June 3, 2020

First ‘Taken 3′ Photos Preview The Possible Series Finale

The third “Taken” movie — which you should definitely know is called “Tak3n” — is hitting theaters in January, and USA Today has a first look at photos, an interview with ass-kicker extraordinaire Liam Neeson, and some details about the story.


This time around, the particularly skilled, former CIA agent Bryan Mills finds himself framed for a murder, and he has to go on the run from the bad guys and the authorities.

And from the way Neeson talks about “Takthreen,” it sounds like this is the last round for the late-blooming action star.


“It’s a rollicking good story, but I think this is the end,” he said. “I feel audiences saying, ‘Come on, he’s 62, enough is enough,’ I’m very sensitive to that and if I pick up that vibe it will all stop. And I’ll start playing dads or grandfather. But I keep myself pretty fit and my knees are still great. And it’s fun.”

“Tak3n” opens in theaters on January 9.

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