July 19, 2018

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Reese Witherspoon Blames Arrest On ‘Too Many Glasses Of Wine’

"It was one of those nights." That's how Reese Witherspoon described the April evening she was arrested for disorderly conduct while husband Jim Toth was arrested for DUI.

After canceling her earlier appearance on "Good Morning America," the "Mud" star sat down on the morning news program on Thursday (May 2) to open up about the night she and her husband were arrested in Atlanta, blaming it all on the alcohol.

"We had one too many glasses of wine. We thought we were fine to drive. We absolutely were not and it's just completely unacceptable, and we are so sorry and embarrassed," she went on to say on "GMA." "And we know better and we shouldn't have done that."

She continued, "And you know, it was just poor judgment and we made a mistake. And it was absolutely something that will never happen again — just bad judgment, you know."

Will Reese Witherspoon's Good-Girl Image Be Tainted By Her Arrest?

Witherspoon also cleared the air about some of her statements that night, including when she reportedly asked the police officer, "Do you know my name?"

"I have no idea what I was saying that night. I saw him arresting my husband and I literally panicked and I said all kinds of crazy things. I told him I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant. I said crazy things and you only hear my lagging because I have no idea what I was talking about," she said. "And I am so sorry. I was so disrespectful to him. I have police officers in my family. I ...

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‘American Idol’ Recap: A War At The Judges’ Table?

It was The Top 4: Part Deux on Wednesday (May 1), but the real fireworks were at the judges' table, not with the contestants.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, who despite sitting a few feet apart all season long only recently started acknowledging each other's existence, got in a pair of minor verbal skirmishes, one of which ended with Minaj trying to hand Carey a cotton swab "so you can clean them ears out!" And guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. got into it with Randy Jackson, telling the Dawg "Randy, Randy, stop!" — something viewers have wanted to tell Jackson for 12 seasons — after Jackson was caught giving bizarre mixed messages to Kree Harrison.

As for the contestants, the judges did their best to make this week interesting in terms of votes. Since no one went home on last week's show, votes from last week carry over to this week, with the two getting added together to determine who will be going home (for good) and who will be going home (for their "Idol" hometown visit) after Thursday's show. Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover were in the bottom two last week, and on Wednesday they wound up with the best reviews from the judges, while Angie Miller and Kree Harrison were given a tougher time from the panel.

Contestants performed two songs apiece: A current song and a standard. The night's biggest song came from Holcomb doing "My Funny Valentine," and although when she started the week she was clueless as to the meaning of the song — it's about ...

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Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly: Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Big Boi Pay Tribute

The hip-hop world mourned the death
 of Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly on Wednesday. Kelly, 34, one half of the Atlanta-based duo known for their smash 1992 hit "Jump," was found unresponsive at his ATL home and died at an area hospital a short time later.

Tributes poured in after the news broke, with everyone from Nicki Minaj to LL Cool J, Big Boi, Ludacris and Kelly's label, So So Def, expressing their condolences and wishes for the family.

At press time, no cause of death was announced, but a spokeswoman for the Fulton County police told the Associated Press that based on statements at the scene and evidence turned up in Kelly's home, "it appears it may have been a possible drug overdose."

In a letter to fans, So So Def boss Jermaine Dupri wrote, "To the world Chris was MacDaddy but to me, he was a son I never had, as much as you may think I taught him, he taught me, God has blessed me to be in the presence of so many naturally talented people, and Chris was one. His understanding of what we set out to do, from day one was always on point. his passion for the music, his love for doing shows, his want to better than everyone else, was always turnt up. When I think about it I spent more time with Chris than damn near anybody in my whole life, so you can imagine how bad this hurts.
I will always love you Chris, and I will never ...

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‘Iron Man 3’: Don Cheadle Spills Real Story On Gwyneth Paltrow’s Armor

Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle had Gwyneth Paltrow chuckling when they said their were cumbersome and uncomfortable. But is Paltrow really tougher than the guys? Cheadle has a different story.

