July 20, 2018

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You’ll Flip When You See Lauren Conrad’s Halloween Costume

by 31 mins ago

We have known for a long time that Lauren Conrad is the queen of Halloween, so there was no doubt that she wouldn’t let us down this year. Turns out LC just unveiled her 2014 costume on her website and, unsurprisingly, it’s another one for the books. Any guesses? It has to do with shells. No, not a sea maiden. No, not a water nymph. OK, fine: she’s gonna be a mermaid.

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Lauren Conrad Halloween CostumeLaurenConrad.com

Obviously, since this is Lauren Conrad we’re talking about here, she didn’t just go to Spirit Halloween and pick up an Ariel from The Little Mermaid costume—she made it. By hand. How do we know, you wonder? There are photos, of course.

Lauren Conrad Halloween CostumeLaurenConrad.com

On her website, Lauren details how to get the costume for yourself. It involves sea shells, shimmery fabric, and two colors of tulle—among, like, eight other materials—which, with three days left until Halloween, may be a bit ambitious for the majority of us.

Lauren Conrad Halloween CostumeLaurenConrad.com

Lauren’s costume, though, is going to look incredible—so many ~sparkles~, you guys.

Lauren Conrad Halloween CostumeLaurenConrad.com

Sparkles that reveal that two-tone tulle—I mean, c’mon. Who does Halloween better than LC? No one. We can’t help but notice Lauren’s lengthy locks in these action ...

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Justin Bieber Briefly Teased His Photoshoot With Karl Lagerfeld

by 8 mins ago

Do you remember earlier this month when Justin Bieber teased that he was working with Karl Lagerfeld and we/the rest of the world were like, “Um, what??????” Well, JB just posted and then quickly deleted one of the photos and, um, all we can say is, there’s a very open terrycloth robe. His abs are finally getting their moment in the spotlight, thankfully. No more hiding those things for Justin Bieber, no siree.

Justin BieberTwitter

While Bieber’s original Instagram post has been deleted, its spirit lives on in the form of…the exact same photo because, Justin, once you put something on the internet, your 56M+ Belieber followers are gonna screenshot it. Also, though you deleted the image, the tweet still exists—we still don’t know why you’re working with Karl, but we know photos are forthcoming. How long are we gonna have to wait for these bad boys?!?

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Now that we’ve had a taste, JB, we need more—do us a solid and repost plus more soon, OK?


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Lauren Conrad’s Hair Is Shorter Than Ever

by 3 mins ago

Just last week, Lauren Conrad debuted a new haircut—she cut it for the first time “in years” and teased the ‘do on Instagram. Well, it seems like shearing off a few inches felt so good she decided to do it again this week—and, dang, this time she took a lot off.

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While Lauren posted a photo that showed the process but not the final result, her longtime hair stylist, Kristin Ess, shared the outcome. Deep breath, you guys: you’re about to see LC like you’ve never seen her before.

With a long bob! Her hair is above her shoulders and, LBR, it looks really good. Like, so, so good. I want to go get a haircut right now even though I got one two weeks ago. While Lauren had a short, layered ‘do in 2007, this appears to be the shortest it’s ever been, overall. Years without a cut and then two major ones within a week of one another—I dig your style, LC. I dig it a lot.

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At this rate, we’re expecting a pixie cut next week—considering how well she’s pulled off every length of hair she’s ever had, there’s no doubt she’d slay if she went even shorter.


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Nicki Minaj’s Short Hair Is Back In This Video For ‘L’Uomo Vogue’

by 15 mins ago

Nicki Minaj‘s spread for L’Uomo Vogue was released earlier this month, but like the gift that keeps on giving—there’s more. Nicki just shared two clips from a “short film” that accompanies the article and, whoa, seeing those outfits in motion is adding an entirely new element to this thang.

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In the first, Nicki twirls some fringe, #WERKS her short bob, and wears a dress shirt as a tube top.

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In the other, she removes a tie very, very slowly, shows off some extremely pointy (and shiny!) nails, and unbuttons her shirt at, also, a very slow pace.

You can peep the entire video and interview on L’Uomo Vogue‘s website as you bide your time until “Only” drops tomorrow.


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Here’s Your First Look At Iggy Azalea’s Steven Madden Collaboration

by 10 mins ago

In August, Iggy Azalea announced that she was collaborating with Steve Madden for a collection that would drop in February. Well, Christmas Valentine’s Day has come early, because Iggy teased two of the shoes from the collection and they can be summed up in one word: Danggggggg.

While the shoes may be a little, um, high to wear in the middle of February—if you live in a climate that deals with that whole ~snow~ thing—they will definitely add a sparkly element to your footwear collection. I guess you could argue the lug sole would provide more traction than a normal high heel, but I’d still suggest you securing a cab or door-to-door car service.

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Iggy shared a second pair—the same style, darker color—which she revealed are her “personal favorites.” She also announced that there will be 15 styles in total—so throw away all your other shoes to make room, OK?—and they’re all “fun and with a little sporty twist.”

She also promised she’d be sharing more throughout the upcoming months, which we will, obviously, be keeping a close eye on.


