April 18, 2019

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Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Go On Flirty Shopping Spree In ‘Fashion Killa’ Video

A$AP Rocky may have just been when they were spotted together in New York City in August, but it was all for the cameras. The duo's is officially out, and in it, the twosome crush on each other... and designer duds.

The video, premiered on GQ, follows the two artists as they hang around an apartment before painting the town red, going on a after-hours shopping spree in several high-end stores. The playful couple gets flirty not only with each other but also the couture they try on for each other.

When they aren't playing with the clothes, they're snuggling on the street. But throughout the video, there is yet another, more mysterious storyline. A masked man follows the pair around town. At the end of the video, he spray paints the word "art" on the side of a building.

The video was directed by A$AP Rocky and hip-hop fashion maven Virgil Abloh. Earlier this week, the rapper opened up to "106 & Park" about enlisting Rihanna to play his onscreen love interest.

"She's a fashion killa in my eyes. I respect her jigginess. I respect her fashion sense so that's why I used her as a female. It's about art, the whole video, we wanted to base it off art," he explained, before breaking down who the masked graffiti artist is. "It's this famous, well he's infamous, he's a tagger. His name is Kidult. We use his art and we use her art for being a fashion killa and made this conceptual video. ...

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Drake Put ‘No Energy’ Into Kendrick Lamar

Birdman is a proud CEO. On Tuesday, his Cash Money artist Drake dropped Nothing was the Same, his third LP, which has captivated music fans since it leaked onto the Internet last week.

Not only did the #1 Stunna get to release the project through his Cash Money Record company, he also dropped some bars on one of the LP's most exciting songs . Many fans speculate that the song is a subtle response to Kendrick Lamar's fiery verse on Big Sean's "Control," where the Compton lyricist lyrically challenged Drake and a handful of other MCs.

"F--- any n---a that's talkin' that sh-- just to get a reaction/ F--- going platinum, I looked at my wrist and it's already platinum," Drake spit on a line that many believe is a subliminal reference to K-Dot's ear-popping verse.

Baby heard the speculation, but he doesn't think that Kendrick was Drake's intended target. "Drake do what he do. He really slick with whatever he do. He makes you think. But I didn't think he put no energy into that," he said on Wednesday (September 25) when he appeared on "RapFix Live."

"Kendrick the homey, I ain't got nothin' but love and respect for Kendrick. Top Dawg is one of my best friends, so I would never want to see us condone that," Birdman said acknowledging TDE's CEO. "That ain't what this about."

Drake himself addressed the rap competition when he appeared on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show in New York earlier this week. "It just wasn't real to me. I saw him ...

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Pusha T And Chris Brown’s ‘Sweet Serenade’ Is Anything But Sweet: Watch Exclusive Set Visit!

Pusha T has a deep and dark past that didn't always include platinum plaques and VMA performances. So now that the Clipse MC is getting set to release his solo debut album, My Name is My Name, he's ready for a little celebration. Except the album's first official single "Sweet Serenade" is anything but — and its upcoming video follows suit.

"'Sweet Serenade,' it doesn't sound really sweet. It's pretty dark so to capture that we came and shot on the beach at night time, bonfire," Push told MTV News on Monday from his video shoot at Playa del Rey in California.

The track and Colin Tilley-directed video features Chris Brown, who delivers a glass-high toast on the song's hook. "C'mon let's toast the champagne, this one's for the life," he sings in dark and muted vocals.

"I like Chris, Chris has an edge to him that's very real; he's a real person, he goes through real situations," Push said of his latest collaborator. "Me and Chris are just two passionate artists about our craft, and we actually give a damn."

For Pusha, though, "Sweet Serenade" is the long exhale after making it past a street life with serious consequences. "It's basically celebrating the fact that we've made it this far," he explained. "We've been through so much, me and my friends. We've been around some of the worst things, the worst environments, we've lived through some really harsh times and we're still here and we're celebrating that."

Then when My Name is My Name is finally released on October 8, you ...

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Oh Land’s <i>Wishbone</i> Was Made For The Weirdos

Oh Land's Wishbone is for the weirdos.

