August 21, 2018

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Miley Cyrus Is Out Of The Hospital

After all our hoping and praying, Miley Cyrus was released from the hospital. A source confirmed to Us Weekly that Miley is feeling better and is on the mend. "She's doing much better," the insider told the mag. "She had to get it all out of her syst... ...

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Justin Bieber Was ‘All Smiles’ After Three-Hour Airport Questioning

It takes more than an hours-long grilling
 by customs officials to get Justin Bieber down. After being detained for four hours after landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday, Bieber seemed no worse for the wear when he finally emerged wearing a smile and his now signature brown fedora.

According to reports, Bieber finally left LAX around 6:20 p.m. PT surrounded by four bodyguards after his two black SUVs and a van had waited for him outside the Tom Bradley International Terminal for hours. He had reportedly been grilled by customs agents during a secondary search in which they asked about his various open criminal cases, including his DUI case in Miami.

His message for fans after the incident? "Life is good."

Bieber was flying in on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo, where he had been on vacation with his mother, Pattie Mallette, according to E! Online.

Hours after the incident he posted a picture of himself with manager Scooter Braun that was tagged as "#teamsexy."

The detention came just days after Bieber apologized for posting a picture
 of his visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which honors former Japanese military leaders who committed war atrocities during the Pacific War.

It's not the first time Bieber has had a rough landing during his travels
. He was also questioned at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport on his way to this year's Super Bowl after officials searched his private plane for drugs
, which they did not find.

After Braun said he was looking forward to Friday after a long Thursday, ...

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‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel Finds Its Cyborg

The "Man of Steel" sequel just took another major step toward setting up an eventual Justice League of America film. According to Variety, Ray Fisher, a noted theater actor, has been tapped for the role of Victor Stone or Cyborg, the half-man, half-m... ...

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Justin Bieber Held For Questioning At LAX

Justin Bieber is reportedly being detained at LAX airport after trying to return home from a recent trip to Japan. Us Weekly is reporting that the "Boyfriend" singer was held at customs and questioned by officials after landing at 1 p.m. PT. Accordin... ...

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Pharrell’s Writing A Book, And He Wants You To Help Him

Innovation in the worlds of music and fashion apparently is not enough for Pharrell. He's making moves in the publishing game now, too.

On Thursday (April 24), the Virginia native released "Inspiration," in collaboration with Tipp-Ex, which is being promoted as a "social book."

What they've done is simple in execution, though likely tough to crack: "All the words from Pharrell Williams' book have been erased," the website for the correction fluid explains. "Join a worldwide community by rewriting them in real time."

To launch the campaign, Tipp-Ex also released a video called "The Hunter and the Bear." In it, the two title characters are inside a cabin as friends, rather than adversaries. The Hunter is trying feverishly to keep the door closed, as rabid fans want to get their hands on Pharrell's book before its official release. The Bear runs out of the frame, and then quickly returns with the book, but all the words have been whited out ‒ by Tipp-Ex, presumably.

And that brings us to where we are now.

Be the first person to guess a word ‒ any of the many in the book ‒ and you'll get credit when it's published as a hard copy and put on sale. Many of those missing from the book ‒ which is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian ‒ have hints to help, but others don't.

But this isn't merely about a guessing game or trying to flip the world of publishing on its head. The undertaking appears to be a metaphor, with the rewriting that it asks ...

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Ultra Is Returning To Miami

Despite one death and a security guard being trampled at this year's festival, Ultra is returning to Miami in 2015. Even after Mayor Tomas Regalado tried to prevent its return, city commissioners voted 4 to 1 on Thursday (April 24) to welcome the fes... ...

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Sam Claflin Dishes About Getting His Spooky On In ‘The Quiet Ones’

There's more to acting than being really, really ridiculously good looking. To be a great thespian, you also have to be able to manipulate and contort that handsome face to convey both the most extreme and subtle of emotions. And it's not as easy as it looks — imagine how un-spooky scary movies would be without spine-tingling music or tension-building sound effects. What if the things that go bump in the night never actually bumped at all?

That's the situation that Sam Claflin, star of "The Quiet Ones," faced during shooting. Strangely enough, the human voice doesn't do a great job imitating the creepy sound effects that come in post-production.

"There's no sound effects," Claflin told MTV News before the movie's release. "They were given, unfortunately, by our director who, as amazing a great director that he is, a great writer as well, his sound effects weren't great, to the point where we were all struggling not to laugh."

Eventually, Claflin and his castmates decided that silence might be a better substitute for director John Pogue's vocal talents.

"It was very very difficult to put ourselves in that zone," he said.

Check out the clip above to learn more about "The Quiet Ones," in theaters April 25.


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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’: Exclusive Minimates Action Figures Reveal Villainous Alter-Egos

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is poised to take the box office by storm when it opens in the United States on May 2. In anticipation, Diamond Select is releasing not one, but two lines of their popular Minimates dedicated to the webslinger.

The first set, which will be available in collectible and toy stores features four two-packs:

» Battle-Damaged Spider-Man with Electro
» Spider-Man with Green Goblin
» Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy
» Alistair Smythe with Aleksei Sytsevich

The last set is notable for two reasons. First, it'll only be available at a rate of one pair per case ordered, per store. But for non-retailers, it's of note that B.J. Novak's villainous Smythe notes highly enough to get an action figure.

In the comics — and possibly in the future of the franchise — Smythe is the Spider-Slayer, a character who uses his knowledge and technical prowess not only to menace Spider-Man, but also to take on journalist J. Jonah Jameson, a character who has yet to appear on screen in the rebooted trilogy.

The other set will only be available at Toys R' Us, and includes variants:

» Battle-Damaged Spider-Man with translucent Electro
» Spider-Man with grinning Green Goblin
» Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy
» Flashback Spider-Man with Max Dillon

Yup, you can even own Jamie Foxx's nerdy alter-ego from the new movie, in toy form. Kids will thrill to play as a conflicted introvert with massive knowledge and no social skills! Or, you know, collectors will like it because it's cool.

Each Minimate ...

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