July 17, 2018

Ed Sheeran On Musical March Madness Trophy: ‘It’s The <i>Biggest</i> Award I’ve Ever Got.’

It's been more than a month since Ed Sheeran triumphed over Thirty Seconds To Mars in MTV's Musical March Madness tournament, and since then, he's celebrated his championship on an epic victory tour across North America (aka )

But what have we been doing? Why, forging his MMM trophy, of course. And after a month of toiling away in the foundry, on Thursday, we finally presented Sheeran with his hardware: a ten-pound muscle man, mid flex, that makes all other championship trophies seem puny by comparison. And, understandably, Ed was pumped to receive it.

"This is what I used to look like before I discovered burgers," he laughed, eyeing the bulging, bronzed pectoral muscles of his trophy. "It's the biggest award I've ever got!"

Of course, he owes his MMM victory to the fanatical support of his Sheerios, who guided him through the tournament, past 63 other acts, and helped shatter records for voting. So, ever the humble champ, he took a moment to thank them for helping him take home the title.

"Even though they've given the award to me, I didn't do all the coting, so thank you for voting and taking up so much of your time; I know it was quite intense, but this is all worth it," he laughed. "But I'm disappointed you kept his underwear on, he doesn't look like he's packing anything."

We'll admit, he's right: our trophy is big all over, just not in the pants (we suspect this is a side-effect of too much bodybuilding). But Sheeran's not ashamed; if anything, he can't wait to take his MMM trophy out on tour.

"This is going to come out on the road ... I'll put it on the bus," he said. "Our bus driver cooks bar be cue, and we have a tub of pork belly, but we've left it a bit too long, so the fat's turned white and it's a bit disgusting, so I'll stick this by it."

Who knows, he might even bring the MMM trophy on stage ... anything to make his tourmate Taylor jealous.

"I'm sure her seven Grammys are going to look really tiny next to this," he laughed.

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