August 20, 2018

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Beyonce Responds To Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dirty Laundry’: ‘I Never Left’

While Kelly Rowland dropped some pretty shocking revelations about Beyoncé and an abusive relationship on "

Speaking with Washington radio station 93.9 WKYS, the recently announced said that Bey and Michelle Williams' response to The-Dream-penned collaboration was endearing, with Bey telling Rowland that she "never left" her side.

"She heard how real I was and was like 'I'm so proud of you,' " Kelly explained.

Even though "Dirty Laundry" tells listeners of the story of Kelly's envy with Beyoncé's solo success, Rowland has come far past that point, explaining, "What matters to me most right now is what we have. I love her and Michelle more than anything. They mean the world to me. I'm so grateful for what we have as sister away from Destiny's Child."

All the love and sisterhood can be heard on Kelly's latest song "You've Changed," which features none other than Beyoncé and Michelle. With a sound that mimics some of the slow jams right off 2004's Destiny Fulfilled, the ladies reunite once again to shed the pain caused by relationships gone sour. It's the latest track to surface from her new album Talk a Good Game, which is scheduled to drop June 18.

Until then, Rowland is staying busy on tour and at the "X Factor" judging panel alongside Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio. Due to her judging duties, the singer had to adjust some tour dates for her "Lights Out" co-headlining trek with The-Dream. Rowland and the mega-producer are scheduled for shows in New York City, Philadelphia and Mashantucket, ...

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‘Menace II Society’ Legends O-Dog And Caine Reunite On ‘RapFix Live’

In hip-hop culture, there are certain works of art that shape the way a generation views the world. Mostly, they come in the form of albums like the Notorious B.I.G's 1994 debut Ready to Die or Young Jeezy's 2005 classic Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. As far as films go, offered the same type of unfiltered look into street life when it was released on May 26, 1993.

For some, it was a most-accurate depiction of a too-harsh reality, and for others, it was a gruesome eye-opener to the violence-ridden streets of South Central Los Angeles. " 'Menace II Society' itself was a groundbreaking film," said actor Larenz Tate when he skyped into "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (May 29). "It's definitely going to go in the vaults of classics in all of cinema. The Hughes Brothers created an incredible project. Just gave the world something a little different than what we had seen in previous films in that same genre."

Tate played O-Dog, a trigger-happy youth who murders two Korean shopkeepers in the opening moments of the film. On his side was actor Tyrin Turner, who played Caine, a troubled youngster with a conscious. In the final tear-jerking moments of the film, Caine is killed in a drive-by shooting, just as he is getting set to leave South Central and start his life on the straight and narrow.

"I thought it was just gonna be another film," Turner admitted while he sat on the "RapFix Live" couch.

"Menace II Society" was anything but. While "Boyz n the Hood" and ...

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Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower Has Co-Host Khloe ‘So Excited’

It's a big weekend for the Kardashian family. The new season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" premieres on E! Sunday, the same day of Kim's baby shower, where family and friends will gather to celebrate her and Kanye West's first baby.

"Baby shower... party! I am excited. I'm so excited," little sister Khloe told MTV News on Wednesday. Khloe is co-hosting the event with her mom, Kris; sister, Kourtney; and music manager Irving Azoff's wife, Shelli. "We've been planning it for a while, so I'm excited to get that over with too, 'cause the planning is really annoying. But I'm excited to celebrate Kim and the baby and everything."

Beyoncé and Fergie are among the rumored invitees, and Kanye just might be making a cameo at the fete. The music-box invites for the "garden chic" party made their way online last week and feature a dark-haired ballerina dancing to Kanye's 2005 Late Registration track "Hey Mama." Kim is expected to give birth in July and fans will learn the baby's gender during Sunday's season premiere.

And after the big weekend, Kanye fans will be just weeks away from Yeezus. And, as it turns out, one of the perks of being a Kardashian is an early listen to tracks off the highly anticipated June 18 album.

"I have heard some of his new music. I do love 'New Slaves'," she said of the track he previewed during the May 18 season finale of "Saturday Night Live," the same weekend Kim tweeted out a photo of the album's ...

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Adam Levine Posts Definition Of ‘Joke’ After ‘I Hate This Country’ Backlash

Adam Levine is a passionate man. You can hear it in the yearning vocals of Maroon 5 songs and in the spirited banter he engages in with his fellow celebrity judges on "The Voice" every week.

But some viewers felt that Levine got a bit too emotional after Tuesday night's results show revealed that two of his team members were going home."I hate this country!" Levine muttered off camera before host Carson Daly announced the voting results.

