May 25, 2018

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Watch Ariana Grande Take The EMA Backstage Host Challenge And Totally Nail It

This is Ariana Grande's first trip to the MTV EMA, but that didn't stop us from giving the EMA rookie responsibilities usually reserved for award show vets.

This Sunday, Ariana will be wearing several hats (er... bows) at the EMA in Amsterdam, where she'll be pulling triple award show duty: She'll be interviewing celebrities as the official MTV EMA backstage host; she's nominated for Artist On The Rise, so a big win could be in her future if she can defeat Austin Mahone's Mahomies; oh, and she'll be presenting an award.

But every pro knows you don't just roll up to the show unrehearsed. Which is why MTV News' James Montgomery met up with Ariana Grande (after she got mobbed by fans at the Amsterdam airport) in her EMA dressing room, where he put her through the ringer to see if she could pass the backstage host test.

What is the backstage host test? It's a comprehensive oral exam that involves solving for the following possible real-life scenarios:

» Listening to a celebrity tell a boring story.

» Forgetting a celebrity's name.

» Reacting to a sad story.

... And...

» Pretending to be besties with a random celebrity.

Now clearly the girl who could dominate Twitter, release a No. 1 album, open for Justin Bieber on his "Believe" tour and go on to sell out her own North American tour had no problem acing her breakneck backstage test, throwing in some zingers, hugs, and even an unrehearsed mic drop.

The result? James, a stern taskmaster, gave her a B+. But chances are, ...

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Imagine Dragons In Their ‘Natural Habitat’ At MTV EMA

AMSTERDAM — At this point, Imagine Dragons might want to consider making Amsterdam their second home. After all, they already have a song named after the city, one that received a rather tremendous response last weekend, when they played it at their sold-out show at the nearby Melkweg concert hall.

And now, they're back to perform at Sunday's 2013 MTV EMA, alongside the likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry ... only, they won't be taking the stage at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. Instead, they're going to be partying with the people.

"We're performing at a venue next door, in front of our friends. And we wanted to make a lot of money, so we made the tickets 5 Euros," frontman Dan Reynolds laughed. "We saw it as an opportunity to kind of play a more intimate show for some of our fans ... especially the ones who weren't able to see us last week."

So not only will the Dragons EMA gig serve as a return engagement, but it also gives the an opportunity to showcase their strengths on stage. After all, their relentless live show is just part of the reason they've become the year's breakout band ... though even they'll admit they're better at the "playing" than the "talking."

"As you can tell, our banter is sort of our weak point," Reynolds laughed. "But when you do a one-off song, you have to force out energy, but when you're in the middle of the set, it kinds of builds up, it's natural ... we'll ...

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Kanye, Katy And ‘Kazakh Vaginas’: The MTV EMA’s Most Memorable Moments

Ever since they launched in 1994, the Europe Music Awards have brought the spectacle of the Video Music Awards to the global stage. And with the 2013 MTV EMA set to take over Amsterdam this Sunday, that trend will undoubtedly continue.

Especially with a lineup that includes performers like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars, a pack of nominees headed up by Justin Timberlake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (with the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and One Direction close behind), backstage reporting from rising star Ariana Grande and emceeing from international party purveyor RedFoo.

In short, it's gonna be big. But, as has always been the case with the EMA, Sunday's show will also be so much more. Because for whatever the reason, the stars seem to bring out their best when they head to Europe, going for broke — or going completely crazy — whenever they hit the EMA stage (maybe it's the socialized medicine). In the process, they've managed to turn the show into can't-miss TV ... the rare awards telecast where truly anything can happen.

And in the countdown to Amsterdam — the 2013 MTV EMA will air Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on MTV, kicking off with an epic pre-show from NYC — here's a look back at some of the most, memorable moments in EMA history. The kind of stuff they'd never let us get away with on American TV (thanks FCC.)

Bono calls the president of France "A Wanker": A little backstory ... the ...

