May 19, 2019

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Bieber Late For Germany!

Justin Bieber let down the entire country of Germany over the weekend when he decided it would be good to show up 3 HOURS LATE to his show in Dortmund!   Most of the fans at that show were under the age of 12 and give the late hour he took the stage plus the cold temperatures at night, the venue was half empty!   Justin just showed up and played without even bothering to apologize to whatever was left of the crowd… ...

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JT And Selena Homes SWATTED!

Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez were the latest victims of the ‘celebrity swat’ trend, with police called within 20 minutes of each other to the homes of Justin and Selena with someone saying that a person had been shot inside their respective homes.   Police are still looking for who’s making these phony calls, but they’re pretty sure it’s a group of hackers ...

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Ray J as he sings about Kim Kardashian

Stop what you’re doing … put down the Cheetos … and listen to the magic that  is Ray J as he sings about banging Kim  Kardashian … ’cause TMZ has the first clip. Read more: Visit the TMZ Store: ...

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Lindsay Lohan…Again

Stop us if you’ve heard this before … Lindsay Lohan just blew  off another deposition in another lawsuit. Lindsay had been ordered to  appear for a deposition in L.A. this morning in her lawsuit with a paparazzo  named Grigor Balyan, who’s suing Lindsay and her assistant. Grigor claims  the assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. nightclub and put him in  the hospital. Needless to say, Lindsay did NOT show up for the  sit-down. Sources connected with the case tell TMZ, Lindsay’s attorney  Julia Azrael tried to give the pap’s lawyers a heads up last week … that she  hadn’t been able to get in touch with the actress … but the depo wasn’t  rescheduled. We’re told the pap’s lawyers will be filing papers this week  … asking for a judge to force Lindsay to show up. If Lindsay continues to  refuse, the judge could simply issue a judgment against her and order LiLo to  pay a ton of cash. Read more: Visit the TMZ Store: ...

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