September 19, 2018

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Lil Snupe Shooting: Suspect Identified In Rapper’s Death

Less than 48 hours after Lil Snupe was shot and killed, authorities have identified a suspect in the death of the Meek Mill protégé.

According to a statement released to MTV News by Louisiana's Winnfield City Police Department on Friday (June 21), warrants have been issued for the arrest of 36-year old Winnfield resident Tony Holden. The convicted felon stands 5'8" and weighs approximately 215 pounds, according to police records, and has black hair and brown eyes.

Police officials are asking that anyone with knowledge of Holden's whereabouts to contact the Winnfield Police Department immediately at 318-628-3511.

"Holden has not been located at this time and is considered armed and dangerous," the police department told MTV news in a statement, accompanied by a color photograph of the accused.

The WPD's investigation revealed that the shooting death of Lil Snupe (born Addarren Ross) at the Maplewood Apartments at 1901 South Jones Street in Winnfield, Louisiana, was the result of an altercation that erupted during a private video-game session a friend's apartment. The R.N.I.C. MC was in town visiting from Jonesboro when he was fatally shot twice in the torso.

The 18-year old rapper was signed to Meek Mill's Dream Chasers record label on the spot late last year after the two met during the MMG rapper's Grambling State University tour stop. After hearing Snupe's demo, the Dreams & Nightmares> spitter knew that he had to sign the upstart lyricist and guide him away from the streets.

"He was spittin' so much pain, he's from the south with a flow like an East Coast guy,"

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Kanye West’s <i>Yeezus</i>: Will It Be A Hit On Radio?

It was a risky move Kanye West pulled when he released his Yeezus album on June 18, without ever servicing a single to radio. By all early accounts, the new 'Ye looks to be a success, but such a deliberate lack of promotion for the LP could've backfired for an artist not named Kanye — especially when radio is underserved.

"Research shows most music discovery takes place on radio, so without having that leading into album release it may reduce awareness of the album," New York's Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden told MTV News.

Yeezus may be a different case, however. Not only were listeners seemingly aware, they were eagerly anticipating new music from the self-proclaimed god. Prior to June 14, Kanye had only played the music in parties, projected his video on a number of public buildings and performed a pair of tracks on but once the album leaked last Friday DJs sprang into action.

DJ E-Man, who wears a number of hats at Power 106 in Los Angeles including music director, assistant program director and morning show disc jock, had the leaked version of Yeezus edited for radio and they played eight tracks on the station's New at Two show. "At the end of the day it's about us delivering the news and being that noisemaker in a sense," he said.

It appears that radio is taking it upon itself to deliver the music to their listeners, even if Kanye isn't directly delivering the music to radio. Both E-Man and ...

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Justin Bieber, Madonna Get 15 (More) Seconds Of Fame On Instagram Video

Anyone not on the A-list may still be waiting for their 15 minutes of fame, but for established celebrities, 15 seconds is just enough. That's why, when Instagram debuted its new video feature on Wednesday — which lets users post 15-second videos as opposed to Vine's six-second clips — celebrities were quick to jump on the craze. But the question remains: Who is making the best use out of the new 15-second video feature? Well, we've wrapped up the videos of the biggest names in music so far so you can decide for yourself.

Justin Bieber Shares 'Crazy News' ... Shirtless
The singer was awfully giggly in his inaugural Instagram video, accompanied by the appropriate caption,"Hahaha." "So crazy news, guys," he says into his phone — shirtless, of course. He cracks up half way through the video but "keep[s] it going," to deliver the already-known news to his loyal Beliebers: "There's video on Instagram."

Mahone's Spirit Didn't Help Losing Spurs
Fellow heartbreaker and singer Austin Mahone captioned his first Instagram video, "YEEEEEAH SPURS!!!," at Thursday night's San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat game. The "What About Love" recently showed off his own basketball skills when he stopped by for our , so maybe he could have helped bring the Spurs, who lost the NBA championship, into victory.

Wiz Shares Instagram's First Freestyle?,/a>
Wiz Khalifa, meanwhile, took some time off his daddy duties to show off his rapping skills in his first Instagram clip, "Bars." "First of all, you ain't rap long enough. Second of all, your ...

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J. Cole Used To Be ‘Dissing Jay-Z For No Reason’

J. Cole dropped his second album, Born Sinner, via Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint this week, but during his visit to Cole admitted that he wasn't a fan of Hov in his younger years, a topic that he broaches on the album's intro, "Villuminati."

Though the hook on "Villuminati" includes a sample of the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" and finds Cole spitting "sometimes I brag like Hov," before the track is over we find out that once upon a time his fanaticism for Tupac had him hating on both Jay-Z and Biggie.

"Pac had a n---- saying f--- Jigga, f--- Biggie, I was only like 11 so forgive me/ A decade later I be all up in the city trying to get Hov to f--- with me," he spits on the record.

"I used to get into arguments in school all the time," Cole explained. "There was this other kid and he was a big [Jay and Biggie] fan and we used to go head to head. Of course I liked 'Juicy,' but the Pac fan in me was just ridin' against whoever he was ridin' against."

In Cole's defense, he hadn't given his future boss a fair listen yet. "I'm 11 [at this point] so I'm riding against everybody," he said. "I ain't even know who Jay was, really. I knew just when Makaveli came out and in those interviews Pac was dissing Jay-Z and them, so I'm doing the same thing — like, 'Jay-Z, you wack!' My man Pac said he's wack, so he's wack. 'Cause that's how this thing ...

