June 13, 2024

Rebel Wilson’s Chlamydia Koala, ‘Catching Fire’ And MTV Movie Awards’ Biggest Social Trends

While we all know who went home with the Golden Popcorn Sunday night, the 2013 MTV Movie Awards winners weren’t just onstage. Behold our top five social-media stars!

Rebel Wilson
By far, our Movie Awards host won the night. From the moment the comedian kicked off the show in her pink koala onesie and Mila Kunis’ custom Iron Man suit, fans went crazy for her online. Whether it was Wilson’s , her koala named Chlamydia or the double nipple-exposure, fans couldn’t get enough of this Golden Popcorn-winning Aussie!

Emma Watson
Trailblazer Award was clearly justified as fans began tweeted their love for Watson as soon as a video montage of her career began rolling. We can’t blame them: Though the star admitted to feeling pressure after a stirring speech from last year’s honoree, Emma Stone, this year’s Emma delivered, too, and with the best British accent.

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Will Ferrell
Yes, the actor’s name initially trended with the wrong spelling but fans got it together, corrected the mistake. The strangest part of Ferrell’s acceptance speech for the first-ever Comedic Genius Award wasn’t his money-print suit or even the introduction of his “wife” Pam and their three children (a big sigh to everyone who thought they were real). No, the craziest moment was Aubrey Plaza’s unscripted interruption. Still, Ferrell handed the moment like the Comedic Genius he is … and the show by producers. (Eek!)

Taylor Lautner
Even though the Best Shirtless winner since “lost” his hot bod to all the partying that came with turning 21, most Twilighters still swooned when Lautner hit the stage for his win. Unfortunately, not everyone had Jacob fever. Some awards-watchers seemed a bit angry the actor didn’t thank his “Twilight” family in his acceptance speech.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Not surprisingly, the Tributes lost their mind when a
debuted during the awards show. There were tears of joy, chills and loss of breath, according to the many retweets, shares and reblogs of the exclusive clip.

We call this one a not-so-honorable mention. The hashtag began trending after rumors spread that the singer was slapped with handcuffs backstage after allegedly smoking a blunt onstage with Snoop. Was it true? Nope. For all those who fell for that Internet hoax, here’s your Giffie!

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for red-carpet photos, our Movie Awards winners list and more exclusive movie premieres.

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