October 23, 2017

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Hangout Festival: Eight Lessons Learned On Instagram

This past weekend, MTV News had the pleasure of covering Hangout Music Festival from every imaginable angle — from the audience to the stage, from the water to the sky.

We did shrimp-kisses with Chrissy Teigen and made former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb scream. Macklemore gave us tips about festival food, Kendrick Lamar filled us in on Kanye West's Yeezus and we unleashed celebrity photo bombs on unsuspecting festival-goers — all in the picture-perfect beachfront setting of Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

But I wasn't all fun and games (OK, maybe it was). We learned a lot, too. And like most people, we learned it on Instagram.

Here are the eight lessons we learned about Hangout Festival via Instagram:

At Hangout Festival, 'P' In V.I.P. Stands For 'Pool'
Has there ever been a better place to watch a festival than a pool? Why didn't anybody think of this sooner?

Some People Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands
The great Hangout Mystery: Who brought the 6-foot inflatable penis to the Afrojack show? Someone actually went to a store, said "I'd like to buy the six-foot inflatable penis, please," brought it to Alabama and blew it up.

The Best Seats Are The Nosebleeds
Passion Pit, as viewed from the Ferris Wheel.

Wear Sunscreen
Listen to your mom, she loves you. If not, you will look like this guy.


Bassnectar Brings The Color
And the beach balls.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: What’s Next For J.J. Abrams And The Cast?

After four long years of waiting, wondering and speculating, "Star Trek Into Darkness" is finally here. But what are its stars and filmmakers up to now that they've followed through on the promise of the 2009 franchise reboot? Suffice it to say that they've already enjoyed lots of great opportunities, but with another virtually guaranteed blockbuster film under their belts, their respective futures look brighter than ever.

Check out a roundup of the projects that director J.J. Abrams and his ensemble cast have lined up immediately after "Star Trek Into Darkness."

J.J. Abrams
With the success of "Star Trek," Abrams became one of Hollywood's biggest creative powerhouses, and he's leveraging that clout with a remarkable slate of work as a producer, including sequels to "Cloverfield," "Mission: Impossible" and, yes, "

Chris Pine
Chris Pine took perhaps the most iconic captain in science-fiction history and made him his own — no easy feat. Next, he's trying to do the same thing with a character who's already been played not by one terrific actor, but three: Jack Ryan. Following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, Pine hopes to start another franchise for himself as director Kenneth Branagh ("Thor") helms a reboot of the mythology for Tom Clancy's famous CIA analyst.

'Star Trek Into Darkness': Five Secrets Revealed!

Zachary Quinto
Quinto's Spock is a revelation — not just updating the character made famous by Leonard Nimoy, but revealing the essential qualities needed to play a convincing Vulcan: sincerity, febrile intelligence and angular curiosity. In addition to being a regular on Eli ...

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Kanye West Preaches ‘Black Skinhead’: But What Did We Learn?

Kanye West has a lot on his mind. This past weekend, Yeezy debuted two new songs from his upcoming album Yeezus for the televised world on and both tracks had some pretty heavy messaging.

On 'Ye tussled with complex themes centered around racism and consumerism, while with "Black Skinhead," West jumped from topic to topic, addressing his interracial relationship Kim Kardashian, LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat and the rash of violence in his native Chicago.

It was a lot to take in, but we learned some things about Kanyeezy along the way.

Kanye West Is Well Aware Of Kim Kardashian Criticism
How can the criticism that Kimye face about their relationship not weigh on the celebrity couple? Both regularly come under fire in the media and West has strong words for he and Kimmie's detractors. "Enter the kingdom/ But watch who you bring home/ You see a black man with a white woman/ At the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong," he raps.

Yeezus Album May Bring Religious (Basketball-Themed) Blowback
NBA champion LeBron James used to be the pride of Cleveland, Ohio, that was until the Akron, Ohio-native and former Cleveland Cavaliers player took his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat in 2010. With that in mind, the "Jesus Walks" MC is expecting some religious controversy in light of his new album title: Yeezus. "My homey was the number-one draft pick/ They still burned his jersey in Akron/ If I don't get ran down by the Catholics/ Here ...

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The Wanted ‘Kind Of Copied Our Idea,’ And Big Time Rush Don’t Blame Them

If seems great minds think alike, Big Time Rush and The Wanted must be brilliant.

Both boy bands recently released videos that parody some of the greatest boy bands in pop history. Weeks after BTR paid homage in their "Like Nobody's Around" clip, The Wanted put their own stamp on some of the moves originated by *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and more in the video for

So, are there any hard feelings between the boy bands in the wake of the video releases? "You know what? I just watched The Wanted's video that they kind of copied our idea, kind of almost exactly," Carlos Pena told MTV News. "But, I like both songs and, you know, we're kind of representing the old boy bands. It was kind of an homage."

Plus, James Maslow added, "Well, you know, it's a good idea, so..."

So, with the guys of BTR cool with the fellas of The Wanted, they opened up a bit more about what it was like to make the "Like Nobody's Around" video, which reimagined the Temptations, The Jackson 5 and New Kids on the Block.

Who did it better: The Wanted or Big Time Rush?

Maslow explained, "It was a lot of fun to make though. We got to go in and look into the history of boy bands. We did our best to in a lighthearted sense to replicate and duplicate and make our own what they did and then kind of ends with modern day. It ends with us, Big Time Rush. We've been doing this four or ...

