December 19, 2018

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Kanye West’s ‘American Psycho’ Spoof: Bret Easton Ellis Tells All!

With one text, "American Psycho" writer Bret Easton Ellis became a member of the Kanye West's clique.

He was enlisted earlier this summer by West to help reimagine a memorable scene from his famed 1991 novel in a promo video for his Yeezus track The clip re-creates one of the bloodier, more unforgettable scenes from the novel and later film, which starred Christian Bale as deranged Wall Streeter Patrick Bateman.

"I wrote it. Kanye came to me and asked me to write it so I wrote the promo. I just got a text one day... it said, 'It's Kanye, do you have time to rap?' And then suddenly my phone rang and someone said, 'Kanye got your number and he wants you to write this promo for Yeezus,' " Ellis told MTV News. "And so we went back and forth on it and he wanted it done, like, that day. So I wrote it very quickly and they shot it two or three days later."

The new short clip casts "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star and noted Patrick Bateman lookalike, Scott Disick, in the lead role alongside Kim Kardashian's bestie, Jonathan Cheban (who is in for Jared Leto's character). After a pro-Kanye monologue, "New Slaves" plays in the background as Disick hacks away at Cheban, mirroring a scene from the movie.

While it may have seemed like unusual casting, Disick is in Kanye's inner circle (he's dating Kourtney Kardashian) and is already Ellis-approved as a Bateman stand-in.

"I had tweeted many times about Scott Disick and 'American Psycho' and ...

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Arcade Fire’s New Album Is Not A ‘Ropera,’ James Murphy Says

Earlier this month, Arcade Fire surprised pretty much everybody when they revealed the release date of their new album — October 29 — by replying to a fan on Twitter.

And that included the guy who produced it, former LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy.

"I didn't even know that's what they did. When you work on a record you don't know any of the things around it. So when it comes out I'll just be like 'The Arcade Fire record's out ... oh, right!'" Murphy told Billboard. "It's been the food I eat and the air I breathe for a long time now. That happens with my own records. I am officially done with it, we've just been passing things back and forth, making choices on mixes."

News of Murphy's involvement on Arcade Fire's new record first surfaced in late 2012, and the band were still holed up in the DFA Studio as recently as March. And as Murphy explained, the album evolved over the course of that time ... to the point where, from the sound of things, it appears Win Butler and Co. have moved on from 2010's Grammy-winning concept album The Suburbs.

"Producing is always really hard, and you can never tell who's going to be easy to get along with ... it turned out it was really nice, and everyone was amazingly respectful of one another," Murphy said. "I'm not sure if it's a concept record like the last one. ... We don't talk about where the songs come ...

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‘Gravity’: Watch The Insanely Suspenseful New Trailer

The purpose of a trailer is usually two-fold. It should 1) give the audience an idea of what a movie is like and 2) make them want to see that movie. The new trailer for "Alfonso Cuarón's space-set suspense thriller, completes both of this objectives in one two-minute take.

"Gravity" stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts who experience a catastrophic accident during a spacewalk. Debris from a broken up satellite collides with their shuttle, sending Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone, tumbling into space.

The trailer itself is essentially a clip, one long take from the film's first act. Cuarón, who also directed "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Children of Men," has been fond of lengthy, unbroken shots throughout his career, and as he explained to MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, their purpose in "Gravity" is to emulate documentary footage taken from space.

As you might guess from the trailer, during a large portion of the film, Bullock is alone on the screen, almost like "Cast Away" in space, but Cuarón explained that his movie's unrelenting suspense separates it from other films with solitary characters.

"The difference with 'Cast Away' is that 'Cast Away,' which I love, is a drama," Cuarón said. "Here, the tone is more of suspense. The character is in constant danger, all the time from the get-go. In many ways, the model was more 'Duel' of Spielberg than 'Cast Away.' "

To create the sweeping long shots, like the one you see in the trailer, Cuarón and his production team had to invent ...

