. Jackson Plays A President On The Run In ‘Big Game’—Watch The Clip

by 23 mins ago

He’s played an “Avengers” leader, a Jedi Master, a bible-speaking gangster, and a protector against snakes on planes, but Samuel L. Jackson’s next role might be his biggest ever: The President of the United States of America.

In the upcoming action comedy flick “Big Game,” Jackson tackles the part of the Commander-in-Chief with a twist: he is on the run from terrorists.

In this first clip of the film, which premiered at this week’s Toronto International Film Festival last night (September 5), Jackson rendezvous with a young boy, who finds him locked in a refrigerator-like box.

“Where are my soldiers? I’m the commander of the biggest, bad-ass, ass-kicking armed forces on the planet,” Jackson’s President screams, before all hell breaks loose.

Take a look at the clip below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments!


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This 12-Year-Old Is Already A CEO With 5 Employees And $150,000 In Sales… What’s Your Excuse?

by 58 mins ago

Take notes from this one, men of the world. This 12-year-old dresses better than you…and he’s probably more successful than you, too.

Moziah Bridges always loved to dress up, but he could never find bow ties that suited his fancy. So his grandmother taught him how to sew, and ever since then, he’s been making his own ties.

But this isn’t just some after-school hobby for Bridges; it’s a full-scale business. He founded his own company, Mo’s Bows, three years ago—meaning that, yes, he was only nine years old at the time—and it already boasts $150,000 in sales. He’s even been featured on “Shark Tank,” and in Vogue and GQ magazines.

Feeling inferior yet?


The mini fashion guru appeared on CNBC yesterday to discuss his latest business venture, a holiday collaboration with Cole Haan. He also talked about how he’s able to manage the work-school balance at such a young age.

“Since I’m the CEO I can do it when I feel like it,” Bridges said. “I have employees—my grandmother, she’s about like 80, and my mom works for me, and I have three more seamstresses.” Yep, this Memphis, Tennessee-based biz even employs five workers (never mind if two of them are relatives… it still counts!).

The ties featured on Mo’s Bows website are adorably stylish, ranging from stripes and polka dots to patterns and plaids. They don’t break the bank, either; his ties retail for an affordable $40. But the real secret to this kid ...

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