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Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus: An Item In The Studio?

Miley Cyrus has some big things up her sleeve in 2013. In addition to dropping her new single, on June 3, she might also have some music with Justin Bieber on the way.

She didn't have much to reveal when asked about the rumored collaboration with Bieber, whom she presented with the Top Male Artist prize at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, but she also didn't deny something is happening between them. She was photographed leaving his studio last Thursday.

"I know pictures are flying around," she told E! News. "You guys will have to wait and see. I'm the biggest at top secrets. I've had this single ['We Can't Stop'] ready for about a year, and I've had to keep my lips sealed and just not saying anything. So you'll see."

No word on which project the tune will appear on (Bieber is working on new music), but sources add that "something has been in the works for a collaboration." Last month, his manager, Scooter Braun, confirmed to MTV News that Bieber has been writing songs for the entirety of his Believe tour.

For now, fans have to look forward to Miley's Mike Will Made It-produced "We Can't Stop," serving as the first listen of her 2013 album release. "I feel like I can really be myself. I really have more of a connection of who I am, and I feel like I can maybe express that more in my music now," she told Billboard about the single, which will ...

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Afrojack, Baauer, Steve Aoki Reign Over EDM At Hangout Fest

GULF SHORES, Alabama — Now that the Hangout Festival is officially over, a look back at the weekend's sets proves that EDM ruled. The official electronic tent appropriately named the Boom Boom tent was packed with festival goers of all kinds coming together for one reason: to dance.

The festival kicked off Thursday evening with a pre-party starring the likes of Dillon Francis and Benny Benassi. Benny closed the party, but not before blaring his ageless classic "Satisfaction," and it seemed that tent was more than satisfied.

Afrojack stole Friday with marathon-like sets combining classics with new music. He came straight from Vegas on an hour of sleep and told Hangout Fest fans that they were the "best hangover he'd ever had." The audience was very grateful the master DJ/producer braved the heat, humidity and lack of sleep to rock the EDM tent for the afternoon. Then, Wolfgang Gartner took over Saturday.

On Sunday, electronic music fans were able to really indulge in the genre. Baauer, Porter Robinson and Steve Aoki had sets that attracted fans from all over the beach, from the rides and food stands... and from the other performances. Baauer danced his way through his show, blasting and mashing hip-hop favorites. Porter Robinson and Aoki lit up the tent with insane light shows and active graphics as a backdrop to their massive performances. Aoki stayed true to his famous stage behavior by caking his front row and showering them with champagne. His final touch was sending a few lucky fans off to surf the wild crowd on ...

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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Spoiler Special: Burning Questions Answered

By now you've probably seen at least once — the sequel has earned an impressive $165 million in worldwide box office since opening last week — or if you're like me, three times. Stop looking at me like that. I went to "Star Trek" conventions as a kid. This is in my blood. This is what I do.

Any "Trek" film lends itself to a good round of post-mortem of massive geekery by die-hards like myself, but this one might take the cake thanks to its many secrets held close by director J.J. Abrams and his team. Luckily we've got a direct line to "Star Trek Into Darkness" co-writer and producer Damon Lindelof. Last week, just as we did for "Prometheus," Lindelof and I traded a few emails to dive deep into the many secrets of the blockbuster.

Before we get to our correspondence, let me put this as bluntly as possible.


Still with us? OK, here goes.

From: Josh Horowitz
To: Damon Lindelof
Sent: Sat, May 11, 2013 2:58 pm

Here we go again. Thanks for subjecting yourself to my nerdy inquiries once again. I'd apologize but you're the one who co-wrote/produced a Star Trek movie. You knew what you were getting into. I've been lucky enough to plunge "Into Darkness" twice already (to be clear I'm talking about your movie because I first plunged into darkness long long before we knew each other) and truly thought it was a blast from start to finish. Congratulations.

OK, ...

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Hangout Festival Takes The Party Offstage In Seven Best Moments

The fourth annual Hangout Music Festival is now officially in the books and throughout the weekend, there were a ton of great moments, both onstage and off. Throughout the weekend, we had guest correspondence from EDM star Dillon Francis, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, former Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb and "Jersey Shore" alum Vinny Guadagnino covering all the sweaty action on the beach and downtown Gulf Shores. Here's the eight best offstage moments that captured the beachy vibes of Hangout Fest.

Vinny Photobombs Fans
Hangout Fest's beach setting is an ideal spot for fans to snap up candid digi-memories, and Vinny took advantage of the situation by dropping in on several group shots. The result? Some mild fan annoyance before putting two and two together.

Sway Finds A Rapper
Kendrick Lamar was running a bit late for his Hangout Fest set, so to entertain the crowd, Sway went looking for a few "real MCs." Surprisingly enough, he found one in 19-year-old Matt Webb, a physical therapy student from nearby Pensacola State. Watch the crowd erupt.

Chrissy And Katherine Hit The Mega-Drop
One of the main beach attractions in Gulf Shores is a rickety-looking thrill ride called the Mega-Drop. It's simple: you go to the top of a giant pole and the contraption drops you... fast. Chrissy and Katherine really attempted to keep their fear in check.

An Ol' Fashion Shrimp Eatin' Contest
Being at Gulf Shores, it's smart to indulge in one of the region's prized possessions — seafood. Chrissy and Katherine indulged big time. Watch as they inhale a whole bunch of shrimp ...

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