July 17, 2018

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Meet ‘Legless Suzy’ From ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

by 8 mins ago

The teaser clips and videos for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” may have made fans wince, cower and shriek from fear, but underneath it all, the so-called “freaks” are just like everyone else.

FX premiered a special segment called “Extra-Ordinary Artists” Thursday (October 2) that allows its viewers to see “a unique life in a unique body.”

“People stare at something they don’t understand,” says Rose Siggins, the actress that plays “Legless Suzy.” “Because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re entirely different. We’re like you, we just come in different forms. I kinda like the way I am, I would never change it. I couldn’t imagine myself being, I guess what everybody calls normal cause this is my normal.”

Siggins goes on to explain that she was born with sacral agenesis, a disease in which all or part of the lower section of the spinal column has failed to form.

“My mom knew I was different and unique and everybody did stare at me,” she said. “I didn’t want to be a part of a ‘freak show’ in the sense of exploiting myself. I’ve pretty much lived a life where I haven’t done that.”

The married Pueblo, Colorado native, who had two children despite doctors’ warnings that no one with her condition had ever successfully given birth, described her character on the show as a “very scared and frightened person.”

“Mentally, you start thinking of yourself as ‘I’m not a whole person,’ so of course you would’ve joined a ...

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Watch Mac Miller Make A Beat Using Three Random Records

by 21 mins ago

Mac Miller’s normally a good sport; so he’s down to try anything once, even “Rhythm Roulette.”

What’s that, you ask?

It’s a sampling game for producers. The good folks at Mass Appeal challenged the Blue Slide Park MC to find a record store in Los Angeles, blindfold himself, choose three records at random and then make a brand new beat by sampling his selection.

Sound like fun? It is when Mac’s involved.

The Run On Sentences Vol. 1 beat maestro chose Record Surplus in West LA, went straight to the Jazz section, tied a black bandana over his eyes, went fishing for vinyl and came up with his triple play: Charles Lloyd In The Soviet Union (1967), The Buddy Rich Band (1981) and Illumination! by the Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet (1964).

Back in his home studio, Larry Fisherman got to work.

“Before I get started, when I’m working on a beat I like to start with a good listen, and light reading,” he said before putting the needle on the first record and quietly reading.

During the session, which included adding his own layers of live keyboard and guitar, Mac’s father walked by and he urged him to speak to the people.

“How you doing? You guys take care of my son,” his Dad said.

By the end of the segment, Mac had crafted quite the head-nodding beat.

“Sue me,” he said, as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the legal issues associated with sampling.

Challenge accepted, challenge completed.

A$AP Rocky Is Back—And He Just Signed With The WME Talent Agency

by 1 hour ago

The William Morris Endeavor talent agency is officially in the A$AP Rocky business.

Billboard reports that WME announced Thursday (October 2) that it will handle Pretty Flacko’s worldwide representation.

The “F—kin’ Problems” MC, whose debut album, Long.Love.A$AP, landed at #1 on the Billboard 200 last January, will still be repped by Davis Shapiro’s Damien Granderson and AWGE’s Chace Johnson.

Rocky is a major lyrical voice in A$AP Mob, which, unfortunately, abandoned their plans to release a collaboration LP.

The silver lining, though, is the Harlemite’s sophomore album may be arriving real soon and a new song will be dropping tonight, according to A$AP Yams.

“Tomorrow night midnight,” he tweeted Wednesday.

Naturally, Rocky chimed in on his Twitter to help promote:

When the clock strikes 12, you can go here to listen to the yet-to-be-titled new track.


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A Bluegrass Cover Of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Exists, And It Is Glorious

by 13 mins ago

Nicki Minaj is known for fusing pop and hip-hop with chart-topping results, but has she ever considered throwing some bluegrass in there? By the sounds of this twangin’ cover of “Anaconda,” maybe she should.

Known for their genre-switching covers of popular songs, Postmodern Jukebox say they were inundated by requests to tackle the “Pills N Potions” MC’s sexually charged track. “Well, a bunch of you requested this one, and after hearing Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda,’ we just knew that we had to cover it,” says band in the YouTube video’s description.

Backed by guest banjoist Matt Bruer, lead singer Robyn Adele Anderson, all barefoot and pigtailed, sing-raps the lyrics to the smash hit with a Honky Tonkin’ flourish. But what makes this viral video truly pop, though, is Von Smith, who casually pets Marty the Chihuahua while singing backup in a chair.


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Chris Brown Raps On A Ridiculously NSFW French Montana Remix: Listen!

by 2 mins ago

Chris Brown ditched his singing voice in favor of his rapper alter ego on his new remix of French Montana’s “Don’t Panic,” which Funkmaster Flex premiered on Wednesday (October 1).

Like many other artists who have hopped on the DJ Mustard-produced track, MC Breezy adds a very capable opening verse after the Mac & Cheese 4 rapper’s opening hook.

“Don’t panic, I see you poppin’ that p—y/ I’m trying to lick on the cookie/ I’m eating through the panties/In-N-Out that booty ham sandwich” he raps on the extremely NSFW track.

With all of the references to women, it wouldn’t be that surprising if he had a few in the studio with him when he laid down those bars.

As Brown told MTV News’ Sway Calloway recently, that’s pretty much his M.O. while recording. “My vibe is a little different — I like to have a party. It’s like the club in my studio with 15 or 20 girls, a couple of my homies, drinks and everybody’s having fun. I just get the vibe off the energy from them.”


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Jaden Smith’s Back In The Music Game With ‘Trophy V6′: Listen

by 40 mins ago

In case you missed it, Jaden Smith made his lyrical return this week with the release of “Blue Ocean V19,” and on Wednesday (October 1) he dropped another new song on his sister, Willow’s SoundCloud, “Trophy V6.”

