July 20, 2018

James Franco Is Planning An Epic ‘Rant’ For The Big Screen

Looks like James Franco’s cooking up another epic rant.

Don’t worry; this won’t be of the expletive-filled Twitter variety.

The multi-faceted actor confirmed on Instagram Thursday (September 11) night that he’s developing a movie based on Chuck Palaniuk’s novel “Rant.”

“ME AND CHUCK PALAHNIUK!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my homegirl, @pamromanowski!!!!!,” he wrote in the caption next to a picture of Palaniuk’s 2007 novel and a deranged, smiley headshot of himself.

And just to quell any concerns that the “Sausage Party” actor’s talking out of his head, the “Fight Club” writer himself corroborated the report.

“Rant” is the childhood nickname of the story’s protagonist Buster, who grew up in the rural town of Middleton, where he loved to get bitten by rabid animals, snakes and spiders. Buster later moves to an urban area where residents hail from two factions: Daytimers and Nighttimers.

Currently, Franco is working on an adaptation of Steve Erickson’s novel Zeroville.

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