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Lazy Halloween Costumes For Those Of Us Who Can’t Be Bothered

by 20 mins ago

It’s crunch time, people. Halloween is less than a week away, and chances are—especially if you’re anything like me—you’re entirely unprepared and, uh, lazy. If you need a costume fast, look no further than the following eight suggestions, which will provide you a costume in no time and, LBR, minimal effort.

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A Unicorn

Lazy Halloween CostumeUrban Outfitters

You put this mask on and suddenly you’re not yourself—you’re a mythical animal. You don’t have to do your makeup or hair and can wear anything you want since unicorns don’t exist in the real world, so, good luck to anyone who tries to tell you your costume is inaccurate.

+ Unicorn Mask: Urban Outfitters ($32)

A Glasses-Wearing Cop

Lazy Halloween CostumeSpirit Halloween

Oh, you want to be transformed into a law official in .2 seconds? Done. You, unfortunately, are going to have to wear glasses on Halloween, but don’t worry, they’re fake—your vision remains as it is naturally. This set also makes it possible to grow facial hair in .2 seconds, so, Justin Bieber, if you’re reading this: This is the costume for you, bb.

+ Police Sun Staches: Spirit Halloween ($10)

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Jabba The Hutt

Lazy Halloween CostumeTarget

This costume is, no joke, perfection. Hi, you don’t have to do your hair or makeup or ...

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Rare Sighting: Taylor Swift Performed In Pants On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

by 15 mins ago

Seeing Taylor Swift in pants is like spotting the Loch Ness Monster: almost impossible. Catching her perform in pants is even harder—like seeing the Loch Ness Monster drinking tea, or something. Last night, for her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, though, the almost unthinkable happened: Tay performed in black pants.

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Taylor SwiftGetty Images

Considering her summer-long affair with coordinate sets, it makes sense that her reintroduction to pants came with a matching bustier. We were so taken aback by seeing Taylor with covered legs that we gasped—initially—and then wondered how long it had been since she last performed in pants.

Well, it turns out, at least according to photographic research, that it’s been over a year.

Taylor SwiftGetty Images

The last time Taylor wore pants on stage—that we can find proof of, at least—was during the Red tour in May of 2013. That was another era, people! She still had long hair! We didn’t know what “Shake It Off” was yet. For the rest of the tour, she favored shorts which makes sense cause, y’know, summer.

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Taylor SwiftGetty Images

Prior to that, pants were the preferred performance wear for wintertime outside performances which, honestly, seem miserable no matter what you’re wearing. No amount of leather can make ...

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Quiz: Can You ID All 21 Of These Celebrities By Their Halloween Costumes?

by 39 mins ago

Around these parts, we’re pretty well-versed in all things Halloween. From celebrity costumes to makeup to DIY looks, we start thinking about the big day well before October even begins.

To get in the spirit, we figured we’d test your Halloween costume knowledge with 21 of our fave looks from recent years. Can you ID all 21 celebs? Good luck–let us know your score in the comments!

Psst, See The Answers Here!


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What Taylor Swift’s Album Cover Would’ve Looked Like If It Came Out in 1989

by 27 mins ago

We are mere days away from Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated 1989 release. We’ve known what the album cover would look like since August, but then we wondered: what would the album cover look like if it actually came out in, y’know, 1989? Would there be big hair, pouffy dresses, and polka dots? Would Taylor have had a field day with cowboy boots?

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Considering she’s embracing ’80s and early ’90s trends now, you know Tay would’ve been all over the looks in their first iterations, which lead us to the following five album covers. While the mysterious Polaroid photo she has attached to 1989 now is for CDs and digital copies, she hasn’t announced the vinyl release yet. Maybe you’d like one of these to cover the 7-inch version, Tay? Peep ‘em for yourself below and let us know–we’ll be around.

Taylor SwiftGetty Images

Taylor SwiftGetty Images

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Taylor SwiftGetty Images

Taylor SwiftGetty Images

Taylor SwiftGetty Images


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See Lauren Conrad’s ‘First Haircut In Years’

by 25 mins ago

How long do you go in between haircuts? I’m a every couple of months type of girl. Lauren Conrad, though? She’s an every couple of years lady. Yeah, you read that right–she goes years between cuts. And guess what, y’all? You’re witnesses to a rare occurrence: LC just got a haircut.

Lauren posted a photo to her Instagram with the casual, NBD caption, “Got my first haircut in years.” Years, Lauren? YEARS?! While her hair length may vary from time to time, that’s all thanks to extensions. In fact, she told People that her biggest regret re: her hair was “chopping it off.” She elaborated, “My hair won’t grow — my hair has not gone past this length since I cut it seven years ago to my shoulders. I’ve tried vitamins, I’ve tried everything. It just won’t!”

Well, I guess the vitamins finally took. While we’re (very eagerly) awaiting 360º pics, we gather that the new ‘do is shoulder-length, choppy, and as perfectly wavy as ever.

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Now please excuse me as I look at photos of Lauren’s hair through the years and find inspiration for my next cut.


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