July 17, 2018

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This Tourist Asked Beyonce And Jay Z Who They Are — And Lived!

by 1 hour ago

Free life lesson: if you’re going to film Jay Z and Beyoncé taking daughter Blue Ivy on a private tour of The Louvre in Paris, you should at least know who they are.

A tourist-turned-wannabe paparazzo made a major faux pas when he tried to get footage of the On The Run Tour headliners making their way into the historic French museum.

“Who is he?” the cameraman asked about the world-renowned rapper from Brooklyn.

The Magna Carta… Holy Grail MC then gave the best response ever as he walked by with his daughter in his arms and his super-famous wife — who was busy taking photos of her own — trailing behind.

“Who are you?” he retorted with the steeliest gaze this side of Marcy Projects.

The uninformed videographer tried to laugh it off, but come on. Has this guy literally never seen or heard about hip-hop’s royal family? Has he even heard of the Internet?


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Mary J. Blige And Disclosure Up Their Bond To Bestie Status In ‘Right Now’

by 1 hour ago

Mary J. Blige hits the studio in London Town for her new music video, “Right Now.”

The black and white clip finds the “Whole Damn Year” singer writing and recording song for her upcoming LP, The London Sessions, with her new best buds Disclosure, the British electronic music duo that produced the track.

The bond MJB shares with her collaborators really shows, from the hugs they share to the cohesive fusing of their respective R&B and pop-meets-house sounds.

Previously, the blond-coifed chanteuse worked with Disclosure on their song, “F For You.”

The London Sessions, the multiple Grammy winner’s thirteenth studio album that features songs co-written by the likes of Naughty Boy and Sam Smith, is scheduled to drop on December 2.


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Rome Fortune’s Small VVorld Album Cover Is So Good, You Just Have To Listen

by 1 hour ago

Rome Fortune continues to champion Atlanta’s avant-gardist movement with his new free LP, Small VVorld.

Besides possibly having the best album cover art of the year, the 11-track project, which features experimental, trippy trap beats by Four Tet, Bassnectar and Blood Diamonds, is a cohesive look inside the rapper’s rather eclectic experiences in the ATL.

“Maybe I just live with a clip, never empty, maybe I just live in the past, broke and friendly/ I just broke into your mind, don’t forget me, I just think I’m on my grind heaven sent me,” he raps on the standout track, “One Time For.”

Other notable songs include the ILoveMakonnen-assisted “FriendsMaybe,” the Pat Lukens-produced “Why” and “4 Seasons,” which features another artist pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, OG Maco.

“Makonnen and Maco were more so late additions to the project,” Rome told Billboard. “I wanted to have a clear representation of what a lot of the new artists from Atlanta are. That’s different. It’s a few people genuinely doing their own thing so I wanted to embrace and showcase that.”

Small VVorld is now available for download here.


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Is Jaden Smith’s New ‘Fast’ Video About Kylie Jenner?

by 24 mins ago

Jaden Smith continued his viral music campaign with the release of his new music video for “Fast” on Monday (October 6).

In the clip, which runs just over a minute, the “Trophy V6″ MC wilds out in an oversize hoodie and no pants in a parking garage and nearby alley, spitting furiously about why his girl chooses to drive like Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

“Battle me that’s your fatality, actually I’m a catastrophe/ Go to your school and they ask for me/ I’m in your class making cash and we fruity like passion is burning like ashes/ We had to just make this ish happen, he rappin’ again, he snappin’ again,” he raps.

After announcing the video on Twitter, Jaden made sure to tag his onetime (and maybe current?) girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, with the “#FAST” hashtag, fueling rumors that it’s either about or for the young lady.

With Jaden’s constant onslaught of surprise music lately, look for The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 2 to drop sooner than later.


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Wait, What Did Ariana Grande Just Say About Ellen DeGeneres’ Panties?

by 1 min ago

Despite her busy schedule, Ariana Grande still takes time to play hide-and-go-seek. Sometimes with Ellen DeGeneres. Sometimes in Ellen DeGeneres’ bushes. Wait, what?

On Monday (October 6), the “Love Me Harder” singer played “Who’s In My Bushes?!” on “The Ellen Show,” where an audience member named Maddy had to guess which celebrity was hiding behind a wall of hedges.

Some of the hints Ariana gave (like, “I only wear Ellen DeGeneres’ panties”) weren’t so helpful. But after a softball question (“Is your last name a drink at Starbucks?”), Maddy figured out that it was Grande back there. Watch the clip below.


