September 21, 2018

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Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy To Babysit Lil Wayne?

As if having a show starring Nick queen bees Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy wasn't enough star power, the former "iCarly" and "Victorious" actresses do have some A-listers they'd love to see stop by their spin-off, "Sam & Cat". Topping the list of dream cameos they'd love to book includes Betty White and Susan Boyle, but there's more they want, they tell MTV News.

"Andrew Garfield, oh my goodness!" McCurdy said of the dreamy "The Amazing Spider-Man" star. "If he were on, I feel like it would overload, it'd be too much."

Grande, who certainly has some hip-hop cred of her own thanks to her Mac Miller-assisted shared that she'd love to see Weezy make an appearance. "Lil Wayne," she enthusiastically revealed, before wondering what his storyline might end up looking like. "In what world would he do it? In what world there be a storyline that would fit having Lil Wayne on the show?" she joked.

, June 8 on Nick at 8 p.m. ET and follows the two young women as they embark on life as roommates and babysitters. And, the twosome even has in mind who from the "iCarly" universe could really help up the star power, considering that "Victorious" actor Eric Lange has already banked an appearance on the series.

"I wish Miranda [Cosgrove] or Jerry [Trainor] or Nathan [Kress] [would come on the show]," McCurdy shared, with her small-screen partner-in-crime adding, "That would be fun."

"I love them all," McCurdy continued. "I feel weird singling some of them out. It'd ...

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J. Cole Reveals Hurt On ‘Let Nas Down’ At <i>Born Sinner</i> Stream

NEW YORKJ. Cole didn't necessarily visualize the listening session for his sophomore album being held in a movie theater, but the Roc Nation rapper was pleased that he'd succeeded in getting fans and media to stream Born Sinner in its entirety — uninterrupted and without the chatter — Thursday night at the SVA theater in New York.

Attendees were asked to download the Lisnr app and plug in with a pair of Beats by Dre Studio headphones so they could hear the album exactly the way Cole does during production. Though the Born Sinner stream was scheduled to begin simultaneously in eight cities, Cole needed to get something off his chest first. Fans were clamoring to hear his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on "Forbidden Fruit," but it was the track "Let Nas Down" that required a 15-minute explanation, during which Cole did his best to make "a long story short."

The tale began in 2009 when he was rolling off the success of The Warm Up and celebrating his new deal with Roc Nation. Dropping an album seemed easy enough, but as Cole toured with Hov, watching him perform hits like "Big Pimpin'" — "The way that moved the crowd every night ... I wanted one so bad," he said — he began a torturous journey to find his album's lead single, which lead him to some real career lows.

Though the pain in his story was obvious, Cole had a sense of humor as he explained Jay-Z's reactions when he presented him with single options like "Who ...

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Sky Blu Exclusively Reveals <i>Rebel Music</i>, Debuts New Track

LMFAO's Sky Blu is back and just as ready to have you fist pumping the night away, even if he is one member short. After the party-rocking duo officially went on hiatus last fall, Sky headed into the studio to begin work on his solo effort. And, now he's ready to give the world his Rebel Music.

On Friday (June 7), Sky stopped by MTV News to reveal, exclusively, the title of his new album, as well as preview his brand-new track, "I Want To Party."

Listen to Sky Blu's "I Want To Party" now!

"It is called Rebel Music, and it kind of just describes the theme of my life up until this point right now," the 26-year-old said about his July album release. "And I think it's just very appropriate for the time I'm in in my life right now. There was definitely titles that actually fit this project that I really loved, but I guess they were too risqué for me to do."

He continued, "I'm somebody [that] is a habitual line stepper, that likes to push the envelope and it excites me. So without saying too much, I think Rebel Music really just kind of sets the tone for how I'm putting this record out, 'cause it's coming out for free for the world. This is my album ... Me and my boy Mark Rosas [who appears on this single 'Pop Bottles'] worked really hard on this record alongside a few other people. And I can't wait for the people to hear. It's just ...

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‘The Purge’: The Reviews Are In!

Following in the footsteps of movies like "Straw Dogs" and "The Strangers," chronicles a family coming to terms with its own animalistic nature in a hypothetical future where the government legalizes all crime — including murder — for one 12-hour period annually. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star as wealthy parents trying to protect themselves and their children when masked intruders break into their home to kill a fugitive to whom they offer asylum.

The scenario has a ripped-from-the-headlines sort of energy, and, at the same time, it's a classic foundation for drama: What would you do to protect your family if it was threatened? But what do critics think of the thriller? Is it an astute commentary on America's predisposition for violence or an exploitative celebration of brutality? MTV News rounded up some opinions from the Web's top voices to give viewers a glimpse at what they might see — when they're not covering their eyes, that is — when they go see "The Purge" this weekend.