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Miley Cyrus Promises No Foam Fingers Will Be Harmed In EMA Performance

This might not come as a surprise, but Miley Cyrus really likes Amsterdam.

She arrived on Thursday night, ahead of her performance at Sunday's 2013 MTV EMA, then met up with MTV News' tour guide, Afrojack, for a night out that earned no shortage of coverage on Friday morning.

In a city that's seemingly always buzzing, Miley added an extra jolt. And she plans on transferring that energy — plus some of Amsterdam's, uh, headier vibes — into her EMA performance, which certainly sounds like it will be an out-of-this-world affair.

"I've had this vision for a while; I've wanted to somehow involve something around aliens — because I really love aliens. Obviously, I really loved Teddy Bears so I built a whole show around Teddy Bears," Cyrus told MTV News. "And I also like aliens, so I built the show around aliens. And when I knew that RedFoo was going to be there, I just felt he was the perfect person to get involved in what I'm all about, which is just having fun on the show, and not doing anything too serious."

Of course, Miley is serious about what it means to return to the EMA stage. After all, the last time she performed at the show, in 2010, she was at a very different point in her career. And on Sunday, she'll certainly take a moment to reflect on that.

"Amsterdam is such an amazing place to be in, and I'm obviously so happy to be here, and so excited to be at the EMAs. ...

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YOLO? M.I.A Has Her Own ‘Motto’ On <i>Matangi</i>

M.I.A. reached back about 5, 000 years to find inspiration for her latest album Matangi naming the LP after the Hindu goddess of music, arts and spoken word, which happens to coincide with her rarely used birth name "Mathangi." Still, there was definitely some pop culture inspiration in the creative process, courtesy of Toronto all-stars Drake and the Weeknd.

The Sri Lanka native explains that sonically Matangi is her most wide-ranging album, and also the most spiritual, since it pulled concepts from old traditions. The track "Y.A.L.A., ("You Always Live Again)" for example, refers to the Hindu belief in reincarnation, and it also serves as a response to "Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)" which Drake made insanely popular with his late 2011 single "The Motto."

M.I.A. actually credits Drizzy with helping her to find a way to make the song connect with fans. "I know people are making it like it's an anti-Drake concept or whatever, but it's not. Reincarnation is really old," she told MTV News. "Politics had gotten really boring and I'd been through a lot of issues and concepts and felt like I understood it all, but then I had issues with putting it to my fans because it was a weird one."

"[Reincarnation] is 5,000 years old and it's a bit weird for people," she added. "At first I didn't know how the concept of Matangi even works in India, in the place where [it originated], so to bring it to the West and be like, 'There's this concept that's a bit weird' was difficult. But if ...

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‘Thor: The Dark World’: The Reviews Are In!

The god of thunder is back for another spin in the Marvel movie universe with but will the sequel to 2011's "Thor" get hammered by critics, or will it be at the center of a perfect storm of adoration?

The central characters from the first film are all back for round two — Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Darcy (Kat Dennings) and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) are all present and accounted for, but this time even the intern has an intern (hi, Jonathan Howard) and there are a few dark elves running around (Christopher Eccleston) to add interest.

Read on for a sampling of "Thor: The Dark World" reviews.

If You're Into That Sort of Thing, You'll Be Into It
"As it goes with superhero flicks, the true believers are the ones who'll groove on it the most. In fact, anyone who considers a giant hammer (called Mjolnir, as if you didn't know) as cool as a lightsaber or the Batmobile likely has more invested in the story than the average moviegoer.Let's face it, the real villain here is essentially a gloomy meteorological phenomenon." -- Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

Characters Based On Cartoons Can Get a Little Cartoony
"This sequel also doles out its supporting players in acceptable doses, so we don't get too much of Kat Dennings' snarky science assistant or Anthony Hopkins' overblown Odin. The latter does provide one of the film's sillier moments, when he fulminates at the villainous Loki (Tom Hiddleston), 'Your only BIRTHRIGHT-AH! Was to DIE-YEE!'" — Alonso Duralde, The ...

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