August 21, 2018

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T.I. Isn’t Letting Ebola Stop Him From Performing In Africa

by 4 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

T.I. is in Africa!

The Grand Hustle MC posted an image of himself in Ethiopia on Instagram with a caption about his trip:

“Just touched dwn in #Ethiopia Headed to #Tanzania #DaBoysDoneMadeItToAfrica #HustleGangInternational.”

To let us know what he was doing, Tip posted a collage, which also includes an image of an Ebola Checking Center.

Just touched dwn in #Ethiopia Headed to #Tanzania #DaBoysDoneMadeItToAfrica #HustleGangInternational

View on Instagram

The Ebola virus, which was first identified in Africa in the 1970s, has been all over the news in America recently after two people in the States reportedly tested positive for the virus. But this didn’t stop T.I. from making a trip to Africa. Tanzania, where Tip is scheduled to perform, has reportedly not had a case of Ebola to worry about.

Other artists have addressed Ebola in different ways. Chris Brown said he believes Ebola is a “form of population control,” while Cam’ron has made custom Ebola masks. Meanwhile, Fabolous said cuffing season is on hold due to the Ebola scare.

Beyond planning a trip to Africa, T.I. has also been prepping for the upcoming release of his new album, Paperwork, which was executive produced by Pharrell and which is is scheduled to be released October 21. You can also stream Paperwork now.


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A Love Letter To Tyler Posey, On His 23rd Day Of Birth

by 4 mins ago

Dear Tyler Posey,

Happy birthday! You are 23 today! We’ve had it marked on our calendar for weeks.

We’re lying: months.

No, we’re not obsessed. We’re just a little…obsessed. But can you blame us? You never wear a shirt. Sometimes you don’t even wear pants. For charity!



You look nice in pink.

But back to our point. TyPo (can we call you that? Too late — we already do): We see this being a big year for you. First of all, you’re getting married soon-ish (where’s our Save the Date card?). And while it kinda/sorta/absolutely gives us a case of the sadz to know we’ll officially never have a chance to call you our boyfriend (at least when we’re in public), it also makes us happy to see you so happy. We hear this type of selflessness is what true love is all about.

Watch: ‘Being Tyler Posey’

Secondly, you’re like, a bona fide star now. Even old people know your name. Even Ellen. We can’t help but recall the first season of “Teen Wolf,” and think about how much your acting has evolved, your confidence has grown, your facial hair has grown.

You’re a grown man now — which makes this post a little less cougary, thankfully — and we feel pretty lucky to have watched you become one over the years. Here’s to a happy, healthy 23!

MTV News

P.S. You really should wear pink more often.

9 Facts That Prove Kristen Stewart Is A Unicorn In Human Form

by 4 mins ago

By Rachel Carruthers. Additional reporting by Josh Horowitz

Kristen Stewart is the best – I know this, you know this… It’s common knowledge. But when MTV News’ Josh Horowitz talked to Stewart for his Happy Sad Confused podcast to help promote the currently in theaters “Camp X-Ray,” she let us in on a few personal facts that took our love for her to impossibly new heights; and we learned a few things about her we never knew before.

1. Her parents are her idols


“I mean my first step into the business was solely because I idolized my parents,” said Stewart. “I thought it was so cool that they went to work and came home with so many stories and lived such rich lives that…you know, not everyone’s parents can say that they LOVE their job the way that my parents did.”

2. Her first taste of acting was being an extra in the “The Flintstones”!

“My mom worked with a director named Brian Lavant for a number of years who did kid’s movies. I was an extra in ‘The Flintstones’.”

3. She’s dying to rock dreads


“I still dream of maybe one day, being able to pull [dreads] off,” said Stewart, “It would be like ‘Spring Breakers’.”

4. She adores Japan.


“It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I LOVE Japan. I love the lifestyle, I love the people. I’ve never encountered anyone that I had a strange, uncomfortable, disrespectful thing with. ...

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This 10-Year-Old Feminist Met Hillary Clinton, And Her Reaction Is Everything

by 17 mins ago

By Farah Zermane

A fifth grader from Boulder, Colorado, met Hillary Clinton earlier this week, and a photo of her heartfelt reaction immediately went viral.

