July 20, 2018

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Taylor Swift Invented A New Word For Snooping On Her Fans Online

by 8 mins ago

In just 24 hours, Taylor Swift has pretty much taken over the planet (the universe? the galaxy?) with her 1989 album. (Perhaps you’ve heard about it?)

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And with her playing shows on New York City rooftops, appearing on “The Voice” and pretty much everywhere else, you’d think she’d have no time left to, you know, invent new words to describe snooping on her fans.

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But, behold: #taylurking, TSwift’s latest obsession and the perfect example of why Swifties are losing their minds over the singer’s big pop moment. Here are some of our favorite lurks:

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Beer for Breakfast? Meet Count Chocula Milk Stout

by 38 mins ago

If you happen to be in Fort Collins, Colorado, next weekend and get a hankering for a big bowl of Count Chocula (because Halloween, duh), but you can’t find it at the grocery store, try Black Bottle Brewery. Wait, what?

Yeah, the micro-brewery and brew pub about an hour from Denver has a lock on the ‘Choc this year thanks to brewmeister Sean Nook. He’s kind of cornered the market on the marshmallow-licious dessert cereal to make this year’s batch of his craft brewery’s Halloween-themed Cerealiously beer.

Totally weird, but in a good way
“I’m kind of a weirdo and I decided we should do a milk stout and put cereal in it,” Nook told MTV News. “We do different [cereal beers] all year long, like five to six times per year. I came up with this idea about a year ago after we did beers with Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Bunches of Oats. We get criticized by beer purists and bloggers, but they’ve worked really well and killed it out of the gate.”

Nook, 34, brewed about eight barrels of the Chocula stout, which is only available on tap at his brew pub. But as word has spread, he’s gotten offers from Russia, England and distributors in almost every state in the country to buy some of his signature brew.

“I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder and sell out,” he said, adding that the Chocula is the fastest moving cereal beer he makes. In fact, while ...

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Pennsylvania High School’s Football Season Canceled Over… Waterboarding?

by 1 min ago

Just weeks after their season was canceled and seven New Jersey high schoolers were detained over allegations that they assaulted fellow football team members during hazing rituals, a school in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, has called off its football season over similarly shocking allegations.

The Central Bucks High School West varsity and junior varsity football seasons were canceled on Thursday — one day before the homecoming game — after police alleged that team members in one of the state’s premier football programs engaged in hazing that was sexual in nature and included a type of waterboarding.

According to NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Central Bucks Regional Police said the hazing ranged from a young player being held down while his hair was shaved off, to a form of waterboarding in which seniors would place towels over young player’s heads and send them into the showers.

There was also reportedly an initiation ritual in which fully clothed rookies were required to grab another player’s genitals in front of most of the team’s other members.

Superintendent David Weitzel said the activities did not result in physical harm “but were not harmless.” All the junior varsity and varsity coaches were also immediately suspended following an investigation, in which police said there doesn’t appear to have been any criminal activity. Weitzel apologized to any of the players were were subjected to the “demeaning actions of fellow players” and noted that hazing is strictly forbidden in the district code of conduct.

What’s It Like To Come Back From War In Afghanistan? Find Out In ‘MTV’s Got Your 6′

by 2 mins ago

What’s it feel like to come back from the stress of the Afghanistan war front and try to settle back in to your regular life? You’ll find out on November 11, when MTV premieres “MTV’s Got Your 6,” a riveting new documentary that follows the journey back home of four young Afghanistan veterans.

The show, which will air at 5 p.m. ET/PT on Veterans Day, shines a light on the unique experiences of young soldiers and Marines returning from active duty. Created in partnership with leading veteran empowerment campaign, Got Your 6, the special will be part of a day-long commemoration of Veterans Day that will look at the lives of post-9/11 servicemen and women across all of MTV’s on-air and editorial and social platforms.

Their stories, from their perspectives
Using raw GoPro footage shot by soldiers and Marines on the ground in Afghanistan, “Got Your 6″ will take viewers to the front lines and give a first-hand look at those experiences and how they impacted the soldiers and Marines. Combined with candid interviews and footage from their daily stateside lives, the documentary chronicles the transition back to life at home, giving a rare and unfiltered look at the extraordinary sacrifices made by some of the more than 1.3 million Americans deployed and now returning from Afghanistan.

“MTV’s Got Your 6″ — a title derived form the military jargon that translates roughly into “I’ve got your back” — follows the individual stories of four young soldiers and Marines from across the country as ...

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Counselors Have Been Helping UNC Students Cheat For 18 Years

by 15 mins ago

The rumors have floated around for years: something was not right at the University of North Carolina. The prestigious 219-year-old Chapel Hill school is consistently listed among the highest ranked universities in the country and is renowned for its academics and the strength of its men’s basketball and women’s soccer teams.

But according to a damning independent report released on Wednesday, thousands of students have benefitted from a corrupt system that has allowed them to take phony “paper classes” for the past 18 years in order to keep their sports eligibility. The scandal has already taken down four employees and now it could put some of the school’s national sports championships in jeopardy.

One professor is called out, but he’s probably not alone
“These counselors saw the paper classes and the artificially high grades they yielded as key to helping some student-athletes remain eligible,” said former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein, who was hired by UNC to independently investigate the academic fraud exposed by a number of media outlets in 2010. The eight-month investigation yielded a 131-page report that found that at least 3,000 students took the paper classes, but Wainstein said that number could actually be much higher.

