August 21, 2018

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Future ‘Lost All Respect’ For T-Pain After Auto-Tune Criticism

T-Pain had some negative things to say about Future's use of auto-tune last year, and although he later praised the Honest rapper and producer's song-writing skills, it seems to be too late to make amends.

Future tells MTV News that there's a very slim chance he would ever work with T-Pain after the way things went down.

Last year Pain took to Instagram to call Future "the new T-Pain," adding in interviews that he didn't understand how to use auto-tune properly. Those jabs definitely didn't go unnoticed.

"I would've worked with him, easy, before he made those comments," Future told MTV News' Sway Calloway, "[But] when he took the jab at me I pretty much just lost all respect for him."

"Why Me?" he continued. "You could've talked to me off the record, or got in contact with me. Before I got in the game, he wasn't no one I looked up to, but he was someone that I loved his songs. He had the radio on lock. I came in the game on 'Tony Montana,' I came in on a song like I'm Sprung,' singing auto-tune. Then I did 'Turn on the Lights,' — that don't sound like no T-Pain."

And even after T-Pain tried to backtrack, it was already too late.

"I don't look at him the same no more, because you've gotta respect the man as a man," Future said. "You can't say something then try to take it back. I know how you really feel. You can't show your hand and try to hide it again.

"It ain't like I ...

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Kendrick Lamar Teases New Black Hippy Freestyles

Getting a straight answer about a Black Hippy album seems like a miracle these days, but when MTV News asked Kendrick Lamar about the dream project, we got way more than we expected.

"Yeah, Black Hippy, we're moving around man. They'll be getting something soon. They might get a few early freestyles or something, 'cause I know fans are heated for us," K-Dot told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz on Thursday night when he walked the red carpet at "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in New York City.

Lamar linked up in the studio with Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys and Hans Zimmer for the lead single from Spidey's new soundtrack, but now the good kid tells us that he is in the studio at work on his second major label album.

In a February Billboard story, TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith said he expected Lamar to drop his new LP in September, while label co-president Dave Free said that he believed Kendrick, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul's collaborative Black Hippy project would come before the year's end. Kendrick, however, gave us no time table.

"No tentative date, I'm in the studio now with ideas and things like that and just seeing where it takes me. I look at each project as a journey," he said of his good kid, m.A.A.d city follow-up. "I couldn't give a stable idea of what I'm doing, but it will definitely be a deal."


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Sally Field: ‘I Could Be Mr. Doubtfire’

Ever since the announcement last week that a sequel to the 1993 family classic "Mrs. Doubtfire" is in development, the world has been wondering what the plot of the movie could possibly be. Has one of the kids grown up and decided to do a little gend... ...

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Macklemore’s Latest Selfie Is His Most Exotic Yet

There are a few names you think of when it comes to selfie masters — Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Nick Jonas — but few pull out the cameos like Macklemore.

Just a quick browse of Macklemore's Instagram account, and you can see he's posed with people like Michael Jordan, Paul McCartney, T.I. and Miley Cyrus.

Now the rapper has probably the best cam-eo yet: a camel.

Mack, along with Ryan Lewis, is currently stopped in Abu Dhabi on tour with Rick Ross and Wiley. And what better way to get pumped for tonight's show than to find a camel in the desert?

Sure, Kim K has ridden a camel, but who captured a special selfie with the dromedary? This guy.


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Hey Mariah, It’s Not A Surprise If You Tell People

If you're planning a surprise party, you might not want to put Mariah Carey in charge of the invite list. While MC might bring the glamour and flash, she's kind of hazy on how the whole surprise thing works.

Case in point: in a new Billboard cover story, Mariah admits that her long-delayed new album is still a work in progress that has been held up by three singles 
 "The Art of Letting Go" and "You're Mine (Eternal)") that she realizes didn't exactly set the charts on fire.

So her solution appears to be borrowing a page from Beyoncé's surprise-album drop
 from December and sneak-attacking her Lambs with her 14th album's title, track list and music through as-yet-unannounced digital partners.

"I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title," Carey said, hinting that the album's title is derived from a "personal possession of mine that's part of an entity that I've had almost all my life."

Mariah, you realize if you tell us you're going to surprise us it's not a surprise, right?

