April 20, 2024

Fall Out Boy’s <i>Save Rock And Roll</i> Success Has Them Feeling ‘Like A–holes’

It’s been nearly five years since Fall Out Boy’s last album, and almost four since their now-infamous “hiatus.” In that time, FOB’s four members have released solo albums, experimented with electronics, and formed side projects … but never seemed all that interested in getting the band back together.

Which is why the idea of Fall Out Boy reuniting — let alone recording a new album — seemed an impossibility. Only, in February, the impossible happened: FOB announced their return, kicking off a frantic, two-month scramble that has included triumphant shows, eye-catching music videos, and, of course, a brand-new record, Save Rock And Roll, which hits stores Tuesday. Comeback complete.

So, on a day many thought would never come, MTV News emailed FOB frontman Patrick Stump to get his take on the band’s long journey back, the overwhelming reception they’ve received from their fans, and the success of their new album … all of which he’s still having a difficult time wrapping his head around.

“Not in a million years [did I expect this]. As I’m writing this, we have the number one album on iTunes and the number ten single,” Stump wrote. “For a band that felt like a longshot the first time we got struck by career lightning to go away for a few years and sell records against powerhouses like Justin Timberlake … If we expected to succeed on this scale? We’d be a–holes.”

And that success is even sweeter, considering that there was a point when Stump believed Fall Out Boy was finished. It was during a decidedly down time where he contemplated quitting music altogether, or at least disappearing from the stage. Truly, reuniting with his former bandmates was the furthest thing from his mind.

“There was only one point where I doubted us returning and that was right around the time I wrote my now annoyingly-famous blog,” he said. “We as a band had never had any conversations that meant anything other than ‘Okay, we’ll do our things, and then reconvene.’ As we started doing interviews and they got taken out of context, even the band started to wonder a little if maybe we’d broken up. Plus, that Taylor Swift song just got to me.”

Yet, they made it through. And now that FOB’s new era is officially underway, Stump has had some time to reflect on how far they’ve come … and appreciate everything he’s got as the band moves forward from here.

“Over the years, working through my own ego and all that, I’ve arrived at the understanding that Pete’s one of my favorite lyricists of our generation,” he said. “Writing songs with his words is an amazing experience now that I’m mature enough to appreciate it. And holy smokes do I appreciate it. Getting this record out is a total joy.”

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