August 21, 2018

Lady Gaga Prepping For The Applause In New VMA Pics: Catch A Peek

Lady Gaga teased us on Twitter on Wednesday (August 21), promising us photos from her VMA rehearsals. Well, early this morning (August 24), she finally delivered -- big time.

In addition to sharing a black and white self-snap on Facebook with the caption "We're opening the show! 'Applause' starring Lady Gaga. #VmaRehearsal," the "Applause" singer also posted a picture to Twitter featuring her and her black-capped dancers.

Mother Monster is slated to open the 2013 Video Music Awards Sunday at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center with the first-ever performance of her ARTPOP single, "Applause." Earlier this week, the singer told NYC radio station Z-100 that her performance will be inspired by her "Applause" music video.

"I am opening the show," she said. "Well, yes, I'm dancing and what you see in the video is where I am now with my body. I'm dancing 'til my feet bleed every day to make sure I give the fans a performance that they won't forget."

No word yet as to whether the video's true star, a taxidermied swan borrowed from Dita Von Teese, will also make an appearance. One can dream, though.

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