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Lindsay Lohan’s Sultry ‘Canyons’ Poster: Exclusive First Look!

You may not get to see Lindsay Lohan in until next month, but MTV News has an exclusive first look at the film's poster — along with behind-the-scenes details about the neo-noir film from writer Bret Easton Ellis.

In the poster, a scantily clad Lohan is pictured with her two beaus in the film, played by adult film star James Deen and "Awkward" actor Nolan Funk. The film follows the story of a group of Hollywood up-and-comers who are caught up in various love affairs, while also doing nearly anything and everything to get ahead in the City of Angels.

Ellis credits Lohan for bringing a particular something to the role of Tara, who is torn between Christian (Deen) and struggling actor, Ryan (Funk), as she tries to climb Hollywood's social ladder.

"When Lindsay came in ... she didn't change any dialogue; she just delivered it differently than I imagined it," he told MTV News. "Because I thought Tara was more vulnerable in the script, softer, definitely not as commanding or as confronted as she is when she's dealing with Christian. And, Lindsay changed that. She made it all very confronted. She doesn't take, really, any s--- from him. And she actually made it more dramatic, a little bit more, probably more gripping, than it would have been if it had been played by an actress who played out the way I had written it."

But Ellis explained that he was not nearly as confident when Lohan's name was first mentioned, before her ...

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Lady Gaga’s New Single Title Revealed?

When you live in the world of Little Monsters, there is meaning in everything. Take, for instance, a provocative image uploaded by Lady Gaga's makeup artist, Tara Savelo, late Tuesday night.

Sure, the average person logging into the LittleMonsters community might have just seen Gaga with a paint palette in their lap holding a hand over a frame with the word "Applause" written in all red caps across the top.

But a Little Monster would absolutely notice that the post was titled "26 Days," and done the backwards math to realize that that is (almost) exactly the time left before the August 19 date Gaga promised for the first single from her long-awaited ARTPOP album.

"I knew that the applause was the next single, seeOh well ... I TOLD YA!!!!!," wrote fan Claudia on Little Monsters. Another, Bryan, seemed to have figured it all out when he wrote, "The blank canvas of ARTPOP is finally beginning to fill. The artist is Lady Gaga, and the first piece of the painting is 'The Applause.' "

Another enterprising young man found what he deemed a hidden clue. "If you flip the photo upside down, and look right above where 'The Applause' is written it says, 'Lady Gaga B198."

The singer stirred the pot a bit herself a short time later, posting a drawing with some poem-like verses that could be lyrics to a new song. "If only fame had an IV/baby I could bare being away from you/ I found the vein put it in here." The final line has an arrow ...

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Amanda Bynes: More Details On Fire Incident

Add Bonnie Braaten to the list of people who are confused by Amanda Bynes' actions on Monday night. The homeowner whose driveway was allegedly set on fire by the actress has spoken out about her confusion over the bizarre incident
 outside her Thousand Oaks, California home.

"I have no idea what she was doing," Braaten told US Weekly, noting that she's been told that Bynes' parents live nearby. "I don't even think she has an idea what she was doing."

Braaten told the magazine that she was in a back bedroom watching TV at the time of the incident and came on the scene after the fire had been put out by a neighbor. An eyewitness told her that the flames rose five feet in the air and that there were two different fires, which were reported to sheriff's officials as arson.

Bynes, 27, was placed on an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold
 by California's sheriff's deputies on Monday night after she reportedly set the fires. Braaten's neighbor, Bruno Corsi, told the magazine that he extinguished the fire, which he discovered after hearing a disturbance while working in his garage. He emerged to see "a bunch of teenage kids who were trying to stop the fire." He described seeing a woman with "long blonde hair ... sitting on the sidewalk." Bynes has been spotted lately wearing a long blonde wig.

"There was a gas can, a two- or three-gallon container," he said. "It was melting. If it were metal, it would have exploded, but it was plastic. [There were] four- or ...

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Demi Lovato Dishes: Who’s The ‘Jerk’ Of The ‘X Factor’ Panel?

