August 21, 2018

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Ashley Benson Had To Protect Selena Gomez On ‘Spring Breakers’ Set

by 05/24/14

Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez became fast friends shooting “Spring Breakers,” one of last year’s hottest movies. But while they bonded over bikinis and body shots on set, apparently it wasn’t all going out to eat or just hanging out at the beach.

Stepping outside of their salacious characters, Benson and Gomez had fun in the two-week time frame before the scandolous movie was set to film. Still, Benson recently recounted how her relationship with Gomez also became protective.

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“The four of us were filming this motel party scene and we had to observe what was going on and be in character. My and Vanessa [Hudgens'] characters loved to party, so we couldn’t do anything to break that persona. But I remember looking over to the floor at these two girls rolling around and making out completely naked. At that moment, I literally closed Selena’s eyes. I felt like I had to mother her,” Benson told Complex magazine.

That’s not to say the “Pretty Little Liars” star’s actions were entirely maternal. She also described an adventure with co-star Hudgens at the airport, once filming was wrapped. “We lost track of time getting dinner ’cause we were so tired, so we missed our flight. After spending two months in Florida, we just wanted to go home. We cried our eyes out on the floor and then picked ourselves up and had some drinks. … We went to the bar, and ...

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How Many Famous Faces Joined Andy Samberg For The ‘SNL’ Finale?

by 05/18/14

Here’s the fun thing about “SNL.” It’s like high school, where everyone gets nostalgic and can’t help but drop by to see each other again and rehash the best of times (albeit with way funnier people than your average hometown). Season finales usually feature some familiar faces, and this one might have set a record for most celebrity cameos in a single episode. (Our official count was 12.)

It all started in the monologue, where Andy Samberg was super excited to be back on the 8H stage. Samberg apologized that Justin Timberlake couldn’t make an appearance as he is currently on tour in Russia, but JT, ever the gentlemen, sent Samberg a picture for good luck.

Samberg was soon joined by former “Weekend Update” and current “Late Night” host Seth Meyers. Meyers challenges Samberg to best Bill Hader’s record of most celebrity impressions- 23. In lightening round fashion Samberg rips through Young John Travolta, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Zooey Deschanel, Seth Rogen and more, besting Hader at 24. But not to be outdone, Hader appears, retaining his master of impressions title as he pulls out Casey Kasem and Andy Samberg dialogue. Then for fun, Martin Short came over.

Celebs didn’t just hang out on set, but they got some love in the pre-taped Digital Shorts as well. In the first sketch Lil Jon tells a crowd of EDM concert-goers to “get turned up to death,” where the music makes heads explode. In the second short (yes we were spoiled) Pharrell joins The Lonely Island ...

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Andy Samberg Taps The Lonely Island And Pharrell For ‘SNL’ Digital Shorts

by 05/18/14

In his opening monologue as host of last night’s (May 17) “Saturday Night Live” episode, Andy Samberg recounted that he had appeared in 100 Digital Shorts, and approximately six live sketches. The guy who brought us “D**k In A Box” and “Lazy Sunday” delivered yet again when he treated the audience with not one, but two new Digital Shorts on the show’s season finale.

First up, Samberg appeared as a raving EDM DJ, perched high atop the elevated booth where he sits in front of a computer pumping out jams to the moshing crowd below. Davvincii, as he is called, fist pumps and finger points his way around, steering clear of pressing the bright red BASS button, leaving the ravers to wonder when the bass will drop. When Davvincii does drop the bass, Lil Jon appears to “get turned up to death.”

Call it a hunch, but we had a feeling that Samberg and his crew, The Lonely Island, were on the verge of releasing some new tunes. In the second Digital Short of the night Samberg and The Lonely Island boys rap about the non-exclusivity of giving out hugs. “You think we’re an item just because I gave you a hug last night? Trick, you better think again” sings Samberg. Pharrell jumps in on the fun, advising “Don’t catch feelings/It ain’t love/They’re just the kings of giving out hugs.”


