December 19, 2018

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Angelina Jolie Surprises Crowds With ‘Sexy’ Take On Maleficent

Anaheim, CA — Disney's live action panel at its D23 fan expo might have been light on "Star Wars: Episode VII" details — the crowd collectively let out a disappointed "aww" — it was not short on surprise guests appearances, the biggest of which brought Angelina Jolie on stage to a standing ovation.

The Academy Award-winning actress took to the stage to discuss her newest "deliciously cruel" role as the evil sorceress from the Disney classic, "Sleepy Beauty" — Maleficent.

In "

Jolie shared her love of Disney with the audience, and also her fondness for the character, who she wanted to put a new "sexy" spin on. She apparently loved playing Maleficent so much that she told the audience that she misses the horns she wore for the film.

The crowd was then treated to an exclusive look at the revisionist fairytale, which also stars Elle Fanning at Sleepy Beauty and the star's own daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, as the younger version of the princess. (Jolie joked that her daughter was the only 4 year-old that wasn't afraid of her on set.) The footage showed off both young and teenage Aurora and recreated the well-known christening scene from the original film.

The look of "Maleficent," while not as over-the-top as Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland," certainly shares more than a few visual influences with the Disney hit. Robert Stromberg, the director of "Maleficent," worked as the production designer on "Alice" and "Oz the Great and Powerful." The look mixes Stromberg's aesthetic with images inspired by the original 1959 film.

"Maleficent," when it hits theaters ...

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First ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Clip Knocks Out D23 Audience

Anaheim, CA — For it's part in the Disney's D23 Expo, Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige presented the audience an exclusive look at the rest of what it calls Phase Two.

First up was November's "Thor: The Dark World," the fantastical return to the world of monsters, gods, and villains. Feige kicked off the presentation with the action sequence and sizzle reel that the audiences at San Diego Comic-Con saw last month. He then welcomed some of the cast including Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Anthony Hopkins, who spoke about what we can expect from Jane Foster's first few days in Asgard. Marvel then debuted a never-before-seen clip from the film that takes place not long after Jane arrives.

At some point during the film, Jane becomes infected with something from another world. In an Asgardian hospital wing, she lies on a table, arguing with some of the technicians whether the machine examining her is the device she believes it to be. Odin arrives to compare Jane to a "goat at the banquet table" before telling her to leave. Even in the short clip, the same quirky humor from the first film was again on display.

Marvel then shifted its focus to 2014, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and "Guardians of the Galaxy." Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan came out on stage after Marvel replayed the Comic-Con presentation for the crowd. The D23 audience then watched the first rough clip from the film.

In a S.H.I.E.L.D. quinjet, Cap and Black Widow discuss a potential girlfriend for the legendary soldier, ...

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Robin Thicke Almost Lost Faith In ‘Blurred Lines’

Robin Thicke may have three VMA nominations, a headlining pre-Video Music Awards performance and a bona fide "song of the summer" under his belt, but according to the singer, there was a time when his label wasn't very enthused with the steamy single "Blurred Lines."

"Well, when we first recorded the song, you know, you get this buzz about it where you feel anything is possible," Thicke told MTV News. "And then reality kicks in and the record company says they don't get it. And then you have to kind of re-convince yourself that there's still something special there."

Thicke told The Associated Press that the record company didn't pay for the now-iconic, nude lady-crammed video — the vid that one could say launched a thousand boob-filled spin-offs. "Rémy Martin paid for the video," he said.

Ironically, it was the video — of which there are both dirty and clean versions — that changed everyone's minds about the hit song. "As soon as we made the video, all of a sudden everybody got it and immediately everybody thought it was going to be a big hit," he told MTV News. "I started to believe in it again once the video was finished."

And so, apparently, did the public at large. The Diane Martel-directed "Blurred Lines" video is now up for three VMAs: Video of the Year, Best Male Video and Best Collaboration.

While Thicke could easily gloat 'til Brooklyn — where the VMAs go down on August 25 — he's pretty humble about his newfound success.

