June 13, 2024

Chinx Drugz Stages Another Cocaine Riot With Third Mixtape

Headliner: Chinx Drugz and DJ Drama

Representing: Queens, New York

Mixtape: Cocaine Riot 3

Real Spit: There are some who recognize Chinx Drugz simply as French Montana’s right-hand man, but those who are truly in the know understand that the Queens, New York, MC’s rhyme potential makes him a star in his own right.

For years, Chinx has been honing his skills on the mixtape circuit, and on Monday (April 15), the Coke Boys spitter returns with Cocaine Riot 3. “When I was making this mixtape, I was just trying to give the people something a little different from my normal,” he told MTV News’ Mixtape Daily. “I basically started messing with a couple of different beats, but I kept it real New York. But I just really wanted to give ’em the other side of Chinx that they ain’t been hearing in a while.”

The last installment of Chinx’s Cocaine Riot series featured the underground boom-bap, Harry Fraud-produced tracks “I’m a Coke Boy” and “Road 2 Riches.” This time out Drugz is broadening his musical palette, collaborating with southern artists like Juicy J on “Right There” and Roscoe Dash on “One Night.” It isn’t completely a departure from Chinx, but rather than being boxed in to one sound, he uses Cocaine Riot 3 to prove that he is a complete artist. “It’s a lot of politics, but this time I just let loose and I gave them everything,” he said.

Joints to Check For
» “Right There” Feat. French Montana and Juicy J — “That’s my new single, I did it for the clubs. So when you see the shorty with a donkey on her backside, you gotta say there go that [chick] right there.”

» “One Night” — “Sweetheart, I’m only in town for one night. Let’s make it big.”

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