For those expecting another ethereal, spritely pop song like "White Nights," which made the TV rounds on "Girls" and "Teen Wolf" when it came out, fans were taken by surprise when the new album gave them "My Boxer" — Oh Land's version of rap, supported by sparse, distorted, electronic beats. The song pounds and stomps as she yells through a megaphone and asks, "Does baby like weird?"

The video, shot on an iPad, follows the singer around on her bike, her dog sitting in its basket. Her cap, tied-back blue hair, crop top and printed pants are far detached from the felt hats, wispy blond hair and woolen capes that first entered her into the fashion world as a style icon.

Her signature dreamy ballads still exist in her new collection of music, and hints mystical pop about rainbows and narwhals still peep though. But Wishbone, which dropped Tuesday, is aggressive, demanding and doesn't make up any stories.

"It's both very dreamy but also very grounded," the singer born Nanna Oland Fabricius told MTV News, breaking down the title Wishbone. "I would describe my album as the conflict between the brain and the body. Wish is all your thoughts and your dreams, and bones, being like your very physical world."

Nanna sings about her physical limitations in "Bird in an Aeroplane," a song she told her audience at NYC's Gramercy Theater on Tuesday night was inspired by birds that cause trouble on airport runways. "Iron steel and smoke," she sings about the plane, which sucks ...

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Miley Cyrus Skydives, Flips The Bird In New <i>Rolling Stone</i> Clip

Miley Cyrus goes all out in her new Rolling Stone cover story, getting the magazine's name tattooed on her feet, partying until dawn at a Hollywood club, admitting Steve Carell gives her the "stank eye" ... though there's one moment that stands above all the rest: when she decides to leap out of a plane 12,500 feet in the air.

And now, there's actually footage of Cyrus' death-defying skydive session. Rolling Stone had cameras on hand when Cyrus and her assistant/BFF Cheyne jumped out of a plane high above the L.A. desert — because why wouldn't they? — and after watching the video, we can definitely attest to the fact that Miley is a bad-ass.

In the video, she admits that she's "f---ing terrified," and as the plane begins to make its ascent, she even flips the camera the bird, declaring "f--- you, Rolling Stone magazine." Then, she jumps (it's a tandem jump, with an instructor on her back, but still) and as she plummets through the sky, she even manages a defiant tongue wag.

After her instructor pulls the chord on her parachute, Miley slowly drifts down to earth, surveying the scenery around her and declaring "I'm finally a bird, like I always wanted to be."

Of course, her session wasn't totally a success: when she lands, she's briefly trampled by her instructor, though she seems to take it all in stride, giving the cameras a thumbs-up and laughing "What a landing!"

How can Miley possibly top this? Why, with her own documentary, of course! premieres Wednesday, October ...

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Rihanna The ‘Fashion Killah’ Is Crushing It With Clothing Line, TV Show And A$AP Cameo

Rihanna might be a slaying couture alongside pal A$AP Rocky in his , but she's killing the style game in the real world as well.

Between her latest collection for River Island and the upcoming season of (the first in the U.S.), it's clear that Rihanna is all about clothes.

The singer will be taking her love for fashion to the small screen as producer and fashion star on November 5 (a network has yet to be announced). For the series, she will be joined by hitmaker Pharrell Williams, supermodel Erin Wasson and her own stylist, Mel Ottenberg.

MTV News caught up with the designer/singer/TV personality's co-star, Wasson, who broke down what it was like to shoot the series with the glamazon. "She's incredible; she's Rihanna. You know what I mean?" she said. "She brings a spirit to the show; an authenticity to the show that I think is what is going to make a difference from everything else."

She added, "I'm just bringing a little bit of Texas truth. I've been in the fashion industry for 15 years, but I also like to keep it real and so a lot of it is tough love and a lot of it is I'm just guiding these kids through the whole journey."

The show gives 12 wannabe designers a shot at fashion stardom, a slot on Rihanna's design team, a cash prize of $100,000 and a spread in Glamour magazine. And Wasson explained what makes the U.S. version different from the U.K. one, which aired last year across the ...

