February 17, 2019

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ Video: Fans Rank The Top Moments!

Lady Gaga writhes on a bed, emerges from a top hat and, yes, even wears a tail in her eye-popping . It premiered on Monday (August 19), the same day she confirmed she'll be opening the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, August 25.

Directed by fashion photographers, Inez & Vinoodh, the video is full of surreal, trippy imagery that re-imagines Lady Gaga in a clamshell bikini, doing her best Venus impression, and perhaps, most memorably, at one point plants her head on a swan's body. And while that may serve as the most unexpected set-up, her Little Monsters can't get enough of that clamshell bikini.

John told MTV News, "When she had the seashells on and she was thrashing around on the ground, it was so raw and real. I loved it."

"Probably the seashell look [was my favorite]," Reed said of the video. "It was revealing and baring everything."

Check out the most GIF-worthy 'Applause' moments!

However, Rachel, who traveled all the way from Ireland to be in NYC for the video premiere, couldn't get that swan scene out of her head. "There was this bit and she was like lying on a bed and she turned into a goose, it was all actually absolutely incredible," she noted of that bird transformation. "She was teasing it so much on Twitter and then when I saw it, it was so good."

Jimmy shared that he felt the scenes where she's in her clown makeup really spoke to him because he felt it symbolized her pain she must have felt while ...

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Will Lady Gaga Wear Her ‘Applause’ Clam Bikini At The VMAs?

The countdown is on until Lady Gaga opens the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. And her Little Monsters know that when Gaga takes the stage Sunday to perform her ARTPOP single, "Applause," anything is possible.

"It's always a surprise. You never know what you're gonna get from Lady Gaga," John told MTV News in Times Square on Monday (August 19). Little Monsters gathered there to check out the premiere of Gaga's eye-popping when it was confirmed she'd be kicking off Sunday's festivities. "I'm sure I'm going to love it and I'm going to watch it over and over again."

Sam added, "I have no idea. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what it's going to be like. I think it's going to be the best performance."

Fans are hoping she will bring to life some of the very artistic (and GIF-worthy) looks from her brand-new video for "Applause," be it a clamshell bikini, swan or tail.

"I think she is just going to have on clams," Moses predicted. "I think she is just going to have a silk skirt on and some 20-inch heels."

Wonder What You'd Look Like In Gaga's "Applause" Makeup? We Found Out...

"I think, knowing Gaga, she's going to try to incorporate something from the 'Applause' video," Jimmy said. "I know that all the different looks have a meaning that will be in V magazine and all those different looks mean she's not just one icon, she's every icon."

Between bleeding onstage in 2009, wearing meat the following year and then ...

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Former Disney Star Lee Thompson Young Dead

Lee Thompson Young, who starred in the Disney Channel series "The Famous Jett Jackson," was found dead in his L.A. home on Monday, according to TMZ. He was 29 years old.

The actor was currently starring in the TNT series "Rizzoli & Isles," and when he didn't show up for work, staffers called his landlord to check on him. The landlord reportedly found Young dead, with a gunshot wound believed to be self-inflicted.

No official cause of death has been released.

Young made his acting debut in 1998 with the Disney Channel series "The Famous Jett Jackson," about a high-profile teen action star, who just wants to live a normal life in his North Carolina hometown. The series ran for three seasons (including a TV movie), and memorably featured Beyoncé in one of her first acting roles with her girl group Destiny's Child. Britney Spears and Eartha Kitt also made cameo appearances.

Young went on to act in a number of TV series, including "Scrubs," "FlashForward," "Smallville," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and his current series, "Rizzoli & Isles," in which he played Detective Barry Frost alongside Angie Harmon's Jane Rizzoli.

He also had a handful of film credits on his resumé, most notably starring as Chris Comer in the 2004 film "Friday Night Lights," based on the novel by Buzz Bissinger.

Young was born on February 1, 1984 in Columbia, South Carolina, and attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts, graduating with honors.


