June 14, 2024

Fabolous And Pusha T To Rep For ‘The Cool Kids’ On Joint Tour

Fabolous and Pusha T live pretty exciting lives, and starting on April 24 the pair of lyricists will bring it all to fans on their The Life Is So Exciting Tour.

“I don’t think that there’s a better tour that I would rather be on. I’m a fan of hip-hop in general, and I said numerous times that Fab is one of my favorite rappers. Not only because he’s lyrical, but because he embodies the lifestyle of what he’s talking about,” Pusha T told MTV News on Friday when he and Loso sat down for a joint interview.

The tour, which is presented by MTV Jams, kicks off next week in Providence, Rhode Island, and runs through June 1, making stops in New York City, Los Angeles and Cleveland as well as a number of stops in Canada. “We’re excited to get out on the road, we’re excited to share fans and bring something special to them every night and even represent for some of the lyricists in the game,” Fab said.

The Brooklyn MC and G.O.O.D. Music lyricist aren’t just top-notch spitters: Both rappers also present an image that promotes high-end fashion, drug dealer-isms and a freewheeling playboy lifestyle. It’s not just an image, though. Pusha says he has seen it with his own two eyes, watching Fabolous party hard at celebratory events like NBA All-Star Weekend. “You gotta be at the Fab party. I’m about to do that for 40 nights. I’m about to have 40 real nights,” he said, laughing.

Fab believes he and his tourmate have a duty to give their fans something to relate and aspire to. “[We] gotta represent the cool kids in a way and make sure they’re getting the proper representation,” Loso said. “So that’s what we gonna take out here on 40 cities and make sure we represent that right.”

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