Just check out that look of utter joy and wonder washing over Macy Rodman’s face. Do you remember the first time you met one of your role models (if you were ever so lucky)? It probably looked something like that.

David Zalubowski/AP Images

The photo, which sparked national coverage, was taken at a campaign event for Colorado senator, Mark Udall. Clinton actually picked Friday and family out of the crowd, as if this moment weren’t magical enough.

Although she won’t be old enough to vote for the former U.S. Secretary of State, should she decide to run for President again in 2016, Macy told 9News that she hopes to one day see a female Commander in Chief.

“I want people to know that your gender doesn’t determine what kind of power you have,” Macy said. “Like how great you can be… I just want people to know girls are awesome, too.”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.


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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Costume Designer Explains Dressing For Three Boobs And So Much More

by 19 mins ago

By Phoebe Reilly

American Horror Story is back, to everyone’s perverse delight—well, everyone except clowns: The menacing Twisty in the fourth season’s Freak Show stands accused of stoking “coulrophobia” or clown fear. (My misgivings date waaayyy back to the days of Poltergeist and It so. Sorry, clowns.)

Series star Jessica Lange returned in the premiere last week, this time as Elsa, a Marlene Dietrich wannabe in Jupiter, Florida, circa 1952, when television first did to side shows what it has now done to movies—threatened them with extinction. But ringleader Elsa has a plan, and it involves conjoined twins (played by Sarah Paulson) and a three-boobed woman (Angela Bassett). Your move, I Love Lucy.

Turns out styling clothes for these characters, in addition to the rest of the so-called freaks, was a lot harder than it looks, because really, what DO you put on a woman with three boobs? (Pasties, for starters! Miley would approve). The friendly and talented Lou Eyrich, longtime series costume designer, talked us through her process.

MTV STYLE: It’s tempting to start with the three breasts of Angela Bassett, but let’s come back to that. I noticed so much red in the first two episodes. What’s the significance?

LOU EYRICH: None, other than we were trying to really sell the Technicolor aspect, so we’ve been using a lot of bright colors. We were going to go with more ...

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What Advice Would ‘Daria”s Quinn Morgendorffer Give If She Were On ‘Girl Code’?

by 3 mins ago

By Laura Franco

Picture it: 1997. It was the year of girl-power dominance in pop culture: the Spice Girls, Fiona Apple and Quinn Morgendorffer. Sure, we know the question on your mind: What about Daria?

While many of us identified with Daria’s timeless (and amazingly acerbic) observations on adolescence, her little sis also provided a generation of girls the absolute truth when it came to boys, clothes, frenemies and, well, being popular.

Flash forward to 2014: We imagine Quinn in an episode of “Girl Code,” dishing on the ups and downs of sisterhood. Here’s what she’d have to say:

1. When it comes to finding “The One,” maintain high standards.

2. Seriously, never settle for second best.

3. Because the dating scene can be a complex (and sick, sad) world.

4. Always strive to be a helpful, honest person who sees the good in everyone.

5. Inner beauty > Outer beauty. Oh, and power yoga rocks.

6. Love yourself, no matter your size.

7. Be proud of your natural talents.

8. Fashion trends are meant to be deep.

9. Hardships will come your way, but giving up is never the answer.

10. A positive attitude is the key to success.

11. And, most importantly, treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s, like, part of karma, right?

+ What do you think of Quinn’s pearls of wisdom? Let us know in the comments, and ...

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I Don’t Identify As A Boy Or A Girl: This Is What It Feels Like

by 33 mins ago

What does it feel like to constantly be told to pick a side? To spend your life hearing that what you are is not what you should be? Before the Friday, October 17 premiere of the MTV/LOGO special “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word,” MTV asked the 23-year-old trans/national queer activist and Look Different Good Look Panel member Alok Vaid-Menon to tell his story of growing up gender non-conforming.


By Alok Vaid-Menon

Growing up [in Texas], I’d always say that I wanted to be my sister when I grew up. When you are a 5-year-old “boy,” this [wish] is acceptable. But when you start growing a mustache at 11, things just get more complicated.