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‘Saturday Night Live’ Reveals Audio From Jay Z And Solange Elevator Fight

by 05/18/14

After a tumultuous week of elevator video footage, mysterious Instagram activity and a silence-breaking public statement, you’d think the Beyonce/Jay Z/Solange outburst would finally be put to rest.

But before we “move forward as a family,” “SNL” decided to uncover what Jay and Solange really were fighting about. Solange (Sasheer Zamata) and her brother-in-law Jay (Jay Pharoah) appear to make a joint statement, with a jumpy bodyguard (Kenan Thompson) standing nearby in case there are any sudden movements. Solange is all smiles, repeatedly expressing her love for Jay, citing the photo evidence at the Nets game the day after the leak. Then we are treated to the footage, with audio.

It turns out, Jay just had a spider on him. Solange is being a helpful family member by doing her best to get the spider off, slapping and kicking her way to protect him from his arachnaphobia. Check it out:


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See Miley Cyrus Shower Throwback Adorableness On ‘Mama’ For Mother’s Day

by 05/11/14

Moms are simply the best. Even though a good old-fashioned phone call is always appreciated on a day like today, celebrities are also sharing the love for their Mammas to all of their followers (most with amazing throwback pics).

Appreciate these celeb moms — after all, they did bring some of the most talented peeps into this world. Without them we wouldn’t have seen Miley twerkin’, JT bringing sexy back, or have coined the term, “It’s Britney, Bitch.”


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Kim Kardashian Is The Queen Of Chic Bridal Shower Selfies

by 05/11/14

Is it just us, or can you practically hear the wedding bells ringing for Kim and Kanye’s upcoming nuptials all the way from Paris?

The famous couple is set to wed on May 24 according to the formal invitation (ours, we assume, was lost in the mail). So we’re not across the pond yet, but Kim did give us a sneak peek at what went down at her bridal shower on May 10.

Joined by her family and BFFs, Kim celebrated the day at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, with decorative French touches to reflect the destination venue. Guests like fashion designer Rachel Roy were treated to a place setting of white floral arrangements, Laduree macarons and a scrumptiously edible Eiffel Tower.

Afterwards the girls moved the fun to a black-and-white photo booth, where they puckered up and posed in selfie fashion. The pics were even with printed with Kanye (Hearts) Kim in the upper right-hand corner. Aw.

A glowing Ciara stepped into the frame with Kim, who was wrapped in pearls and wore all white for the affair.

Khloe Kardashian snapped a pic with her sis, who she lovingly refers to as “My Keeks.”

Kim with more of her crew.

Strike up the Wedding March!


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Watch Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Have The Worst Makeout Session Ever On ‘Saturday Night Live’

by 05/04/14

Andrew Garfield was admittedly nervous for his first time hosting on the “Saturday Night Live” stage, so he sought the advice of his “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ co-star (and real-life love interest), Emma Stone. As Garfield began his monologue, Stone popped up to help him along. She clued him in to the “SNL” band, who laugh at everything, and suggested he be a little self-deprecating, to which Garfield replied with a goofy smile, “I am a terrible father!”

Garfield channeled a different kind of super star in the Celebrity Family Feud sketch, doing his best heavy-breathing as Justin Timberlake. American musicians faced off against international ones, with appearances by Bruno Mars (Nasim Pedrad in a fedora), Skrillex (Kyle Mahoney), Shakira (Kate McKinnon in a white pantsuit), Drake (Jay Pharoah) and Aidy Bryant as Adele.

Although we know Garfield has many musical talents, as demonstrated with his guitar playing on “The Tonight Show” earlier in the week, in the next sketch we learn that he is not a fan of Beyonce. Turns out “Drunk In Love” just “doesn’t do it” for the actor. He is forced to go on the run for speaking ill of the Queen Bee, dodging aggressive pursuits to track him down and make him do the “Single Ladies” dance.

Garfield finally puts the Spider-Man suit to good use when he and Stone step into their roles from the movie, standing in front of a green screen to shoot their kissing scene. They have difficulty nailing the makeout (although ...

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