July 27, 2017

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Ja Rule Back Home To Finish Tax Evasion Sentence

Ja Rule was released from a New York prison on Tuesday (May 7) after serving almost two years on an illegal gun possession and federal tax evasion charges. It was good news for Rule, 36, (born Jeffrey Atkins), who is finally able to see some light at the end of a long legal tunnel.

"My client Jeffrey Atkins aka Ja Rule was released this morning from the Raybrook Correctional Facility in Upstate New York to serve out his federal time obligation due under the terms set forth in accordance with home confinement which were secured by his attorney Stacy Richman," said spokesperson Melanie A. Bonvicino in a statement. "At present, he looks forward to spending some time with his family while he completes his memoir."

Rule walked out of Ray Brook and was driven home, where he will be on monitored home confinement until July 28. He served 20 months on a gun possession charge after pleading guilty in 2010 to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He was later sentenced to 28 months on a tax evasion charge after he failed to pay taxes in New Jersey on more than $3 million in income
 from 2004-2006.

While he earned good time behind bars on the gun charge, at the end of that sentence he still owed some time on his federal tax case. He will be allowed to serve the rest of that time at his home. During home conferment, Rule will be monitored by authorities and with proper permission, will be allowed to leave in order to go to the ...

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Ed Sheeran To Become ‘Ed Durst’ On New Album?

In recent months, Ed Sheeran has turned down plenty of work — sorry, One Direction — for reasons that he jokingly describes as "incredibly selfish:" Namely, he's saving his best songs for his new album. Though, from the sound of things, there's plenty of material to go around.

"I'm actually writing very specific songs to genres at the moment; I've got a whole album of one genre and enough to make another of another genre," he told MTV News. "I want to release all of it now, but obviously you have to stagger things a little bit. But it's been good; I've been writing more than I've ever written in my entire life. I've written a lot recently."

And though Sheeran has previously said that the follow-up to his breakout + is he's having a difficult time explaining just how his new batch of songs sounds ... though, it seems like his promise of making a may not be that far off base.

"It's probably closer to a hip-hop record to be honest, at the moment, but who knows, it might turn into a rap-metal record?" he joked. "I'll buy a Yankees hat and turn it backwards. [Wear some] cut-off shorts ... and find loads of kids that just want to beat each other up and do a show. I'll become Ed Durst."

So just when will we bet getting Sheeran's spiritual sequel to Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water? Well, it may be sooner than you'd think. And you might not even have to ...

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Beyonce, Madonna, Psy Go Punk At Met Gala

Some of the biggest stars on the planet, including Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, put their own stamp on the Costume Institute Gala's theme of "Punk: Chaos to Couture" on Monday night, donning all sorts of wild couture when they hit the carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Cyrus, in Marc Jacobs, went for a spiky hairstyle that certainly recalled Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten. Perry noted she was paying homage to the "OG queen of PUNK, JOAN of ARC" in her Renaissance-inspired Dolce & Gabbana get-up, complete with crown and gold nails.

Bey went for head-to-toe Givenchy, rocking a black and red paisley-inspired print dress with matching boots and thigh-high slit. And Kim Kardashian went for a floral Givenchy gown that perhaps wasn't all that punk but definitely put her baby bump on display.

Before everyone headed inside the museum to gawk at the exhibit (which runs through August 14 at the Met), drink champagne and dine on gourmet food, MTV News caught up with some of the A-listers attending the bash, who weighed in on what the term "punk" means to them.

"Punk is all about an attitude, just kind of being anti-establishment, just doing what you want 'cause you love it," Miguel shared with MTV News. "It's what you believe in, you know? You just got to know how to express ourselves and just believe in ourselves to just go with it."

Supermodel and MTV House of Style host Karlie Kloss rocked some Louis Vuitton and decided her most anti-establishment ...

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Demi Lovato Fans Unlock ‘Perfection’ Of New Album A Week Early

Lovatics couldn't seem to wait to hear new music, so on Monday, they unlocked the entirety of Demi Lovato's self-titled May 14 album for themselves.

The singer kicked it all off with the tweet, "Who wants to hear my album RIGHT NOW???," directing fans to a special website where the locked songs were waiting to be uncovered. Once the Lovatics made the song title a Twitter trend, the song was made available for streaming. It only took about three hours for fans to get a hold on all 13 songs on Demi.

Demi is a blend of power ballads, feel-good dance tracks and upbeat anthems. And while Lovato mostly goes at it on her own, she invites one-time "X Factor" U.K. contestant Cher Lloyd along for some fun on "Really Don't Care." The release certainly recalls the emotional and musical ups and downs of her 2011 release, Unbroken.

After the trending hoopla died down, Demi thanked her fans for playing along, writing, "So many incredible fans... Thank you SO much... I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. I love you all!!"

Her fans were equally grateful for getting an early listen to the music. And judging by their enthusiastic responses and Twitter reviews, they will keep listening right through release day next week.

"Demi Lovato is my secret vice and her new CD is on lock," @AyeBeav tweeted, with another fan, @annaeshaw adding, "I'm officially in love with Demi Lovato's new album."

"@ddlovato seriously words can't even describe my feelings," ‏@llovaticfamily tweeted. "#DEMI is pure perfection! ...

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Selena Gomez Brings ‘Come & Get It’ Video To MTV Tonight!

If you aren't sure what the title of Selena Gomez's new single is all about, you're not alone. It's a phrase TV parents shout to indicate that dinner is on the table, so some fans might find the meaning a tad confusing.

But not to worry, because when Gomez premieres her music video for the track during tonight (May 7) at 7:53 p.m. on MTV, followed by a sit-down interview on MTV.com, we promise that food will be the last thing on your mind. In the sexy new vid, Selena sheds her good-girl image (and quite a bit of clothing), revealing a more sensual side we haven't seen in the star's music previously.

While it's a different look for Selena, the transformation is nothing new in the world of pop. Taylor Swift recently showed an edgier side on her latest album Red, and she sent her seal of approval for Gomez's new music in a video message, in which she's getting down to one of her pal's tracks.

"She's so great! She sent me a video and she's, like, dancing. She's like the cutest dancer, because she has this little ponytail and her little bangs, and she's like just the cutest thing in the world," Gomez told MTV News during the sit-down. "She's the best. She's supported me from my first record to this one, and she's heard all of my stuff, so she's really sweet."

And even though Selena's current focus is on her own project, she's no stranger to Disney bestie Demi Lovato's musical growth. ...

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Nick Cannon Says ‘American Idol’ Producers Stoking Nicki And Mariah Feud

Aside from the occasional sharp word or look, there has been little to no drama on this season. With falling ratings
 and a lackluster group of finalists, just about the only reason for some viewers to tune in every week is to see how battling judges Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey will keep their simmering hostility
 in check.

But, according to Carey's husband, "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon, even that is made-for-TV artifice. "It's kind of unfortunate," Cannon said on Monday when he visited "The Talk" to promote various projects.

"I ain't got time for that ... When you see someone like my wife, who tries to remain classy and tries to take the high road, it feels like everybody else around it — including the network and the producers — feed into this whole sound bite drama. It feels like it lacks substance."

Cannon said he thinks "Idol" viewers have gotten sick of the fighting, because they tune in for the contestants, the singing and discovering new talent. "You can't even blame Nicki Minaj or her team. I feel like they fed into that. They wanted to see the drama," he said. "I think America in general is tired of seeing the mean judges and people be mean to people. They're over it ... In the book of Mariah Carey, 'American Idol' will be a footnote."

And while "Idol" producers have been mum on which judges might return next year, when Cannon stopped by Los Angeles' KTLA on Monday he made it sound like ...

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