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North West: Great Celebrity Baby Name, Or The <i>Greatest</i> Celebrity Baby Name?

Well, it's (apparently) official: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is named North West — "Nori" for short — a directionally distinct moniker that instantly puts her in some rather elite company, right up there with the Jermajestys, Bronx Mowglis and Moxie Crimefighters of the world. Yes, we're talking about the craziest celebrity baby names of all time.

And it's quite a list. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, the most popular baby names in America are rather de rigueur handles like Michael, Emily and Elizabeth. Nowhere on their list will you find an Apple or a Moses or even a Kal-El, which is primarily because the majority of this country's child-bearing population is not celebrities.

And that's a shame, because, as we've learned by now, celebs pick the greatest baby names. Like, way better than anything us mere mortals could ever come up with. For every Matthew or Hannah, there's a Seven Sirius or an Audio Science (courtesy of Erykah Badu and actress Shannyn Sossamon, respectively). There are Kingstons and Brooklyns, Zumas and Harlows, Willow Sages and, of course, Blue Ivys ... and now — thanks to KimYe — we have our first North.

And let us be the first to say that, as far as celebrity baby names go, North is pretty great. In fact, it may be one of the greatest ever. Here's why.

Like the all-time best, it does not make an ounce of sense, despite the parents' insistence to the contrary. When Nicolas Cage dubbed his son Kal-El, he reasoned that it was ...

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Earl Sweatshirt: Why Does He Keep Canceling Festival Dates?

Just what is going on with Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt? The rapper canceled on last weekend's Bonnaroo festival citing pneumonia
 and on Thursday Delaware's Firefly Music Festival announced that Earl would be a no-show at their event as well.

His place will be taken by Schoolboy Q, but the second cancellation in two weeks has fans asking what's up with OF's most enigmatic member?

"The worst part of pneumonia is that it won't f---ing go away. It's like dubstep," Earl wrote in al l caps on Tuesday, seemingly confirming that he's still suffering from the bacterial lung infection.

He hasn't given many details since about what is ailing him (and requests for comment from his spokespeople were not returned at press time), but last weekend he complained, "My mom's coming over and bringing me dinner cause my f---ing friend suck. F--- you guys."

Earl isn't the only one who can't make it to Firefly. The Lumineers also had to pull out due to an illness in the band. "We were all extremely excited to be a part of this great event and share our music with you," they wrote in a message to fans. "But the health and well-being of the band along with giving the fans the best possible performance remain our top priority."

There are plenty of other bands to check out at Firefly, though, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vampire Weekend, Calvin Harris, MGMT, Kendrick Lamar, Azealia Banks, Zedd and the Alabama Shakes.


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‘Monsters University’: The Reviews Are In!

is the prequel, not sequel, to "Monsters, Inc." — a look at the early moments of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully's (John Goodman) friendship, not to mention their days before becoming the best scarers in the world. But the film arrives in theaters with a lot of skepticism, even from die-hard Pixar fans, who have criticized the studio for producing too many sequels and not enough original projects. But then again, Pixar is the studio responsible for "Toy Story 2" and "3," which rank among the greatest follow-ups in movie history.

Does "Monsters University" make the grade? MTV News scoured the Web for a variety of reviews, some of which celebrate its sense of light-hearted fun, and others that complain that same quality is the very thing that keeps the film from ranking among Pixar's best efforts. Here are a handful of critics' takes.

How Memorable Is It?

 "Falling as it does squarely between the studio's classics and its decidedly lesser work, 'Monsters University' is a solidly average Pixar effort, one that brings some laughs to the kegger, but you'll be hard-pressed to remember it at the reunion in 10 years."
— Alonso Duralde, The Wrap

How Does It Compare To "Monsters, Inc?"
"Mostly 'Monsters University' is content to be a frivolous but enjoyable prequel. It won't win any awards for ambition, but on its own terms, it's satisfying, a movie that clearly embodies the credo that one character utters near the end of the film: 'It's okay to be okay.' "
— Matt Singer, Screencrush

Will Parents Like It?

 "The ...

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North West’s Nickname Has Rapper N.O.R.E. ‘Stoked’

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were deciding on baby names, chances are they didn't have rapper Noreaga in mind. Still, it has been reported that baby North West will be called Nori for short — so how does N.O.R.E. feel about it all?

"I'm just stoked," he told us on Friday (June 21) over the phone after he completed his morning jog. "There's a lot of children named after Nas, there's people named after Pun, there's people named after Biggie, Jay-Z, so on and so forth, and I'm just honored that her nickname remotely sounds like my name."

N.O.R.E., who also goes by the names P.A.P.I., Melvin Flynt and Mr. Goodbelt, received a tip from a source close to Kanye a few days ago but laughed off the notion that he and baby West would share a nickname, but now that the news is confirmed the rapper is super excited.

"Congratulations to 'YeKim," he said laughing. "I don't call them KimYe, I think the man should come first. I think Kanye deserves that right he's hip-hop royalty and he is a God, he is Yeezus."

N.O.R.E., who has met Kanye and has a loose connection to the Kardashian family through his buddy Scott Disick, is so thrilled by the baby's birth that he is currently searching for the perfect gift.

"I'm really looking for Gucci pampers online. I'm really looking for some Louis Vuitton pampers, something," he told us. "I would've offered a gift if the baby was named Golf Course, but now that I know the baby's nickname is remotely ...

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