How Well Does It Set Up Its Core Concept?
"[James] DeMonaco, who wrote another Hawke siege movie, 2005's 'Assault on Precinct 13,' loads his satire with more political baggage than it can bear. And it dissolves into a typical home-invasion thriller whose big ideas about race, class, and social violence get trumped by its desire to hit genre beats. 'The Purge' clearly has a lot on its mind, but it never really manages to express it." — Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

Does It Follow Through On Any Interesting Ideas?
"If this almost incoherently ...

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Nicki Minaj Goes Island For Busta Rhymes’ ‘Twerk It’ Remix

Nicki Minaj has proven to be both a hip-hop and pop threat, but her versatility doesn't stop there. Through the years, the Trinidad-born hitmaker has dabbled in dancehall, showing off her Caribbean swag, making her most recent splash with labelmate Busta Rhymes on the remix to his new reggae-drenched single,

The Dungeon Dragon first released his Pharrell-produced island thump last month, and Thursday night, he gave the track new life by adding the queen of Queens, New York. This time out, rather than employing her alter-ego Roman or her sometimes London accent, Nicki leans on her West Indian roots and lets loose a deep Patois. "Dutty gal, when ya see mi and what yu fi do/ Bow down, big chain and it heavy too," she raps in a slow and measured pace.

Keeping with the vibe, Nicki goes on to shout out dancehall influencers like Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, before repping for her birthplace, spitting: "Trinidad an no Jame$ mi no chat 'bout."

Busta Rhymes, who is Jamaican-American, has always dabbled in reggae. On his 2009 album, Back On My B.S., he and Pharrell created a similar vibe with

This isn't the first time Nicki has embraced dancehall, either. Back in 2010, she hopped on a remix of Jamaican reggae singer Gyptian's hit "Hold You," and earlier this year, she contributed to French Montana's Lil Vicious-sampling single Though Montana's single is technically a rap song, Nicki's verse was drenched with island slang. "I feel like this song brings back the essence of ...

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Lamb Of God Fans ‘Thank God It’s Over’ After Randy Blythe Not Guilty Appeal Ruling

Randy Blythe's long road to redemption finally ended this week. The Lamb of singer was found not guilty by an appeals court panel in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, ending his two-year battle to clear his name in a manslaughter case
 tied to a fan's death in 2010 at one of the band's shows.

"He handled this in a very mature and grown up manner. A lesson we all could learn from," wrote fan Francis Balliet on the Loudwire site in reaction to the news of the appeals court verdict, which is final.

"A heavy weight off his shoulders, now he can continue his life and his respect towards the victim's family was well-received," wrote another. "Good to hear the news now it's all over and done with," said a fellow commenter, while Chicago fan Raven A. Knight posted, "Thank God it's over! Glad with the results, Randy can go on with his life. Maybe we can learn from this story. Randy has my respect for what he has been through!"

Fans were equally excited about the verdict on the Metalsucks site, where one wrote, "Cheers & Congrats, classy metal dude."

Blythe was acquitted
 in March in the death of 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek, who he was accused of pushing from the stage during a LOG show in Prague on March 24, 2010. Nosek fell and hit his head on the concrete floor and later died of his injuries. The singer was arrested at the Prague airport in the summer of 2012 and spent five weeks in ...

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‘The Internship’: The Reviews Are In!

It's been almost a decade since Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson teamed up for "Wedding Crashers," but the duo is finally back with a follow-up, "The Internship." Chronicling the misadventures of two watch salesmen who attempt to catch up to the Internet age by applying for jobs at Google, the movie follows Vaughn and Wilson as they try to recapture the anarchic energy of their previous collaboration. But have they succeeded in doing more than making a feature-length advertisement for the search-engine company?

MTV News rounded up a cross section of reviews of the film, many of which suggest that "The Internship" isn't good enough for long-term entertainment.

How Good Is It At Using Google To Tell A Great Story?
"This is not so much product placement in a movie as movie placement in a product. For two hours, viewers are treated to a series of bright, high-energy sales pitches for the San Francisco search engine and its vast array of products and services... plus, occasional attempts at comedy from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson while they stand in front of giant Google logos. Shameless? Absolutely. But that wouldn't be such a problem if 'The Internship' wasn't so mirthless, as well." — Matt Singer, Screencrush

How Are Vaughn And Wilson?
"For whatever reason, it's taken the raucous duo eight years to reunite, and for whatever reason, they've agreed to do so in a Google commercial disguised as every other campus comedy ever made, albeit with party-hearty nonsense and fish-out-of-water antics tempered down to PG-13 levels for maximum mediocrity." — William Goss,

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