She never actually mentioned Bey (of course), but Billboard pointed out that, like Carey, Queen Bee was coming off a somewhat lackluster album (2011s 4) when she decided to storm back with a sneak-attack album that has been a smash.

Can she catch lighting in a bottle like Bey did? Some might say no way.

But, so far Mariah has recruited producers Rodney Jerkins and manager Jermaine Dupri, as well as Hit-Boy and Mike Will Made It. Guests include Nas, Wale ...

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Andrew Garfield: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Tells A ‘Brave And Important’ Story

In one week, the whole world will have at its fingertips. Even now, many people across the planet have already seen the superhero sequel, thanks to its early international release.

Many of the fans who haven't seen the film yet can smell danger in the air. The collective consciousness' spider-sense is tingling. Something big and bold is about to happen in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," thanks to the electric combination of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and the other all-star actors.

For now, the cast and crew involved in the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel are keeping their lips sealed on the specifics. But star Andrew Garfield, without delving into spoiler territory, made it clear that he's very excited about what happens in his second film as the web-slinging hero.

"It's a big story," he told MTV News at the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" New York City premiere. "I'm glad we did it. It's brave and it's important."

Did what, Andrew? What's so brave and important? What are you driving at? The actor, to his credit, kept those secrets firmly in the bag.

"You don't want people to know, walking in, what they're going to be experiencing, as much as possible," he teased. "We're not in the age anymore where 'The Sixth Sense' can come out and people don't know that, in fact, Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time."

He winced: "Sorry if I ruined 'The Sixth Sense' for you. Case in point, my big mouth!"

Whatever it is that's coming up, Garfield is very proud of the work that he and ...

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‘American Idol’ Recap: Alabama Three Dwindles Down To One

It was a tearful goodbye on "American Idol" on Thursday (April 24), as C.J. Harris was voted off the show. Following last week's dismissal of Dexter Roberts, Harris became the second Alabama Three member in a row to be shown the door.

Here's how Harris' elimination went down.

Harris Says Goodbye
As predicted following Wednesday's show, it was Harris' time to leave "Idol's" mortal coil. His performance of the Guess Who's "American Woman" lacked pizzazz and when he took on Zac Brown Band's "Whatever It Is" for his country song — which should have been his ace in the hole — it was a very "whatever" performance. With Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene racing to the top of the competition, the deep canyon between their performances and Harris' was evident, and voters noticed it too.

Harris knew it was his time. Before the results were read, Ryan Seacrest asked him if he wished he would have done anything different the night before. "I probably would have picked a better song choice," Harris said, a lump in his throat. And then Seacrest dimmed the lights and lowered the boom on him.

It was Harris' fourth time facing elimination, so it didn't come as much of a surprise. But the tears flowed as he sang his final song, Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See." Jennifer Lopez shed a few tears as well, as Harris and his castmates group-hugged in the middle of the "Idol" stage. Harris' mother joined in on the action as well, getting up onstage and saying she was proud of her son and his ...

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Exclusive ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Video Game Trailer: Watch Now

At this time next week, fans can swing into movie theaters alongside Peter Parker in But if that's too long of a wait, there's some wall-crawling adventure just around the corner, coming to a console near you early next week.

Activision's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" video game arrives in North America next Tuesday (April 29) on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Wii U and 3DS, with several days still to go before the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone-starring movie hits theaters. As a bonus, we have an exclusive first look at the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" video game's launch trailer. Check it out:

The trailer speaks with actions instead of words, allowing Spidey's high-swinging skills do all the talking. Beyond that, the "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer makes one thing very clear: Peter Parker has his work cut out for him.

Indeed, in the upcoming film, Parker has three villains to contend with: Electro, the electrically enhanced menace played by Jamie Foxx; Green Goblin, the genetically compromised alter ego of Peter's old friend Harry Osborn, played by Dane DeHaan; and Rhino, an armored-up Russian mobster played by Paul Giamatti. It can't get much harder than that lineup, can it?

Ah, it can. In the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game, Peter goes up against all three of those villains and more. The trailer reveals that some of Spidey's most notorious nemeses — including the ruthless criminal Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk, the deadly hunter Kraven, and the sultry thief Black Cat — are involved in the video game.

In fact, the trailer makes a big reveal: Carnage, the symbiote sociopath, is ...

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