December 5, 2020

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Justin Bieber Crashes Ariana Grande Show, Makes Big Sean Mad

Apparently this is becoming a trend for Justin Bieber. This is the latest Ariana Grande show that he decided to show up and perform at but this time, he’s made someone mad. At the end of the set, Bieber gets a little too cozy with Grande, who’s currently dating rapper Big Sean. Sean has since deleted his tweet about the incident but not before people had seen it… (MORE) Read More ...

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Michelle Obama has dance party with Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon — VIDEO

Did teenagers Sasha and Malia Obama give their mom some acting tips? The First Lady appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night  to discuss the fourth year of Let’s Move! and to encourage young people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act — but the sit-down chat isn’t what has people buzzing. Much like she’s done in past appearances with Fallon, Mrs. Obama also appeared in a viral-ready skit. In yet another holdover from Late Night, Fallon brought back Ew!, his Saturday Night Live-esque teen girl talk show, where he and another guest (this time, Will Ferrell) pretend to be 13-year-olds and discuss matters of great importance to teens: Harry Styles, kissing posters of Harry Styles, etc. The First Lady was a great sport in the silly sketch, and managed to give great face to the cameras, plug healthy snacks (Kale chips!), and, of course, even participated in a requisite dance party. ...

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North West REVEALED!!!

Here she is for the first time … the spawn of Kim Kardashian  and Kanye West. Kanye revealed the photo of baby North West on Kris Jenner‘s talk show moments  ago, a last ditch effort to boost ratings before Fox decides whether to pick the  show up for a full series … something Kim’s mother is desperately hoping  for. Read more: Visit Fishwrapper: ...

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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is currently in lockdown from her 5150 hold due to the fire she set in LA earlier this week but it’s probably the best thing that could have ever happened to her because she’s finally seeing doctors and it looks like she might be schizophrenic; her doctors are trying to keep her in the hospital for the next 2 weeks to make sure and give her proper medication because it’s become clear that she is not of sound mind and her mental health is suffering! ...

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Lindsay Lohan Prego

Lindsay Lohan is so desperate for kids that she’s spending her last days in rehab is an interesting way; she’s been reaching out to all her male friends, asking for their semen! She’s apparently got it in her head that she should have a child before she’s 30 and that it’s the one thing that would keep her grounded. She’s talked about having a baby before, which is clearly ridiculous, but to use an innocent child as a tool towards sobriety is disgusting! ...

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50 Cent Allegedly Kicked Baby Mama

3:43 PM PT — Apparently, the Billy Jean tweet didn’t really mean anything, he just  happens to be listening to Michael Jackson music … writing, “I’m in the car I  haven’t been arrested. I’m listing to MJ#SMSAUDIO” 3:33 PM PT — 50 Cent just posted a tweet that seems like it’s directed at his  accuser — “look billy jean your not my lover.” It’s unclear if he’s  trying to say he’s not the father of her child. 3:20 PM PT — The woman accusing 50 Cent of domestic violence is a  second baby mama. Translation: 50 Cent has TWO  kids. 50  Cent has been charged with domestic violence after the rapper allegedly  kicked one of his baby mamas and destroyed a bunch of property in her condo last  month … TMZ has learned. The L.A. City Attorney tells TMZ … 50 is  accused of causing $7,100 in damage during the June 23 incident, which took  place inside the victim’s condo in Toluca Lake, Ca. According to  officials, LAPD officers were... ...

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