November 16, 2018

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Pharrell Discovers Daft Punk Artifacts In ‘Gust Of Wind’ Video

by 33 mins ago

There are many creative ways to incorporate Daft Punk into a music video without actually having Daft Punk appear in a music video. And in his “Gust of Wind” clip, Pharrell demonstrates one of them.

The mysterious French duo are featured on P’s GIRL single, and he and director Edgar Wright clearly wanted to show them some love in the visuals. Which might explain why we find Pharrell wandering through the woods as the action begins, stumbling on some artifacts — giant Daft Punk helmets carved out of stone, which look like they’ve been waiting to be uncovered for decades.

The scene then moves to a small outdoor party, with Pharrell surrounded by women clad is flowing, colorful outfits. Eventually the Daft Punk helmets (which might also be playing the music) are illuminated and… transform into spaceships?

Watch the new clip above and hear Pharrell talk about his collaborations with Daft Punk below.

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T.I. Debuts One Of His Many Pharrell Features: Listen To ‘Paperwork’

by 4 mins ago

T.I.’s latest album, Paperwork, arrives on October 21. And after a couple of unceremonious leaks, the Atlanta rapper has finally released the project’s title track featuring Pharrell.

The song has an unexpectedly laid back and folksy vibe with Pharrell handling production and the hook. They produced the entire album together and “cinematic” is one of the words that’s been used to describe it.

“’Paperwork’ featuring Pharrell pretty much sums up the tone of the album,” Tip told MTV News recently. “The cinematic presence of it all. When you listen to the album, top to bottom, it kinda sounds like the score to a movie and I think ‘Paperwork’ is the perfect introduction to that.”

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Hear T.I. explain how he and Pharrell put together Paperwork in the video below.

A native of Grenada, a product of Brooklyn, a student of hip-hop.


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Andre 3000 Will Finally Record A Solo Album After OutKast Tour

by 8 mins ago

We’re always confused about whether or not Andre 3000 will be putting out another album, or if he seriously plans to retire from rap — but the latest update sounds encouraging for a project.

During an interview with Life + Times, in support of his upcoming Jimmy Hendrix biopic, Three Sacks also fielded some questions about music. He confirmed that there’s no OutKast album on the horizon, but added that he’s ready to buckle down and record his own project.

“After this tour I’ve been thinking about recording this album that I always wanted to record,” he said. “We’re both working on solo albums. Big Boi is damn near through with his next album. I think after we finish this last show on October 31 in New Orleans, I’d love to get in the studio and see if I can conjure something up.”

That’s the best news we’ve heard about an Andre album in a long time.

He also addressed the comparisons between himself and ATL newcomer, Raury.

“There’s a fair comparison with Raury. I think Raury is stepping out and pushing it though,” he said. “That’s fair considering he’s not a straight and narrow kind of artist and going for his own thing. I just saw him the other day when he opened up for us in Atlanta and I think he’s a dreaming artist with good ideas and I hope he’ll grow and we give him his room to grow.”

Rick Ross Promises Another Jay Z Feature On His Hood Billionaire Album

by 30 mins ago

Rick Ross is doubling up on releases this year. After dropping Mastermind in the spring, he’s returning this fall with Hood Billionaire. The project is set to drop on November 24, and Rozay says that some of this music rolled over from his earlier recording sessions — plus, there’s another Jay Z feature.

During a visit to “The Breakfast Club,” he explained why we’re getting two releases from him this year.

“I felt like I made two albums because it was two different feelings,” he said. “Mastermind was the type of album that I wanted to have a rich feel to it, I wanted it to have….nostalgia at the beginning, that throwback Puff feel midway through it…just certain energies.”

Hood Billionaire is a different story, though.

“This right here — this is my Geechi Liberace, this a gold ring on every finger, we’re holding the bottles in the sky letting the champagne run down our arm,” he said, painting the picture. “It’s just that feel-good record, a lot of 808s, real bass heavy and its gon’ feel different to you, so it’s gon’ feel like a full year from the Bawse.”

He describes his most recent release, “Keep Doin’ That (Rich Bitch),” featuring R. Kelly, as a feel good record that “the chicks gon’ be able to turn up to,” while “the bosses [can] lean on the wall a little bit.”

He didn’t go in depth about his Jay Z feature, only promising that we can expect ...

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Jay Z, Jay Electronica And No I.D. Hit The Studio Together

by 13 mins ago

So this looks promising. We know that both Jay Z and Jay Electronica are working on their solo projects, and it seems like one — or maybe both — projects will include some production from No I.D.

Jay Electronica shared an Instagram of Jay and No I.D. hard at work, without giving much detail, and it’s probably safe to assume that he snapped the photo.


Jay is keeping details about his projects tightly under wraps, of course, but so far, both DJ Mustard and Mike Will Made It confirmed that they’ve been trading beats with him for this album.

As for Jay Elect, he recently told MTV News that he has enough tracks banked to put out an album — but he’s not happy with the material yet.

“[Jay's] very involved and we’ve got a good relationship,” Jay Elect told MTV News. “The greatest thing that he’s done with me is that he’s been very patient with me — just letting me do me, and take my time. He’s got the music, but I’ve still gotta get to a point where I’m comfortable with it, because at the end of the day it’s me coming.”