Five years after the scandal was first uncovered, UNC administrators admitted that the fraud included not just academics, but also its vaunted athletics program, leading to the four firings and the disciplining of five other employees. It is especially damning because UNC has long had a reputation as a school where sports and academics were ...

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A Former NASA Engineer Just Turned Your iPhone Into A Sick Halloween Costume

by 17 mins ago

With the Space Shuttle permanently on blocks, NASA mechanical engineer Mark Rober has some time on his hands. So, after killing the Halloween game three years ago with his digital “Hole in the Chest” iPad costume, he’s back this year with a whole bunch of new versions that use iPhones for creepily real, bloody effects.

The patented technology is available through Digital Dudz, where you can find a whole bunch of morph body suits, t-shirts and masks that have a hidden pouch for your phone. (No more cutting a hole in the shirt and Duck-taping your phone into the right spot.)

Using a free iPhone or Android app, you can turn the device into anything from a “Terminator”-style digital eye to beating hearts, a maggot-filled mouth, Iron Man Arc Reactor, and, yes, an exposed brain.

Here are some of his coolest inventions:

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These Three Girls Skipped School To Join ISIS

by 18 mins ago

The battle against the so-called Islamic State terrorist group (also known as ISIL or ISIS), rages on. And so, apparently, does the allure for teenage girls of joining the group. The latest attempt took place in a Denver suburb, when three high schoolers recently skipped class and booked tickets to Syria in an attempt to gain membership into the shadowy organization that is fighting for land in Iraq and Syria.

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According to CNN, Denver dad Assad Ibrahim suspected something was wrong when his daughter’s Denver-area school called to let him know she was not in class. When he reached her, she said she was just late for class, not on her way to Syria to join the terrorist group. So, the local sheriff’s office filed a runaway report for the teen of Sudanese descent.

She was on the run with two girls of Somali descent who joined her on a flight to Turkey via Germany, while telling their father that they were just headed to the library. When Ibrahim called the two girls’ father, Ali Farah, he was informed that he should check to see if his daughters’ passports were missing. They were, along with $2,000 in cash.

The FBI gets involved
The families contacted the FBI, which put a notice on all three girls’ passports, which allowed authorities in Germany to intercept the 15- and 17-year-old sisters and their 16-year-old friend at Frankfurt airport and put them on ...

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Taylor Swift Can, Literally, Make A Hit Single Out Of Nothing

by 15 mins ago

Perhaps you were still under the illusion that there are things Taylor Swift cannot do. Well, you should be ashamed. Because pretty much every day for the past week Taylor has found a way to make her Swifties freak out about every single thing she does.

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And because you insist on being an obstinate hater, here’s the ultimate proof. She hit #1 on the Canadian iTunes single chart on Tuesday by doing… nothing. Literally nothing. Like, static. Eight seconds of it, to be exact.

According to Slate, because of some glitch in the iTunes Canada chart yesterday, a track was released that appeared to be a new song from 1989, listed as “Track 3.” What it was, however, was just static. Regardless, it shot right to #1 and fans paid $1.29 for it.

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As of Wednesday morning (October 22), the Earth appeared to have titled back into its proper orbit and the mysterious track was nowhere to be found on the chart. Taylor did, however, have the two spots nailed down with “Welcome to New York” and “Shake It Off,” with “Out of the Woods” down at #5.

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Kansas City Radio Station Playing Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Every Hour Today, Because Baseball

by 43 mins ago

Forget about the whole baseball World Series game 1 thing that’s taking place in Kansas City on Tuesday night (October 21). The real battle is taking place on the airwaves of radio stations in Kansas City and San Francisco.

After a pair of Bay Area radio stations announced that they were banning Lorde‘s “Royals” from the airwaves during the duration of the Series — since, you know, it was inspired by a National Geographic picture of Royals’ great George Brett — a Kansas City station hit back on Monday.

“In response, Kansas City radio station, ’99.7 THE POINT,’ KOIT’s sister station, plan to pump ‘Royals’ into the highest rotation on the station, playing it on the hour, every hour, from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., on opening night of the World Series , Tuesday, October 21, 2014,” The Point announced.

“I respect the work of Mr. Brian Figula, 96.5 KOIT Program Director, and his team of broadcast professionals at our sister stations in San Francisco, but we won’t let their anti-Royals spirit ruin this moment,” said Tony Lorino, The Point’s program director. “A few angry San Franciscans who don’t have a song called ‘Giants’ won’t rain on our parade.”

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Katy Perry’s Birthday Pizza Dreams Came True

by 17 mins ago

Some celebs feel like they need to go big for their birthday: a blow-out party at the hottest club, a $300,000 new car, maybe a trip for all of their friends to Turks & Caicos.

Not Katy Perry. She’s a simple girl. For her 29th birthday Katy Kat had a small request: her name on the sign outside of a Shakey’s Pizza. Of course pizza.

“All I want for my birthday is my name on the Shakey’s Pizza marquee on Santa Monica Blvd. Please,” she wrote on Twitter.

And, because she’s KP, someone made it happen. “KICKING OFF BIRTHDAY WEEK RIGHT! This signage is a bucket list dream come true!!!” she wrote on Monday night.

Well played, Sophia.

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