"Because she didn't wear it," Cheadle told MTV News about his costar. "Hers was drawn on. Hers was CGI."

Cheadle plays Colonel James Rhodes, who wears the Iron Patriot armor. He said he was disappointed that the suit hadn't gotten more comfortable since he donned it in "Iron Man 2." "I mean, that's a chief complaint I logged," Cheadle explained. "It's like, 'You guys didn't get this more refined? It still weighs this much? I still can't articulate the arms to touch my face when I wear it.' But we know what it is when we sign up to do it, and it was great to come back and recreate the character again."

Cheadle, of course, took over the role after Terence Howard played the character in the original film. He observed that after the experience of "Iron Man 2," he and Downey established a comfortable camaraderie which allowed their onscreen relationship to flourish.

"[This was] more of an opportunity for us to bust each other's chops, and to be a conscience for Tony — that's what Rhodey provides," Cheadle said. "And Tony for Rhodey provides someone who's trying to get him out of his shell. And then to be able to go into that third-act set piece with these guys back-to-back and doing what they have to do was a lot of fun."

The "third-act set piece" ...

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Daniel Radcliffe Gets Press Pass With New ‘Tokyo Vice’ Role

A former wizard is transporting himself to a new world where people can disappear without a trace — albeit under decidedly more dangerous circumstances.

Daniel Radcliffe is set to star in "Tokyo Vice," a Japan-set thriller based on the memoirs of American reporter Jake Adelstein. Deadline reported Wednesday (May 1) that Radcliffe will play Adelstein, a crime beat journalist whose investigation of yakuza boss Tadamasa Goto, called the "John Gotti of Japan," took its toll on his personal and professional life.

Radcliffe will star in the film for director Anthony Mandler, who has shot music videos for Rihanna ("California King Bed," "Diamonds"), Jay-Z ("Young Forever"), and Lana Del Ray ("National Anthem") among others. Adelstein's novel is adapted by playwright J.T. Rogers.

Since wrapping up the Harry Potter series in 2011, Radcliffe has kept himself busy with a variety of different projects. After finishing the sleeper hit "The Woman in Black" and the Sundance film "Kill Your Darlings," Radcliffe tackled another horror film, "Horns," and the romantic comedy "The F Word." He also has plans to return to the stage in June to star in Martin McDonagh's "The Cripple Of Inishmaan," which will mark his first theatrical work since his 2011-'12 run in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying."

Thus far, most audiences have only seen Radcliffe in period attire or his Hogwarts garb. But a modern American journalist? DanRad's showing fans a whole new side.

Tell us what you think of Radcliffe's new role in the comments below!


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Amber Holcomb Knew ‘Nobody Was Going Home’ On ‘American Idol’ Last Week

"I said nobody was going home," a smiling Amber Holcomb told MTV News last week after threw us all for a loop by not eliminating anyone. While Holcomb and Candice Glover ended up in the bottom two, the pair of powerful divas-in-the-making dodged a bullet when producers decided to give them a reprieve to make up for the judges not using their save this season.

"Yeah, Amber called it," said an equally relieved Glover. "I was just hoping for the best and saying a prayer as fast as I could. And when they said none of us were going home I just bursted into tears." Both women had reason to be confident following their solid, if predictable and a bit bland performances on last Wednesday night's show.

While Candice had the best evening thanks to her covers of songs by Drake and 1970s one-hit wonder Samantha Sang, not to mention a solid take of Rihanna's "Stay" with Angie Miller, Holcomb's performances were a bit shakier.

Her take on Celine Dion's "The Power of Love" was cruise ship cheesy and the disco lite shuffle through "MacArthur Park" wasn't much better. She pulled it out for a duet with Kree Harrison on Adele's "Rumor Has It," and by the time the night was over it looked like Harrison was the one who might be leaving.

After last Thursday's surprise non-elimination, Glover said the judges counseled her to be true to herself and not let anything shake her. "Continue to be myself like I've been doing," she said Randy, Keith, Mariah and Nicki told ...

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