July 20, 2018

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Everyone On ‘SNL’ Wanted To Show Jim Carrey Their Own Jim Carrey Impression

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Jim Carrey‘s physical comedy is unbeatable, and with the upcoming release of “Dumb and Dumber To,” the sequel to the original 1994 hit, he’s back in the spotlight. Hosting this season’s Halloween episode on “Saturday Night Live,” Carrey set out to get a little spooky, do some celebrity impressions, and reunite his favorite movie characters. Here’s how the episode went down:

All In The Carrey Family

Carrey stars as himself at a family reunion, where his relatives and the “SNL” players get to show off their own Jim Carrey impressions. Taran Killam is up first, pulling off the signature facial moves and signature “Alrighty Then” line. Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah follow, giving nods to Carrey’s classic films “Ace Ventura,” “The Cable Guy” and “The Mask.” But it wouldn’t be complete without a cameo from Jeff Daniels, who comes on as “Uncle Lloyd” and makes the most annoying sound in the world.

Alright Alright Alright

The comedian pokes fun of Matthew McConaughey’s latest car commercials, pulling out his long drawl and contemplative thoughts. “Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. And I don’t mean go back and reminisce, or chase ghosts, I mean take a big step back. Like go from winning an Oscar to doing a car commercial.” Unrelated to the episode, but Kate Hudson also offered her own McConaughey impression recently, and it’s equally dead-on.

Helvis Has Left The Building

Carrey takes the stage for his monologue ...

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Watch Iggy Azalea And MØ Debut ‘Beg For It’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

by 11 mins ago

Iggy Azalea had us begging for it, eagerly awaiting her next single. The Aussie rapper made her musical debut on October 25th’s “Saturday Night Live” episode, performing “Beg For It” for the first time, from the upcoming reissue of her album Reclassified.

The track has a catchy beat the likes of “Fancy,” but features a new face in Danish singer . While the single’s cover art skews 80s, Azalea and co. hit the stage clad in black, singing “I know you like the way I turn it up/I’m out here with my friends/Imma make you beg, Imma make you beg for it.”

Earlier in the night, Azalea was joined by Rita Ora for “Black Widow” after making an intro with “Fancy.” While smoke settled onstage Iggy rocked her varsity jacket with “Who Dat” on the back in front of a chain link fence.

But the rapper also got some screen time. In the office party Halloween sketch, Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon both don nude leotards in costume as Maddie Ziegler from Sia’s “Chandelier” video. When they dance all over the 8H studio, they come across Azalea right before she performs. She rips off her coat to reveal the same outfit and platinum blonde wig.

At the end of the night Azalea had six thoughts on her “Saturday Night Live” fun. “1. I had so much fun doing the Halloween party skit 2. I loved the promo pictures but I wish they hadn’t photoshopped all my moles off ...

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Watch Bill Hader Return To ‘SNL’ As Stefon

by 38 mins ago

In his eight seasons as a castmember on “Saturday Night Live,” Bill Hader mastered impressions ranging from Julian Assange to Charlie Sheen, but it was an original character, Stefon, that continuously kept the audience (and himself) laughing.

The October 11 episode of “SNL” not only saw the return of Hader as host for the night, but a return to the “Weekend Update” news desk for Stefon. And yes, the sketch had everything — even those notorious breaks.

New York’s hottest club is Whimsy, according to Stefon. They’ve got congas, MTV’s Dan Cortese (remember “Rock ‘N Jock”?), and even the TV channel at the hotel that’s about the hotel. It’s the kind of place that will make you feel weird the next time you see your parents.

For the dumb folks looking to get murdered, Stefon suggests Jan’s New Backpack, a place filled with asbestos, lupus, Dan Cortese (again), a doorman who always high-fives children of divorce and the “Prozac Dooby Brothers.”

Oh, and if you’ve been wondering what Stefon and Seth Meyers have been up to since they got married, they’re going house-hunting because Stefon is pregnant!

With A Little Help From His Friends

Hader opened the show alongside a monologue-crashing Kristen Wiig (his current “Skeleton Twins” co-star), who provided moral support/peer pressure to get him to sing.