There will be talented singers, there will be awkward auditions, but there's one thing won't have season three: drama on the judging panel.

Except, of course, the friendly banter between returning judges Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato.

"No absolutely not," Lovato told MTV News at Philadelphia's Pop-Tart Crazy Good Summer Tour of whether we will see the judges argue on the show. "Other than against Simon, so that's fun."

Cowell and Lovato will be joined by Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, who replaced L.A. Reid and Britney Spears and whom Lovato affectionately nicknamed her "older sisters." The four have been jet-setting across the country for auditions, and in the process have become a close-knit panel.

So, what's the key to the success of this judging panel? According to Lovato, it's all about the ladies.

"That's fun having a bunch of women on that panel, because it's like girl power and it brings a lighter energy to the show. Instead of having feuds on the panel, there's actually ... It's all positive," Lovato said. "Therefore it makes it fun to watch."

The "Heart Attack" singer, who is up for a 2013 Video Music Awards, tells viewers that they can expect Rowland to bring the humor, Rubio to bring the craziness and Cowell to "still come across as a jerk." As for Lovato? Expect her to bring the honesty.

"I've raised my bar, I put a lot of people through last year that had the overall package but didn't have the best voices," Lovato said. "And now I've raised the bar where I am ...

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‘Originals’ Creator Reveals Secrets Of Werewolf Pregnancy

Things won't be so easy for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) in the Big Easy. As we learned during the backdoor pilot for "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Original," the werewolf is pregnant with hybrid Klaus' baby — and a coven of witches is using her and her unborn child to force the bloodsucker to do their bidding.

It was a plot twist few (including the cast) saw coming, and one that left plenty of unanswered questions (including, "What is it?") after the April 25th episode aired. But star Joseph Morgan may have the best query of the bunch:

"Does it turn every full moon when it's in the womb?" he asked creator Julie Plec when we spoke with the cast during San Diego Comic-Con.

Plec was ready with an intriguing answer — one that seemed to surprise the assembled cast members.

"Well, I will tell you this: We did have dialogue in the original episode, and I think we are putting it into the episode that will be our first episode in October," Plec teased. "We're talking about Hayley's pregnancy and how do you know, and she says, 'Look up.' And it's a full moon, and she says, 'I'm not turning.' You know, that's werewolf culture. When women are pregnant that's the one time the curse releases itself so the werewolf bloodlines can continue to procreate."

"The Originals" follows the millenia-old Mikaelson family of undead, first introduced in "The Vampire Diaries," as they return to New Orleans and Klaus tries to reclaim rule from protégé Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

"The Originals" premieres Tuesday, October ...

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One Direction Turns 3: Their Adorable Wittle Moments!

Happy 3rd birthday, One Direction! Although you only have the age of a toddler, it certainly feels like you've been around longer — especially with two albums, two world tours, eight music videos, an upcoming movie and 68 awards, including three VMAs.

Exactly three years ago, on July 23, 2010, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall were banded together by Simon Cowell on the British version of the "X Factor," and since then, the guys have been singing in harmony and stealing hearts. As the Directioners have been celebrating with their fave memories on Twitter on Tuesday (July 23) in celebration, MTV News has rounded up the most adorable moments from the fivesome.

November 2010 — In the first week of the "X Factor," the guys made a video diary for their growing group of fans. When asked for what they look for in a girl, many of them gave generic answers. Not Louis. He told the world "I like girls who eat carrots." Since then, Directioners have been bringing 1D carrots to every show. Hope you guys like Vitamin C!

February 2012 — It took a bit for One Direction to make it big in America, but once they caught on, they spread like Directioners outside Madison Square Garden. And although it seems like eons ago, "What Makes You Beautiful" kickstarted 1D's quest for fame in the U.S. After that, their first album debuted at #1 on Billboard and another LP followed in November 2012.

April 2012 — Remember when One Direction took over "Saturday Night Live"? Along with their ...

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