This is not your conventional trans narrative. This is not a story about being born in the wrong body. This is the story of being born in the wrong world. This is the story of being told who we are without our consent. This is a story of a gender that refuses to be defined by a body.

This is my story.

In my culture, there was always a space to be gender non-conforming as a kid. I was the dancing diva at every Indian dinner party, belly-dancing to all of the latest Bollywood hits as my aunties cheered me on.

Alok Vaid-MenonAlok Vaid-Menon

But everything changed when I hit puberty.

Most boys are eager to tell you about the growing pains that become part of their lives when they shave boy and stumble ...

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7 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Could — And Should — Have Been On ‘The Hills’

by 47 mins ago

By Laura Franco

What if Taylor Swift had starred alongside Lauren Conrad on “The Hills“?

Sure, we know what you’re thinking: The show aired before Taylor’s prime, not to mention the fact that Ms. Swift is successful in her own right. But hear us out.

hillsandtaylor2Steven Lippman/Getty Images/MTV's Shannon Baek

Taylor and Lauren have a lot in common: They’re both DIY queens, relationship experts and all-around good girls. And while the singer certainly took a different path to fame, there’s no denying she would have fit in perfectly among the cool kids at Les Deux. Don’t leave the possibility unwritten — check out all the reasons:

1. Taylor knows boy drama … all too well.

2. She dreams big.

3. She’s got may-jor style.

4. When it comes to love, she’s realistic.

5. At the end of the day, she tells the truth.

6. Haters, you KNOW what you did!

7. She’d take a bullet for her BFFs.

GIFs via rebloggy, myphotographics,, weheartit, ignitethelight, kick-assgifs and giphy.


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Is 50 Cent’s Beef With Floyd Mayweather Finally Over?

by 12 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

After a year filled with disses, 50 Cent might just be done feuding with Floyd Mayweather.

“I don’t have bad intentions for Floyd,” the G-Unit General tells XXL. “I don’t want to see him lose. I don’t go to sleep and wake up like, ‘I hope you f–king lose, stupid.’ No, I already got past that when I said what I said. I’m already done dealing with that right there.”

Despite saying he’s done feuding with the boxer, 50 also elaborated on why he’s mocked Mayweather’s past relationship with model Shantel Jackson, who is now with Nelly.

“I don’t understand how you get to that point and it still be so f–ked up with the girls and sh-t like that,” he says. “There is no woman that I f–ked with that I wasn’t finished with before I finished the situation, since I had been successful. I don’t lose people to another person.”

50′s been trolling Mayweather all year, even dissing the fighter’s literacy, which is at least part of the reason he’s been called “The Ultimate Troll.”

One person 50 isn’t trolling with is Eminem. In fact, Fif says he doesn’t see himself ever feuding with his mentor in the XXL interview.

“Eminem gave me the shot that I needed at a point where he was so influential that there was nobody more influential than him,” 50 explains. “I don’t have value for a lot of the relationships that I developed coming ...

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Beware The Based God’s Curse: Kevin Durant Suffers An Injury

by 13 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

The Based God’s Curse might be rearing its head yet again.

Talk of Lil B’s curse on Kevin Durant intensified over the weekend after the NBA star suffered a fracture in his right foot that is set to keep him sidelined for more than a month. Following news of KD’s injury, Lil B mocked the sharp shooter on Twitter.

But, it was all good between the two just a couple weeks ago.

As recently as September, Kevin Durant said he was “cool” with Lil B despite their ongoing feud, which started in 2011 when the Oklahoma City Thunder star insulted the rapper’s music. That was all it took to catch The Based God’s dreaded curse.

By 2012, it seemed as though Lil B had lifted the curse. Thunder fans were finally able to breath a sigh of relief.

But that all changed earlier this year, when he released “F–k KD,” a diss track aimed at the reigning MVP. The song contains lines like, “I like Roc Nation and I love Jay Z/ But on West Side, I’m screaming ‘F–k KD.’”

In the meantime, it seems Durant is staying positive. On Sunday (October 12), Durant offered words that are sure to encourage Thunder fans everywhere.

We wonder what The Based God, who recently revealed an Emoji-inspired app, has to say about that.


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