August 21, 2018

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Ride Along With Curren$y For ‘More Saturday Night Car Tunes’

by 15 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

There may not be any more Saturday morning cartoons, but thanks to Curren$y, we just got More Saturday Night Car Tunes.

“This’ll get you where you gotta go,” Spitta Andretti says on the intro of the 7-track EP. “This’ll get you to work. This’ll get you to the store. This’ll get you over to that girl’s house. This’ll get her to your house. This’ll get all y’all to the club…This’ll get you through yo’ smoke session.”

Providing a soundtrack for your travels, the Louisiana-based MC rhymes over beats by Joey Fatts, Cardo and SAP on this project. He’s also joined on the EP by Mac Miller on “Money Shot” and frequent collaborator Wiz Khalifa on “Countin Money.” Wiz also appeared on Curren$y’s August 2014 project, Saturday Night Car Tunes.

Of course, More Saturday Night Car Tunes picks up where Saturday Night Car Tunes left off. Spitta Andretti’s fascination with vintage cars is often center stage here also, as he raps on “Callin” about how he likes to end recording sessions.

“I step into the booth, layin’ something new,” he rhymes with his trademark smooth Spitta delivery. “And then I’m in the old school when that session is through.”

Whether you’re riding in an old school ride or not, you can stream or download Curren$y’s More Saturday Night Car Tunes below.

Drake Hands Out Trophies On Instagram For The #HoodGrammy Awards

by 13 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards won’t be for another 126 days (who’s counting?), but Drake is ready to hand out #HoodGrammys now!

Drizzy hit Instagram today (October 5) to hand out #HoodGrammys to some of his favorites of the year, including Bobby Shmurda, who earned a Drake nod for “Vocal Performance of the Year,” likely for his Shmoney Dance anthem, “Hot Ni–a.”

@bobby_shmurda for Vocal Performance of the Year…we need it.

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Shmurda wasn’t the only artist mentioned in the Drake posts. Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” and Rich Gang’s Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan-assisted “Lifestyle” were both up for “Best Performance By A Group Or Duo.” Drake couldn’t come up with a decisive winner there, so it might be the only tie in his #HoodGrammys list. Elsewhere, OG Maco ran away with the “Best All Around Turn Up” for – you guessed it – “U Guessed It.”

No Flex Zone or Lifestyle best performance by a group or duo…haaaaa Grammy's need to have a rap year. Run it up.

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OG Maco ft key! – Bitch You Guessed It for best all around turn up…#HoodGrammys

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Of course, OVO Sound acts also got some #HoodGrammys as PARTYNEXTDOOR took home Drake’s “Mixtape of the Year” trophy for a 2013 self-titled tape. ILoveMakonnen earned his award for “Tuesday,” which Drake considers the “Best Latin Club Anthem” of the year. Now, Drake’s remix ...

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Childish Gambino Released Even More New Music—Stream KAUAI Now

by 3 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

Childish Gambino is giving us even more new music! After releasing his dream-inspired STN MTN mixtape on Thursday (October 2), ‘Bino released its follow-up, the KAUAI EP, yesterday (October 4). Perhaps KAUAI wouldn’t have been out so soon if it wasn’t leaked, but Gambino didn’t seem too upset by it on Twitter.

Gambino’s 7-track project includes appearances from Jaden Smith, billed as “The Boy,” who drops spoken word on cuts like “Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)” and “Late Night In Kauai.” Check those tracks for Smith lines about how “magic happened” in a tent, but “nothing was born, luckily.”

Gambino, who is also joined on KAUAI by Christian Rich and Steve G. Lover, uses this EP to unleash “V.3005 – Beach Picnic Version,” a melodic, rap-less version of his “3005” hit single, which appeared on the rapper’s 2013 album, Because The Internet.

Gambino recently said that his STN MTN mixtape—which was heavily inspired by his native Stone Mountain, Georgia—leads into this EP as he wakes up from a dream in Kauai.

By blending beach sounds into this project, ‘Bino helps us travel with him from Georgia to Hawaii on a musical journey that ranges from a hard hitting Gangsta Grillz mixtape to a more mellow EP on the sands of Kauai.