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The Weeknd Spikes Lorde’s ‘Royals’ With Soul And Synth: Listen Here

Moby, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd — what do all of these musicians have in common? They all appear to be hardcore fans of up-and-coming New Zealand musician, Lorde. The Weeknd is the latest to join the singer's "love club," releasing a cover of her number-one single "Royals" ahead of his Kiss Land album drop in September.

When MTV News asked which artists Lorde aspired to be like a few weeks ago, the singer told us, "The Weeknd is really powerful in how they do things and I really like The Weeknd's music," naming Abel Tesfaye as one of her more modern influences.

Tesfaye, apparently, feels the same way, as the artist better known as The Weeknd dropped a cover of Lorde's most popular single this weekend via SoundCloud. Tesfaye gave the track his dark polish, adding a layer of shadow to the anti-consumerism anthem as well as his signature soaring vocals to the refrain.

Tesfaye seems an apt person to cover Lorde, as both entered the music world shrouded in mystery — The Weeknd back in 2010 when he started uploading tracks to the Web anonymously before releasing his debut mixtape, House of Ballons, in 2011, and Lorde, whose music started growing in popularity even when there were no known photos of the singer.

Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine, drops on September 30, just a few weeks after The Weeknd's major label debut, Kiss Land, which comes out September 10.

Lorde's Royal Decree: 'Pop Music Doesn't Have To Be Stupid.'

Tesfaye also recently dropped a ...

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Joe Budden’s ‘Control’ Response Takes Aim At Trinidad James, Joey Badass

It's been a week since Kendrick Lamar threw his rap gauntlet down on Big Sean's And while none of the actual rappers that K-Dot called out have issued a lyrical response, a number of other MCs have, including Joe Budden and Uncle Murda, who answered Kendrick's call over the weekend.

Budden had been teasing his answer record all week, and on Saturday, he finally decided to let it loose. Like the majority of "Control" responses, Joey's freestyle was laid atop Big Sean's original instrumental, but the Slaughterhouse MC managed to break away from the pack with densely-packed bars that exhibited his rap cred.

Budden respectfully aimed his attack at Lamar, while other rappers caught collateral damage. "This ain't for bandwagon fans, sit ya asses in the same spot/ Y'all the same n---as that made Trinidad Jame$ hot," he rhymes dismissively about the Atlanta upstart who happened to drop his sophomore mixtape, 10 PC Mild, the day after Kendrick's fiery verse became the chief topic of conversation.

The New Jersey MC went on to note that he wasn't offended at Kendrick's rhyme, which seemed to ruffle so many rap feathers. Budden did, however, challenge a few rappers: A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Tyler, the Creator and Meek Mill all became subjects of Joe's rhyme. "To me it's just one Joey that's Bada$$," he spits.

Budden does soften his stance by the end of the verse though. "This ain't a dis/ I don't want it to get spun wrong," he raps before telling Kendrick, "This is ...

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Watch Selena Gomez’ Pre-Show Ritual: Bikes, Pickles And Britney!

VANCOUVER — She may be showing off her new dance moves, covering Rihanna and singing all of her hit songs, but the fun doesn't stop for Selena Gomez once she steps off the stage on her Stars Dance World Tour.

Last week, MTV News got an exclusive look backstage at the Stars Dance kickoff in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Gomez showing us what a day in the life is like for her while on tour.

Gomez invited us back into her zen-like dressing room, with lights hanging from the ceiling and sheer purple curtains draping over the couches. Relaxing incense overpowered the room. The "Come & Get It" singer, who admitted pickles and fried Cheetos are her food of choice on tour, sat on the floor among her dancers, doing some last minute homework for the show — watching videos of her idol, Britney Spears.

"That's our inspiration I think because it's just so good," Gomez said of Spears. "I think that's the vibe, I want everybody to be able to come in."

Throughout the day, Gomez rode her bike, "Dolce," through the venue, while her dancers rolled around on scooters, keeping up their energy for the show. At night, minutes before she hit the stage, she gathered her crew for one final pep-talk.

"Preshow rituals, we usually just kind of get together, I have about 20 minutes of lockdown where I do vocal warm-ups," Gomez revealed. "And then my dancers come in and we hype each other up. We just kind of run around, get the adrenaline going through us and ...