With some coaxing, a reluctant Hader belted out lyrics to the ’80s rock-inspired tune, but the sound of his lower-than-low voice elicited the reaction “With love, yikes.” In popped Harvey Firestein, another victim of Hader’s impressions, ...

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This Is What A ‘Maze Runner,’ ‘Hunger Games’ & ‘Divergent’ Mash-Up Looks Like

by 19 mins ago

From the director of “The Maze Runner,” a producer of “Divergent” and a casual fan of “The Giver” comes the latest film adaptation of a young-adult novel you don’t want to miss. OK, actually it’s a parody trailer that aired on last night’s (October 11) episode of “Saturday Night Live,” but come on. Play along.

This post-apocalyptic movie finds Pete Davidson thrown into the Meadow Fields on Category Day, where Sorties are sorted into groups like the Emotionals, the Foodies, the Hasidics and the House of Gryffindor. Elsewhere, the Lurkies, um, lurk in a bunch of super-lurky places.

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Adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of a “Hunger Games” trailer, “The Group Hopper” sees Davidson as Thehero, or “The Hero,” rising up against a horned and heavily made-up Bill Hader (à la Effie Trinket meets Maleficent), as he leads a group of fellow young adults to safety with the power of his Zoomerang necklace.

“The Group Hopper,” coming never to a theater near no one.


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5 Things Sarah Silverman Learned On ‘Saturday Night Live’

by 2 mins ago

Sarah Silverman may have been hosting “SNL” for the first time this weekend, but it wasn’t actually her first time in Studio 8H.

20 years ago Silverman had a short-lived run on the series, and spent most of her screen time being a pretty, curious girl in the audience. In honor of her return to the hallowed halls of comedy, here are a few tokens of wisdom from the night’s sketches that Silverman could impart to her younger self.

1. Ask The Right Questions

Silverman’s monologue catered to her comedy style, where she improvises with an audience member by sitting on her lap, longing to return to the times we were “carried, bathed and cared for.” But back in the ’90s, when Silverman had a short stint as a writer and featured player on “SNL,” she spent most of her time doing some deep thinking. We see the flashback footage as Silverman is seated in the audience and asking questions like “Are you going to do any solo albums now that you’ve left Wilson Phillips?” “What did you feed the dinosaurs?” “What makes the human knee bend?” The answers are endless.

2. Give It Up To God

In light of legendary comedian Joan Rivers’ passing, Silverman doles out cracks to fellow icons at a roast in Heaven. Seated at the table are the likes of Richard Pryor, Steve Jobs, an unassuming Ben Franklin, Lucille Ball, and a Freddie Mercury that is so gay even his teeth aren’t straight. Is it just us or ...

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Sarah Silverman Goes Hazel Grace In SNL’s ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Spoof

by 2 mins ago

We all know the story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. But what about Olive and Theodore? We found out last night on on Sarah Silverman’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

From oblivion to little infinities, the pair fall in love, but Olive has a confession to make: she has Ebola.

In “The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything,” being sick doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Pro tip: If you’re going to have sex, you better bring your hazmat suit. Because you can’t quarantine your heart. Watch the skit below:


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Ariana Grande Brought Her Cat Ears And The Weeknd To ‘SNL’

by 42 mins ago

Ariana Grande is sticking to her theme y’all. After sporting a pair of black cat ears onstage and on the red carpet at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Ari decided to bring ‘em along to studio 8H, where she was the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” with host Chris Pratt.

We’re guessing Ariana is:
a) Really committed to accessories
b) Planning on wearing her pre-Halloween costume all through October
c) Getting seriously superstitious with some black cat magic.

If the cat ears are at all a good luck charm, she certainly didn’t need it for her “SNL” debut.

In her opening number the pop star perched on a black piano, cat ears on top of her signature high ponytail. She began singing “Break Free” as a ballad, then skipped over to the larger stage to return the song to its high-intensity electric feel, neon disco lights flashing for her and the dancers to have an intergalactic dance session.