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Watch Flying Lotus’ Trippy Video For Kendrick Lamar-Featured ‘Never Catch Me’

by 31 mins ago

Flying Lotus collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on his the trippy single “Never Catch Me” from his upcoming album You’re Dead!, and for the new visuals, he didn’t even need a K. Dot cameo to make this a memorable one.

The video, directed by Hiro Murai, begins in a funeral home, where we watch a deceased boy and girl rise out of their coffins and dance their way outside. The best part is that it looks like they’re actually dancing along with the tempo of Kendrick’s frenetic rapping.

Last week, we got the first taste of Kendrick’s new album with the release of “i,” and his producer Rahki told us that we can expect the entire project to be “incredible.”

“What Kendrick is doing, and what he’s about to do — he’s an artist, he has a vision in mind. There’s nothing like that record on radio right now,” he said.

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Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow Album Comes With Another Unique Rollout Plan

by 28 mins ago

When you succeed in selling one single album for $5 million, then there’s no going back to normal, right? Wu-Tang Clan is gearing up to release their anniversary album, A Better Tomorrow, and in addition to revealing the potential release date, RZA also shared another unique roll-out plan that he came up with.

The anticipated project will tentatively arrive on Black Friday, November 28, and you can buy a hard copy, or just wait for the boombox edition. RZA told Billboard that in addition to the traditional releases, the group will also drop a limited Wu-edition Boombot Rex speaker.

The small speaker will come loaded with eight songs from the album, in addition to the exclusive track “Big Horn B” and two instrumentals, which won’t be available on the actual album. The speaker will only be sold at Zumiez, and only 3000 of them will be made in total.

“The full-length album should be available by Black Friday. It’s a record to me that merges the way music was made in the classic essence, in an analog way,” RZA explained. “As well as merging what’s going down the digital way. All the entire 10 Clan members are on it.”

“All the [living] members, which is a beautiful thing,” he added. “And the album has a small concept in a sense, musically it travels from a guy who is going through difficulties, tries to find himself, gets involved with some violence, some troubles, but then realizes that it’s ...

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Trina Says She’s ‘Not Even Thinking About’ French Montana Or Khloe Kardashian

by 3 mins ago

A few months before French Montana hooked up with Khloe Kardashian, he was rumored to be dating Trina. So, naturally, when Trina released her remix of K-Camp’s “Cut U Off,” in June, everyone assumed that she was talking about French.

But during an interview with K. Foxx on 103.5 The Beat, the Miami rapper explained that not even her recent track “F–k Love” was aimed at Mr. Mac & Cheese. “I’m not even thinking about those people, honestly,” she said. “I just think that because I’m surrounded [by] that situation, that’s exactly what they’re gonna feel.”

“I never told anybody publicly that I was in a relationship with him,” she added. “We were friends and I always build a great friendship before a relationship. And the relationship, it just never was that. It was…I’m around you and we’re good, we do business, we do music, I respect you, I thought you respected me and that’s the situation. But I feel like some things you just don’t do out of respect.”

Trina said that she’s not a big fan of the “sneak diss,” and that she much prefers to call out a person by name if she has an issue. She did confirm, however, that she actually introduced French to the whole Kardashian klan, since she and Kim were friends.

“The last time I saw her was at Kanye’s concert in New York,” Trina said of Kim. “I introduced [French Montana] to them…to the sister, the mom and ...

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Rich Homie Quan’s Father Is In Critical Condition After Being Shot In Atlanta

by 21 mins ago

Musically, Rich Homie Quan is having a big week with the release of Rich Gang’s mixtape, but unfortunately, the rapper is dealing with some sad news at home. His father and manager was shot multiple times during a robbery attempt in Atlanta on Monday and is reportedly in critical condition.

According to TMZ, Quan’s father, Corey Lamar, was working in the barbershop he owns yesterday morning, when an armed suspect attempted to rob it. Lamar was reportedly shot four times, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital to undergo surgery. He’s currently listed in critical condition, and the rapper, born Dequantes Lamar, has been at his father’s side.

Local police in Atlanta are currently investigating the shooting. One local witness told WSB-TV 2 that he chased the gunman, but saw him escape in a car. “I heard about three gunshots, and so I saw the guy come out,” Van White said. “He got in a black car, and that’s all I know from there.”

This is reportedly the second time that the shop has been attacked in the past month.

Rich Homie Quan has not issued a statement. Representatives from his camp have not responded for comment at press time.

A native of Grenada, a product of Brooklyn, a student of hip-hop.


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Why Is 50 Cent’s Son Taking Pictures With Floyd Mayweather?

by 9 mins ago

50 Cent and his son aren’t on the best of terms, but it looks like Marquise Jackson is really trying to rub that in his father’s face.

The teen has been popping up in photos with Slowbucks over the past few months — despite his father’s very public falling out with the streetwear entrepreneur after Summer Jam, and last week he shared a photo of himself hanging with Floyd Mayweather, on Facebook.

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The timing is notable since Fif has spent about a solid month throwing shots at the boxer, even accusing him of being illiterate.

So what does 50′s son have to gain from these photos ops? If his goal is to piss off pops, he’s probably succeeded, but hopefully Mayweather is happy to give him a weekly allowance when he needs it.


A native of Grenada, a product of Brooklyn, a student of hip-hop.


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