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The Game Teams With Chris Brown And Lil Wayne On The Obviously NSFW ‘F-ck Yo Feelings’

by 23 mins ago

If you’re sensitive or easily offended, then you might have a problem with The Game’s new single. For one, it’s called “F-ck Yo Feelings.” For two, see number one.

The Lil Wayne and Chris Brown-assisted track is heavily auto-tuned and loaded with F-bombs. Needless to say, it’s NSFW.

“And I feel nice/ Somebody mixed my pills right/ I’m gettin’ all this money, and it’s f-cked up Trinidad lost his deal right?” Game raps, taking a little jab at Trinidad James.

The X singer channels his MC Breezy persona on the song with another equally NSFW verse.

“F-ck Yo Feelings” is slated to make the final track listing for Blood Moon: Year of The Wolf, which drops on October 14.


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Pharrell Williams And His Hat Star In This ‘Gust Of Wind’ Teaser

by 1 hour ago

So that’s why Pharrell Williams wears that buffalo hat.

On Friday (October 3), the “Come Get It Bae” singer/producer dropped the teaser for his upcoming music video, the Daft Punk-assisted “Gust of Wind.” And yes, he’s wearing his now signature big-brimmed hat.

The Edgar Wright-directed clip finds the multiple Grammy-winner walking in the tree-lined woods on the side of a mountain.

While on his trek, he happens upon two large stones in the shape of the space-age helmets that the French electronic duo wears.

And then?

Well, you’ll just have to wait until the full version drops to see what the mysterious visuals for the G I R L track means.


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You Only Have 24 Hours To Stream The New Flying Lotus Album

by 8 mins ago

Flying Lotus fans will have to wait until October 7 to purchase his new album, You’re Dead, but in the meantime, the avant-garde DJ/producer is streaming his highly-anticipated sixth solo LP.

The catch? You’ve only got 24 hours to get your sonic taste of “Coronus, the Terminator,” the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Never Catch Me” and more.

He’s calling it “Day of You’re Dead.”

The Los Angeles native-born Steven Ellison partnered with the Boiler Room to stream his new project on his website.

In addition to the free tunes, there is an accompanying film called “Psychedelic Death Trip,” which was directed by “The ABCs of Death” auteur Xavier Magot.

So hit play while you still have the chance—nothing lasts forever.


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Is A ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot Really Happening?

by 20 mins ago

Good news, Twin Peakers! That gum you like is finally coming back!

David Lynch and Mark Frost, creators of the cult classic TV show “Twin Peaks,” took to Twitter Friday (October 3) to drop a very cool cryptic clue that only true fans of the extremely quirky ’90′s television series would understand.

“Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee,” wrote Lynch and Frost.

The gum comment refers to the odd dream sequence Kyle MacLachlan’s FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper had in which he encountered dwarf.

The #damngoodcoffee hashtag, of course, was Cooper’s catchphrase about his favorite cup of morning Joe.

Although Twin Peaks had a serial cult following and was critically acclaimed, it only lasted two seasons in 1990-1991. Many people (us included) argue that the show didn’t last because it was ahead of its time.

Now, perhaps, thanks to the proposed reboot, it will finally have the proper spotlight.

The show was based on Cooper’s investigation of the murder of the homecoming queen Laura Palmer. The show’s name hails from the name of the fictional town in Washington state where all of the wonderfully weird things happened.


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Watch A Super Intense Bradley Cooper In The Trailer For ‘American Sniper’

by 44 mins ago

Christmas just got a lot more interesting thanks to Clint Eastwood.

The Oscar-winning director has a new film called “American Sniper” dropping this December starring Bradley Cooper and the powerfully intense trailer just hit the web.

In the clip, Cooper plays Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He’s on a roof, sniper rifle aimed, locked and loaded, methodically monitoring and detailing the unidentified people that appear while soldiers are on convoy in war-torn Iraq.

“Hold on, I got a woman and a kid 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy,” he says with alarm. “Her arms aren’t swinging, she’s carrying something. She’s got a grenade, she’s got an RKG Russian grenade she’s handing to the kid…”

The suspense then builds to a heightened crescendo as the sound of a heart beat grows louder, images of his family flash by and the base command tells him it’s “his call” on whether or not to take the kill shot.

“They fry you if you’re wrong,” says his spotter.

The film is based on Chris Kyle’s best-selling memoir about his life as the most lethal sniper in American military history.

“American Sniper,” which also stars Jake McDorman, Luke Grimes and Sienna Miller, hits theaters on Christmas Day in a limited release and expands nationwide on January 16.


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