You can stream Gambino’s KAUAI EP below.


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The 26 Raciest Movie Promos Of All Time

by 26 mins ago

By Amanda Bell

Sex sells. A lot. And since Hollywood loves cash money, you better believe there are tons of movies coming out these days with sweet whoopee-makin’ as an essential ingredient to the mix, with a taste of that cinematic spice sprinkled right there into their promo packages. Talk about your potent media relations (badum-tshhhh) …

Take “Fifty Shades of Grey,” for example. Now here’s a film that’s poised to be pretty unapologetically provocative, and its latest pic plays right into that expectation.

Behold young Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) with a Grey Industries pencil placed strategically upon her lip. It doesn’t take a media genius – or a super sexy bazillionaire business magnate for that matter – to read the subliminal message here. No need for all the whip-wielding and blindfolding business we saw in the trailer (OK, but yeah, that stuff too); this picture is plenty teaser enough. Well played.
When it comes to putting eyebrow-raising pictorials out there to get the job done, this so-called “mommy porn” adaptation is in pretty naughty good company. Let’s check out some of the other super suggestive movie images from Hollywood history, shall we?

26. “The Graduate” (1967)


This is pretty much the O.G. of suggestive cinematic promo pic fare. As any good cinephile knows, this is the iconic moment when Dustin Hoffman’s strapping young Ben Braddock discovers Anne Bancroft’s Mrs. Robinson is indeed, coo coo ca-choo, trying to seduce the lad. Here’s to you. ...

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Master P To Cover The Funeral Expenses For Slain Homeless Boy

by 30 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

Master P is going to cover the funeral expenses for Ray Etheridge, a 12-year-old boy who was murdered in Lousiville this week. Etheridge was homeless and living in Louisville, Kentucky, with the rest of his family when he was murdered on October 2.

According to WLKY Percy “Master P” Miller offered to foot the bill, perhaps because he lost his own brother to violence over twenty years ago and empathized with the family’s situation.

The entire Etheridge family is homeless and generally spend their time at a local mall, but this past Thursday Ray wandered off on his own. The 7th grader was caught on tape hanging out at a library with another homeless man, 21-year-old Joseph Cambron, just before the incident. Around 4:30 p.m. his body was found by a runner in a local park, and later that day the police arrested Cambron for his murder.

“I don’t know who this guy is,” the boy’s father, Ronald Etheridge, said. “Being 21 years old and my son being 12, he had no business to even be around my son.”

Homicide Unit Lt. Todd Kessinger. said the victim and Cambron knew one another and that they were involved in a fight before Cambron stabbed Etheridge.

“We were able to put some information together, they did know each other from that area for a few weeks,” Kessinger said.

Cambron was recently acquitted of a sexual abuse charge involving a six-year-old girl, and he told the police that he tries ...

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Nicki Minaj Rocks A Retro Bob And Menswear For L’Uomo Vogue

by 40 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

Nicki Minaj has been having a cover star kind of year. And even if her latest photo shoot didn’t grace the front of L’Uomo Vogue, it is still absolutely stunning.

Nicki graced the men’s version of Vogue Italia with a black and white photo spread. The phenomenal shoot was done by Francesco Carrozzini, a photographer and filmmaker who also worked on the music video for Beyonce’s “Jealous” off the singer’s self-titled 2013 album.

For this photo shoot, Nicki rocks a brand new bob with a swath of symmetrical diamond bangs that dip down her forehead in a completely unusual way. She also sports men’s clothes in the spread, including tight fitting slacks, an unbuttoned dress shirt and tie.

Here’s a few of the incredible shots:

Francesco Carrozzini/Luomo

Francesco Carrozzini/Luomo

NICKIMINAJ_LUOMO2Francesco Carrozzini/Luomo

She isn’t just posing for magazines, however. Nicki is also prepping the release of her upcoming album, The Pinkprint, which is scheduled to drop November 24. We can’t wait!


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G-Unit Shows Off ‘Changes’ In New 50-Cent Directed Video

by 12 mins ago

By Andres Tardio

It’s been a year of change for G-Unit, so it’s only right they release the music video for “Changes” off their new EP The Beauty Of Independence.