For her second performance, Ariana slowed things down with “Love Me Harder.” She was joined by The Weeknd, who made an appearance to duet on their song, facing each other while singing “‘Cause if you want to keep me/you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder.”

And lest you forget that Ariana actually got her start in acting, she made a cameo as an action figure come to life in the “He-Man and Lion-O” sketch. We’re digging her outfit.

Want more live Ariana Grande performances? Check out this emotional ...

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Chris Pratt Is A Crotch-Rubbing Superhero Come To Life On ‘SNL’

by 25 mins ago

Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. He can open a jar of pickles just as easily as he french-braids hair. He keeps things humble when he remembers the time he lived in a van down by the river, and dubbed his first headshot “Douchemaster McChest.”

All of which lends him to be a charming “Saturday Night Live” host. Let’s run through the highlights, shall we?

He’s Not Afraid To Show His Sensitive Side

In the Season 40 opening monologue, Pratt jokes about slimming down for his ripped role as Star-Lord in “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” by going on the “hey fat ass get into shape so you can be in my movie diet.” Strumming the guitar he serenades wife Anna Faris who is sitting in the audience, recalling the time the two “had sex and a baby popped out.”

He Makes A Great He-Man

Danny (Kyle Mooney) is just a lonely kid on his birthday when he makes a wish for his toys to come to life. Enter He-Man (Pratt) and Lion-O (Taran Killam), who discover the simple pleasures in life: cake, crotch-rubbing and hot sisters.

Marvel At His Princess Leia Buns, Hun

The Marvel franchise and its blockbuster success get spoofed with upcoming movie titles like “Bus People,” “Pam,” “Fancy Ghosts,” “Some Shopping Carts,” “Pam 2: The Winter Pam,” and Marvel’s very own “Star Wars,” where Pratt rocks some serious man buns as Princess Leia.

Pete Davidson Is A Business, Man

“Guy Code”s Pete Davidson makes his “SNL” ...

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Fraternity Suspended After Allegedly Using Color-Code System To Drug Female Guests

by 24 mins ago

The Zeta-Zeta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has been suspended by the University after allegations that the fraternity used a color-coded system to put date-rape drugs in drinks of female guests. The University made the announcement via Twitter, suspending the organization while an investigation is underway.

The TKE chapter held a party on September 12, where three women and one man who had attended all were vomiting and unable to walk back at their dorm that night and were later taken to the hospital.

At the party guests were marked with a red or black x upon entry, and only female guests were allowed to purchase an index card, which granted them “all access to the house” where they could get alcohol from any of the bars. University officers reported to the house at 1:20 am, where at least 40 people were in attendance, including many students that were underage.

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The women who were hospitalized all had their hands marked with a red x, with one saying she had a “weird feeling” before she blacked out. The man had a black x on his hand from the fraternity, but had taken a drink from a female’s cup who had a red x.

“Police tell us that one person has been arrested in the case, but has not been charged pending review by the district attorney,” Tom Luljak, vice chancellor for university ...

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A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Fought Off An Intruder With His Own Spear

by 13 mins ago

Okay, here’s an update in the extremely weird news section of this week: on Wednesday a man defended himself from an intruder by using a spear. Yes, that’s right—a spear.

Jimmy Morgan Jr. was awakened this past week (September 17) by the sound of someone entering his home around midnight and he immediately grabbed his spear to investigate.

The self-proclaimed hobbyist of SCA—or the Society for Creative Anachronism— Morgan is well-versed in the kind of medieval fighting with spears and swords that would be more at home in “Game of Thrones” than in his hometown of Wichita, Falls, Texas.

In an interview with his local news outlet KFDX, Morgan displayed his own love for the Westeros way of solving problems by sporting a Night’s Watch shirt, and recounting how he stabbed 25-year-old Thomas McGowan, who allegedly broke into Morgan’s home.

McGowan was reportedly on the run from the police when he entered Morgan’s house that night. He is charged with evading arrest, criminal trespass and driving under intoxication. Though he was seriously injured he is now recovering.

You can watch him recount the events in a video interview over at KFDX, but be warned, it is a graphic video. Wonder hat would Cersei say about this??


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