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Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes’ ‘Mortal Instruments’ Music Video: Watch Now!

With only days until hits theaters, Ariana Grande and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes are giving fans a peek at the romantic side of the flick with the music video for off the soundtrack.

The video's concept is pretty simple. In addition to catching the glimpse of the two singers in the studio — we see them in the booth and at the piano — it also features some of the footage from the film, which hits theaters on Wednesday. We also see Sykes and Grande playing pool and getting cozy on a couch in between sessions.

Four days after "Mortal Instruments" debuts, Ariana will take the stage during the VMA pre-show Sunday, along with Artist to Watch nominee Austin Mahone. She'll perform "The Way" and "Baby I" two songs off her September 3 debut album, Yours Truly, while DJing duo Nervo serve as the guest DJs on the red carpet.

In addition to appearing on the "Mortal Instruments" soundtrack, "Almost" will also appear on Grande's album. When MTV News caught up with Grande, she told us just how amazing it was linking up with the Wanted singer.

"And Nathan just sang the hell out of it. I thought it was Brian McKnight. I'm like 'Who is this?' Honestly I wasn't expecting it. I didn't know he had that in him. I saw him perform live on one of the radio shows that we were at together and I was like, 'Damn he can sing.' This song I think will pleasantly surprise a lot of people," ...

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Wiz And Amber Rose’s Wedding: Twerking, Taylors And Juicy J!

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were supposed to have their wedding ceremony this fall, but the lovebirds just couldn't wait and celebrated their nuptials on Sunday in Pennsylvania.

The buzz began on Saturday night after Rose posted a video of her shaking her tail feather in a white dress onto her Instagram. "Only bad bitches twerk the night before their wedding," she captioned the joy-filled clip.

Wiz stayed off of his social networking accounts, but his Taylor Gang members were all too excited about the big day. Juicy J, who performed at the wedding posted a pic of him, Wiz and Taylor Gang executive Will Dzombak onto his Instagram with the caption "Ready for the wedding." Khalifa, who stood holding a joint while smoke rolled off of his lips, wore an aubergine-colored tuxedo jacket, while Juice and Dzombak both wore black.

Rostrum Records Vice President Arthur Pitt sent his well wishes to the couple, while TGOD rapper Chevy Woods toasted to the musicians who kept the party going. "@GQ412 and @DJBonics held the wedding down with the music and @therealjuicyj performed at the wedding .... Dope," he wrote on Twitter.

The couple officially wed on July 8 in a Los Angeles courthouse. "Me and Amber got married today. Weddings this fall. Thought I'd let yall know," he tweeted after they tied the knot last month.

The couple appeared on back in 2011 and spoke to show host Sway Calloway about their very public relationship. About a year after that interview, Khalifa popped ...

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‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed From Last Night’s Episode

This week's "Breaking Bad" essentially divided the majority of the cast into sides. Hank is trying to draft as many as he can in his battle against Walter, but he doesn't count on Mrs. Heisenberg choosing to stand by her husband. Jesse remains the wild card, and that may ultimately be a big mystery for the season.

But before we look ahead, there were a number of sly, clever references to past episodes of "Breaking Bad" and pop culture in general hidden in this week's episode, so let's take a look at the Easter eggs you might have missed from "Buried."

Scrooge McDuck
Walter's big move after Hank confronts him is to hide the money in the storage locker, the mountain of cash that was too large for even Skylar to launder. That money was the point of all of this, remember? (Oh, well, and building an empire.) So Saul sends Huell and Kuby to retrieve it, and they do exactly what anyone would do. They lie on top of it. But before Kuby decides to play along he chastises Huell, saying "We are here to do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck," of course a reference to Disney's greediest cartoon character. It might also be worth noting that Scrooge was an uncle to three ducklings named Huey, Dewey, and Louie, so start factoring in the Huell-Huey connection into your "Breaking Bad" conspiracy theories.

The Cook Site
Once Walter has his precious fortune back in his possession, it met its destiny of disappearing into one of Heisenberg's dreaded barrels, but its fate might not be ...

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