While it’s been a moment since the “After Earth” actor stepped away from the music scene, it’s evident that he’s been honing his craft during the hiatus.

Drake’s biggest fan coasts on the laid-back track with surprisingly dexterous rhymes that flow in a stream-of-consciousness style of rapping.

“I ain’t worried ‘bout the science/ I’m just glad we co-exist/ Runnin’ out of time you can read it on a wrist/ Picture that you missed, cause I’m chillin’ with your Miss/ If you call this co-existing/ Then you don’t really know the system/ If you really knew, it probably make you mad enough to go and freakin’ choke your sister/ Who killed the dang electric car? I got a broken Fisker,” he raps.

According to the Smith’s Twitter, “Trophy V6” will likely land on his upcoming mixtape, Cool Tape Vol.2.


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Rob Kardashian Totally Made #WCW Incestuous

by 21 mins ago

So that’s how it is in their family!

Rob Kardashian took #WomenCrushWednesday to totally inappropriate heights when he took to Twitter to make his sister Khloe Kardashian the object of his hump day affection.

“#WCW @khloekardashian shneeeeee meeeee claaaaaa,” he wrote as the caption to a photo of his older sibling’s backside as she heads into the gym.

The post definitely made some people shake their heads and say “Eww,” but the newly single “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star quickly got in on the joke with an even more hilariously twisted response.

“Totally a normal brother/sister relationship. Incest is best!!! #HeyBooHey,” she wrote on Instagram with a screenshot of her brother’s post.

Rob and Khloe’s latest social media repartee shouldn’t come as a surprise since the roommates have always been close. It was Khloe who rushed to defend her brother when his weight became a negative trending topic and her support is helping the 27-year old lose his depression weight.

“Rob and Khloé have always been tight. And Khloé has been there 100 percent for Rob since he’s been going through hard times,” a source close to the family told E! News last month. “Also, Rob and Lamar Odom were really close, and after Khloé and Lamar split, it was so hard for Rob. He felt like he lost a brother that he had always wanted. Khloé knows how depressed he’s been and is probably closer with him than any of her sisters.”

Drake Jokes He Could’ve Made It ‘Work With Rihanna’ If He Had Chris Brown’s Moves

by 2 mins ago

Let’s hope Chris Brown was wearing a bulletproof vest over the weekend, because his frenemy, Drake, might have fired a couple shots in the “New Flame” singer’s direction.

The OVO’s head owl was on the last leg of his Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas, when he decided to bust out some of Brown’s signature dance moves during Weezy’s “Loyal” performance.

“I just been listening to too much Breezy lately, you know? I just haaaad to do it,” he said.

That would have been fine if Drizzy had left it right there, but the “Worst Behavior” MC didn’t leave well enough alone. He had to work in a punchline about his and Chris’ mutual ex: “Man, I shoulda brought that sh-t out earlier. Maybe I coulda made that sh-t work with Rihanna a little better.”


Hopefully that little jab won’t undo the hatchet-burying these two hit-makers did over the summer, like the skit at the ESPYs and all that time spent in the studio together.

As for the “Diamonds” singer? Well, she doesn’t exactly take kindly to anything even remotely anti-Rihanna, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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See The ‘Freaks’ Of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ In Action

by 32 mins ago

Want to drum up interest in the new season of a popular TV show? That’s easy; just get straight to the freakin’ point. That’ ladies and gentlemen, is the route “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is taking with the first batch of actual footage released from Season 4, which literally opens with the line: “Where are the freaks? I’m getting bored.”

Then, we meet the cast. “It was in the fall when I realized the world I had known was forever doomed,” intones actress Sarah Paulson, who plays the dual roles of conjoined twins Dot and Better Tattler, as she approaches a menacing tent with Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars. “I knew I was about to enter the gates of hell, but, like the inescapable pull of gravity, there was nothing I could do about it.”

Watch the new footage, which premiered on BuzzFeed, to finally see Angela Bassett’s Desiree Dupree…


Kathy Bates’ bearded lady character, Ethel Darling…


And John Carroll Lynch’s Twisty the Clown in action.


But, it’s Evan Peters’ Jimmy Darling who gets the money line after he’s told that “There is no place in Jupiter for freaks.”


His response? “Don’t…call us freaks!”


Ryan Murphy’s masterful horror anthology series returns on October 8 on FX.


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Are You And Aspiring Rapper? Sway And Crooked I Have A New Competition Show Just For You

by 26 mins ago

Think you have what it takes to be the next “Hottest MC”? Well, now’s your chance to prove it. MTV News’ own Sway Calloway announced Monday (September 29) that he and Crooked I will work together for the first-of-its-kind rap competition series, “One Shot.”

Billing itself as a “battle where hip-hop and competition are the stars,” the show will allow MCs to compete for the title of hip-hop’s next superstar, a record deal with SMH Records and $100,000 cash money.

“This is strictly for hip-hop,” Crooked I said on Shade 45′s “Sway In The Morning.” “This right here is to provide a platform for hip-hop, for us. If you’re an up-and-coming artist, I had the same struggle. I had the same everything you got. I’m just like you. This is for us. Strictly hip-hop.”

DJ King Tech of “The Wake Up Show” and SMH Records CEO Mike Smith will join the Slaughterhouse rapper and “RapFix Live” host as they venture to Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles to evaluate the entrants’ skills on the mic.

In addition to featured industry professionals, a special celebrity judge from each city will contribute to the panel’s assessment of each upstart lyricist’s performance.

The final-four contestants will then be chosen to advance to each city’s main event, where they will work with SMH Records co-founder Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith, Tech and the Apex Predator MC on the songs they will perform. In ...

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