"After you've ...

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Usher Retains Custody Of Children Following Pool Accident

After an afternoon filled with emotional — and, at times, contentious — testimony from both Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, a judge in Atlanta has denied Raymond's request for temporary primary custody of their two children.

The Friday hearing came after a near-fatal accident at Usher's house in Atlanta, where one of their children, Usher V, was swimming in a pool and got his hand stuck in a drain. His aunt, and a maid attempted to save him, but were unsuccessful. The child remained at the bottom of the pool until two men, who were working in the house, finally removed him from the pool and performed CPR.

Usher was not home at the time of the incident, and two days later, his ex filed paperwork accusing him of putting Usher V and their other son, Naviyd, at risk because of his busy schedule. Raymond also claimed that Usher delegated supervisory responsibility to his aunt, who was not trained as a caregiver, and asserted that the singer had also fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody of the children last year, and does not keep his ex-wife informed of his travel schedule.

And at Friday's emergency hearing, Raymond took the stand to back those claims up. She testified that the pool at Usher's house "did not have any kind of safety fence around it," and that the drain in the pool "did not have a proper cover." She also called into question the qualifications of Usher's Aunt, Rena Oden, pointing out that ...

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Pixar Previews ‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel, More At D23 Expo

ANAHEIM, California — The festivities at Disney's D23 fan convention kicked off with a look at the studio's upcoming slate of animated movies, specifically a preview of what Pixar has coming up for the next three years.

Disney Animation head John Lasseter presented previews of 2014's "The Good Dinosaur," 2015's "Inside Out" and 2016's "Finding Dori," with help from a few special guests and many appearances from Bill Hader.

"The Good Dinosaur"
As Lasseter explained, many of Pixar's movies have begun conceptually as "what if" questions, like "What if your toys came to life when you left the room?" for "Toy Story." The genesis of "The Good Dinosaur" began similarly, with the question "What if that asteroid missed the Earth and the dinosaurs survived?" Pixar's answer to that question is that they adapted as farmers, and each type of dino has a specific task out in the field. Arlo, the Apatosaurus hero of "The Good Dinosaur," leads a separate story line that has him finding a small human named Spot.

The footage screened at D23 had the typical Pixar flair for stunning visuals and included looks at the farming processes of the various dinosaurs and how this alternate world works.

At the end of the presentation, the director and producer announced that the cast includes Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand and Lucas Neff (as Arlo).

"Inside Out"
"Up" director Pete Docter then took the stage to introduce his upcoming project, "Inside Out," or as it was called at last year's D23, "The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind." ...

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Katy Perry Mugs Like A ‘Champion’ In New ‘Roar’ Teaser: Watch!

Katy Perry burned her blue wig, laid her "California Gurl" to rest and turned an adorable kitten into a ferocious animal. On Friday (August 9), she continued to put the past behind her.

In the latest teaser for her upcoming single, "Roar" — the first off her October 22 album Prism — Perry gives fans a longer snippet of the uptempo, power-pop track, which is set to premiere on Monday.

In the clip, titled the "Wide Awake" singer seductively, yet mischievously gazes at the camera as she walks into a recording studio. Perry then gets behind the microphone, puts headphones on and takes one long look at the camera before it cuts to the song title and the track fills our ears. "I am a champion, you're gonna hear me roar," Perry declares.

It's worth noting that Perry is rocking a considerably darker new look in the recent clips, including a cut-off striped sweater, skirt and choker. In the new 45-second tease, fans get to see the entire outfit, which finishes off with thigh-high stockings, combat boots and the same jean jacket she sports in her Lisa Frank-inspired single cover art.

Perry reportedly worked with producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin and longtime collaborator/songwriter Bonnie McKee on "Roar." And McKee recently told MTV News she is "really excited for the world to hear it because she's ... taking a new approach.

"And I don't want to say too much about it, but it's definitely different. It's definitely a little more mature than the 'California Gurls' of yesterday."

Fans ...

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Miley Cyrus Recruits Big Sean, Ludacris For <i>Bangerz,</i> But Who’s Her Favorite?