The 50 Cent-directed video, which was released today (October 4), also shows off a change in style for the G-Unit emcees. A dapper Unit trades hats and t-shirts for suits and ties, reflecting on the changes they’ve experienced. But watching all the money-counting and lounging poolside next to bikini-clad models definitely feels familiar.

Watch it here:

If you’re waiting on new music from the group like we are, you shouldn’t worry. Beyond releasing videos, the Unit is also planning to release a new project, The Beast Is G-Unit soon. That’s if you ask Tony Yayo.

The Beast is coming soon,” Yayo said in a Shade 45 interview recently.” “It’ll be coming probably like end of November, early December. It’s an EP, man. Six records. This one will have a bonus [song] on there. We gon’ give you something extra.”

Extra music is always great and Young Buck says there’s even more coming before The Beast is released.

“I think the EP is doing so well that we’re gonna release two bonus tracks of this EP that’s out now and give the fans an extra couple records and then release, like Yayo said, The Beast sometime around November.”

For now, enjoy the video above, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the music video below.

Kailyn Lowry On ‘Teen Mom 2′ Finale Comments: ‘I’m Deeply Sorry’

by 2 mins ago

Kailyn Lowry‘s relationship with her ex, Jo Rivera, has been tense since the very first episode of “Teen Mom 2.” Over the years, the two have learned how to communicate better and co-parent civilly, but during tonight’s Season 5 finale, their ability to resolve their issues maturely was tested in a big way.

When Kail wasn’t happy with the way her ex had been dressing their son Isaac, she sent some racially insensitive texts to him. We spoke with Kail recently and she was apologetic for her poor choice of words.

“I’m deeply sorry for making those comments,” she said. “They were not representative of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family.”


Kail, whose husband Javi is Hispanic, told us that she was just trying to convey to Jo that he wasn’t dressing Isaac consistent with how she usually does. She said she felt Jo should have considered her and Javi’s tastes when picking out Isaac’s clothes and styling his hair, but that they resolved the disagreement quickly and have put it behind them.

Co-parenting is nothing short of challenging, but bit by bit, Jo and Kailyn are learning to communicate openly and respect each other’s opinions.

To learn about how you can challenge racial bias, head to


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Photo: Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Lies At Longtime Love Diem Brown’s Hospital Bedside

by 30 mins ago

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown of MTV’s “The Challenge” have shared an epic love story spanning over eight years, and regardless of whether they’re “on” or “off,” their deep affection for one another knows no bounds. Recently, Diem was diagnosed with colon cancer after beating ovarian cancer twice before, and this photo of CT lying at her hospital bedside, hand intertwined with hers, is all the evidence you need of their extraordinary bond.

“Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day. @diembrown could definitely use a few… Please go to her support page: #medgift,” CT wrote with the Instagram photo below.


This is friendship in its finest, most beautiful form. You are both in our thoughts.


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Has ‘Destiny’ Future Content Been Leaked?

by 1 min ago

By Clint Mize

Game developer Bungie has already announced two expansion packs for their smash FPS hit, “Destiny,” but it seems as if one eager player has discovered even more on the way.

While poking around in the game, YouTuber Scott M managed to activate a bug on the game’s galactic map, which revealed a number of currently inaccessible missions.

From the video above, you can see that the game will seemingly be adding a new raid on the Moon, along with two strikes on Earth and Mars. Additionally, the mysterious Reef will at last be open for some missions for Her Majesty, the Awakened Queen. It also, shows off the Iron Banner – a new multiplayer event hitting us sometime in October.

The stranger part? The names of these events echo what’s already been announced by Bungie. The DLC expansions: “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” are two names that have been floating around already. Given this news, some players have been vocal in their disappointment: was this content already on the released game, and if so, was it purposefully cut to sell more copies down the road?

This isn’t the first time “Destiny” has spoiled a few future surprises, either. During the game’s Beta testing in July, YouTuber DeathMiniHorse jumped into a completely new map while testing out the game.

The latest possible leak, though, is causing speculation to run high. Some fans believe this is tied to the upcoming downloadable content packs, while others think it might simply ...

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