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‘Breaking Bad’ Star Quits Meth For ‘Need For Speed’: Watch The Trailer!

As the first trailer begins for "Need for Speed," an adaptation of the popular racing video game series starring Aaron Paul, a narration kicks things off that would lead us to believe that it's a "Breaking Bad" sequel. "They took everything from me," Paul says in the preview's opening moments.

While this — unfortunately — isn't a continuation of the story of Jesse Pinkman after he joins a street racing circuit, "Need for Speed" appears to be giving Paul the opportunity to be on the other end of some physical punishment for once.

The surprisingly moody trailer introduces us to Tobey Marshall, a muscle car mechanic and street racer with a mind set on revenge. When a former associate of Marshall's frames him for a crime that he didn't commit, he joins a cross-country race to exact his vengeance.

"Need for Speed" marks Paul's big post-"Breaking Bad" crossover into big-budget films. Thought Jesse Pinkman hasn't fared so well during these final eight episodes of the critically acclaimed show, the multiple Emmy-winner looks to be enjoying a new role, especially when it comes with a new set of wheels.

The film is also the first in what is shaping up to be an impressive string of high-profile video game adaptations that are hoping to kill the expectation that all movies based on games suck, which includes "Assassin's Creed," "Ratchet and Clank," and "Warcraft."

The cast of "Need for Speed" is rounded up by some serious up-and-coming talent, including Dominic Cooper from "Captain America: The First Avengers" and Dakota Johnson, who was recently cast in ...

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NERVO Are Going ‘Old House’ On Debut Album

It was a non-stop summer for EDM duo NERVO, from jet-setting around the world to being house DJs at the 2013 Video Music Awards pre-show. But now it's back to business for the Australian twin sisters.

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Liv and Mim (who are brand ambassadors for COVERGIRL) just released "Not Taking This No More," a fast-paced, high-energy track that they worked on with fellow Australian producer Ivan Gough.

"We actually met him on an airplane flight from Brazil to Australia in February of this year and reconnected that way, went home, wrote the track," Liv told MTV News last month of the follow-up to "And the top line was actually sung by a singer called Beverly Knight in the U.K., a big soul vocalist. It's a little touch of old house, which is the house music that we fell in love with."

The video for the single was shot over the summer during their residency in Ibiza, where they also spent a lot of time working on their debut album. While it doesn't have a release date yet — they told MTV News back in May that they "keep changing our mind" — there will be more music to hold them over until then.

"I think we have three singles scheduled until the end of the year, so it's busy, busy, busy," Mim said. "But lots of great music."

NERVO, who will be primarily showing off their own vocals on their debut, have worked with some of the biggest hitmakers ...

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‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: 5 Burning Questions From The Pilot

Ever since "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." was announced over a year ago, fans have wracked their collective brains after every new announcement as they tried to solve the ever-growing web of mysteries surrounding the new Marvel TV show. Would any comic book characters pop up on the show? How many Easter eggs would Marvel mastermind Joss Whedon and fellow show runners Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon sneak in? How closely tied will the show be to "Marvel's the Avengers"? And #&8212; the big one — how did Agent Coulson come back from the dead?

Thankfully, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." pilot didn't keep all of those mysteries in files marked "top secret." In last night's pilot episode, we got a few Easter eggs (a reference to long-running Marvel comic "Journey Into Mystery," a clever mangling of Spider-Man's motto), every Avenger except Hawkeye got a nod (Clint Barton gets no respect), and we even got an explanation for Coulson's return.

Well, we at least got what Coulson believes, just before we learned that there's more to his return than meets the eye. With that reveal, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." proved to have a bit more up its tailored suit sleeve.

Is The Batman Universe Getting Its Own 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' In 'Gotham'?

Coulson's Return
The series' biggest mystery got a quaint answer &#8212l for eight hot seconds before turning into the series' biggest mystery again. After recruiting Agent Ward for his special ops team, Agents Coulson and Hill (the returning Cobie Smulders, borrowed from "How I Met Your Mother) explained how Phil escaped death. He was ...

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