The next shot showed a grinning Levine crossing fingers on both hands as he awaited the news. Soon after, Twitter blew up with angry calls for him to be fired from the show, deported, or otherwise penalized for his seemingly unpatriotic quip.

Levine calmly responded with a simple, English lit major-worthy comment. "Joke- noun 1. something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or prankish act," he tweeted.

Levine, who has only one team member left, country singer Amber Carrington, followed with the dictionary definitions of "humorless," "lighthearted" and "misunderstand." Many of his 4.3 million followers seemed to get it, with a number referring to him as "Adam the Dictionary," and one, Shanice, writing, "I love how you handle things haha."

With the heat still coming in on Wednesday morning (May 29), Levine also released a statement through his spokesperson, which read, "I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration ... Being ...

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M. Night Shyamalan Reveals Why His Shelved Screenplays Get Dusty

When M. Night Shyamalan signed on to helm "After Earth," the new movie starring Will and Jaden Smith, the director had been working on a script that had already interested the likes of Bruce Willis, Bradley Cooper and Gwyneth Paltrow, even in its partially finished form.

The opportunity to work with the father/son duo meant shelving the project for some time, and when Shyamalan stopped by MTV News to talk with Josh Horowitz, he explained that his screenplays require an emotional connection to his life right at the moment he's working on them.

"The problem with me is that the screenplays are so about a moment. 'After Earth' ultimately became about a moment of having a teenage child," Shyamalan said. "It's about when you let your child become an adult, and you're scared. You can't protect them. That's where I am right now in my life. My kids are young teenagers, and I'm scared. So I make a movie about that."

The highly secretive director wouldn't divulge the story details of his current project — different from the pre-"After Earth" project he's taking an indefinite break from. But he described his idea as a "micro film" with "the catering budget" of "After Earth" and dished on its emotional hook.

"Now I'm writing a new movie for what I'm feeling right this second," he said. "It's actually about forgiveness and about [when] you've done something wrong to a family member, and you're waiting for that to be healed. That's at the center."

That clue about the next Shyamalan joint won't get you too ...

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Ellie Goulding Wanted ‘Tessellate’ To Show A ‘Different’ Side Of Her

Ellie Goulding may have released her cover of Alt-J's "Tessellate" relatively quietly on Tuesday morning, but the indie blogosphere instantly exploded in loud and affectionate applause. Praised for its sexy and silky sound, Goulding's version takes the British band's An Awesome Wave hit and turns it on its indie-rock head — and shows off a never-before-heard side of the Halcyon singer.

And when MTV News caught up with Goulding at this year's Hangout Festival, she made it clear that "different" is exactly what she was going for.

"I'm really excited about it because it's not what you'd expect," Goulding told us on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. "It's a completely different version of the song. ... It's not what you'd expect from me."

Unexpected, indeed. Her take on "Tessellate" abandons the get-up-and-go of "Anything Could Happen" and the steady beat of "Lights" and slows it down to focus on her sultry falsetto. And when sexy saxophone croons along with her, Goulding's pleas to "let's tessellate" become just that much more persuasive.

She admitted that she listened to the track "constantly" when An Awesome Wave was first released last May. But apart from its pure intricacy and ability, in her opinion, to "be literally in any kind of context," there may be one line in particular line that connected her to the song: "Triangles are my favorite shape/ Three points where two lines meet/ Toe to toe, back to back, let's go my love."

Golding is well known for her knack for triangles — just look at her arm ...

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The Wanted Still Have A ‘Few Questions’ For One Direction

The Wanted and One Direction beef may have quieted down on Twitter, but that doesn't mean that it's over quite yet. When the soon-to-be reality stars of The Wanted stopped by "Chelsea Lately," they weighed in on the current state of affairs between the boy bands.

"We don't listen to their music," Jay McGuiness said of One Direction. Host Chelsea Handler bluntly asked if the guys hated 1D, to which Siva Kaneswaran added, "Hate is a strong word."

But, it was Max George who had the lengthiest explanation about what exactly has transpired between the two bands, who have frequently traded barbs on Twitter in the months since their feud first made headlines. It kicked off last November when George and 1D's Zayn Malik got into a heated debate, insulting one another (the word chlamydia was mentioned during the initial back-and-forth) on the site.

"There seems to be an issue," George said, with Siva pointing specifically to him. "It's not just me. It's mainly me, but it's not all me. I think there's a few questions that need to be asked of them, of a couple of them. I'm suspicious of one of his reasons."

Wondering who or what exactly George might be referring to? Well, so was a perplexed McGuiness. He said, "I'm a bit confused now, actually."

While George never went into specifics, he did get the last word on the matter: "No, I think it's him that's confused one of those guys. But they're all right. Definitely a couple of them are really sound ...

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