For the past year, we have watched Miley Cyrus go from Disney darling to a twerk-loving pop diva.

She shocked many with her questionable lyrics (is it ) and video for "We Can't Stop," but Cyrus is just getting started, and on her fourth album, she's doing things her way.

"You know, there's definitely been times where I've had to fight for what I want on this record," Cyrus told MTV News on the set of her VMA promo shoot. "But I think everyone now is starting to see that I had a vision, and I'm really excited about it. It's just gonna be — it's gonna be crazy. It's gonna be single after single after single."

Which is why Cyrus, who is nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards, appropriately titled the album BANGERZ. "If you don't know why my record is called BANGERZ you'll know as soon as you hear it. Nothin but #BANGERZ," Cyrus tweeted shortly after revealing the album title when she reached 13 million followers on Twitter.

And with the roster of A-list artists — including Wiz Khalifa — she has lined up for the album, it may be hard to disagree.

"I have a lot of features on my record," Cyrus said. "But some of my favorite ... I get to work with Future, who's like my favorite kind of new artist right now, even though he's not that new now. All his music is everywhere. But he's just someone that I really, I love working with. I love writing with ...

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Chris Brown Has Seizure

An ambulance was reportedly called to a Hollywood recording studio early Friday morning (August 9) after 911 dispatchers received a call that Chris Brown had suffered a seizure.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles City Fire Department rushed to the Record Plant recording studio in Hollywood shortly after 1 a.m. in response to the call. But when they arrived, Brown reportedly refused to be treated or to be transported to the hospital.

The site cited unnamed sources that claimed Brown suffered from seizures as a child. A spokesperson for Brown could not be reached for comment at press time about the incident or the singer's alleged seizure history. A spokesperson for the L.A. City Fire Department was also not available for comment at press time and MTV News was unable to reach a source at the Record Plant for confirmation on the incident.

Brown's on-and-off girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, tweeted, "Prayers all day." She later added, "A lot on my mind today ... I need a hug," along with a pensive-looking selfie.

The health crisis for Brown comes in a year when a number of stars have been felled by seizures. Four months ago Lil Wayne told MTV News that he doesn't remember the series of seizures
 that landed him in a hospital earlier this year; the rapper has acknowledged that he suffers from epilepsy Last April, Rick Ross' friend DJ Khaled dismissed rumors
 that the Bawse suffered another seizure, just months after he had a pair of seizure-related health scares

Brown has been active on ...

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‘Elysium’ Aims To Take Down ‘Planes’ At Weekend Box Office

Matt Damon is headed to the utopian space station known as this weekend, and Sony Pictures is hoping he will knock a few "Planes" out of the sky on his way into the box-office stratosphere.

The sci-fi class warfare tale "Elysium" will face its strongest competition from Disney's "Planes" as they enter theaters alongside the comedy "We're the Millers" and a second installment in the adaptation of the "Percy Jackson" series.

"Elysium" is filmmaker Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to his acclaimed "District 9." The dystopian story, set in a future where the rich live in luxury aboard a space station while the working class toil in squalor below, marks Damon's first foray into full-on, live-action science fiction. Damon expressed his fondness for the genre in a recent MTV News interview, in which he cited "Aliens," "Blade Runner" and as favorites (and said nice things about JJ Abrams).

The year's other big-budget, non-sequel sci-fi stories — Tom Cruise's "Oblivion," director Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" and Will Smith's box-office bomb "After Earth" — preceded Damon's R-rated picture. All things considered, industry watchers have predicted an opening weekend in the low to mid-$30 million range. That would put the $115 million fantasy at #1, though a few million shy of the debuts of "Oblivion," "Pacific Rim" and 2009's "District 9."

The #2 position should belong to Disney's "Cars" spin-off which features comedian Dane Cook in the lead voice role. While technically not a Pixar film, Disney Toon Studios' "Planes" does boast Pixar boss John Lasseter as executive producer. Nevertheless, critics ...

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