July 20, 2018

Steve Jobs Might Appear On A Stamp: Here’s Six More Faces We’d Like To Lick

Stamps: You lick 'em, you stick 'em, you bust 'em out when a tweet won't do, and, come 2015, they could be emblazoned with Steve Jobs' face — among other luminaries.

Thursday, The Washington Post revealed a list of approved postage stamp subjects slated to appear on those little lick-y things over the course of the next few years.

The Apple co-founder was on the list, as well as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Jim Morrison and Dora The Explorer. Granted, those entrants are subject to change, but the list is still pretty eclectic — George W. Bush appears right there next to guitars!

"The postal service is looking to bring more timely, relevant, contemporary subjects to stamps ... pop-culture subjects appealing to younger audiences," USPS spokesman Roy Betts told CNN. "It creates excitement."

Well, USPS, although I am certainly trembling with excitement at the prospect of licking Steve Jobs' face, might I suggest a few additions to really get tongues wagging?

Check it and, if you like what you see, hit me on the P.O. -- box that, is.

Justin Bieber

Exclusively for mail that you would like to send to Canada.

Jennifer Lawrence

For positive — and slightly oversharey — letters only. Preferably smeared with Dorito dust.

Kanye West

You know, in case you want to ask Sway for some answers.

Mark Zuckerberg

For mail that you don't mind just anyone opening and reading.

Shia LaBeouf

Only to be used when corresponding with wholly unfamous people.

Miley Cyrus

Comes pre-licked!

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